I have enjoyed photography most of my life.  I am a retired school principal who grew to love travel in my early years of teaching.  My life as an educator provided a means for me to share my travels in photos with others who would never have had the opportunity to see the world in the way that I have. 
Today I travel the world and continue to capture special moments for others to enjoy.  Part of what I love about selling my photographs is having the opportunity to continually share the many stories that have enriched my captures.
I am often asked where my favorite place in the world is and I have many favorite places.  As for my favorite photograph I must admit that everytime I see this photo of Hill Inlet in Australia I have to smile at the beauty of the scene.
The day before I took this I was standing on top of the hill on the far right of the photograph taking pictures of a few people who were on the pure white silica sand beach.  I knew I had to see it again so we booked a champagne brunch flight in order to fly over it the next day when I got this shot.
All of my photos are for sale and can be printed in sizes from cards to 28 x 36 on photo paper or on canvas.  If you are interested in a particular photo you may email me at for pricing. 
My site is a work in progress and I am constantly updating photos so check back occasionally to see what's new.