Programme 2019

January 9th: Chart Night
We will be having a chart night, so if you have a chart you would like us to look at, or want to discuss matters on your own chart, then bring it along. Time permitting we will also have a look at some celebrity charts and try to guess who they are! Everyone is welcome and the evening is suitable for astrologers of all levels of experience to listen or to contribute (preferably both!)
The fee for this evening is £4

February 13th: 2019 Astrology Prediction
Tonight we are going to look at a webinar by Dr Michael Lennox, a psychologist, dream expert and astrologer. Predictions for 2019 - What You Need To Know and How It'll Change Your Life! An opportunity to discuss and review the transits and predictions for the year. Everyone is welcome to come along to listen or to add to the debate, whether you agree or have other comments to make! 
The fee for this evening is £4

March 13th:  How Astrology Works
David Luetchford will be joining us to talk about his latest book released on Amazon - How Astrology Works - under the name James Lynn Page. David has been a practising Astrologer for many years and written several books under the names of Arthur Dion as well as James Lynn Page. His talks usually provoke lively discussion so we can look forward to an interesting evening. 
David is a well known speaker at the Bolton Group.
The fee for this evening is £5
Speaker:  David Luetchford

April 10th:  Solar Returns - Life After Death?
Do solar return charts carry on working after people have died and come back into the public eye? We will be looking at John Lennon, Elvis, Karen Carpenter and several more charts over the evening. Kevin has been involved in running the Northern Lights Astrology Group in Blackpool for many years. His talks are always fascinating and full of insight and it will be lovely to welcome him back to Sale. He has a long journey over from Blackpool and so we hope you can make this a well-attended evening.
The fee for this evening is £5
Speaker:  Kevin Rowan-Drewitt

May 8th:  The Astrology of Tarot
Mick Frankel returns to discuss the connections between Astrology and the Major Arcana. Mick studied at The Astrological Lodge of London and is a member and former Chairman of the Tarot Association of the British isles (TABI). He is a professional tarot reader and astrologer who gives personal readings as well as running workshops and courses. An excellent speaker who always draws an interested group and so we look forward to seeing you.
The fee for this evening is £5. 
Speaker:  Mick Frankel

June 12th:  Chrissy Ogilvie - Title to be confirmed shortly
Our speaker for this evening, Chrissy Ogilvie, is a former Radio Astrologer for BBC Radio Cumbria, and a well known and highly respected astrologer in the North West. Her talks are always meticulously researched, entertaining and engaging. Last year her talk was very popular when she examined the chart of Donald Trump - Leo or Virgo Rising?  and the shooting of Cecil the lion by an American dentist, a killing which aroused a huge outrage across the world.
The fee for this evening is £5. 
Speaker:  Chrissy Ogilvie.