Programme 2018

January 10th: Chart Night
We will be having a chart night, so if you have a chart you would like us to look at, or want to discuss matters on your own chart, then bring it along. Everyone is welcome and the evening is suitable for astrologers of all levels of experience to listen or to contribute (preferably both!)
The fee for this evening is £4

February 14th: Objections Against Astrology
John Peacock from the Bolton Astrological Society will be looking at the various objections made over the centuries against Astrology and how astrologers have responded and refuted them. John is an excellent local speaker with vast astrological knowledge. His talks are always meticulously prepared and presented and so please come along and join us for an interesting evening.
The fee for this evening is £5
Speaker:  John Peacock

March 14th: Ceres
Kevin Rowan-Drewitt, Secretary of Northern Lights Astrological society in Blackpool, will be talking about the asteroid Goddess Ceres. Her history, mythology and place in Astrology. He will also be revealing what she means in your natal chart and so check out where she's placed via and bring your chart along.
Kevin is a well known speaker at our group who travels over from Blackpool and so we're hoping for a good turnout.
The fee for this evening is £5
Speaker:  Kevin Rowan-Drewitt

April 11th: Chart Interpretation
Mick Frankel, a professional Astrologer and Tarot reader, is going to demonstrate his own personal method of evaluating and interpreting a chart. Please feel free to bring your chart along to be reviewed. Mick's talks are always popular as he is an excellent local speaker with years of professional experience and in-depth knowledge. 
The fee for this evening is £5
Speaker:  Mick Frankel

May 9th: Is Mars or Venus in Detriment or Fall in your chart?
How can we identify a weak Mars or Venus in our chart? More to the point, how can we work with this weakness and turn it to our advantage? This talk is suitable for astrologers and students at all levels of knowledge.
The speaker has been practicing and teaching Astrology for seventeen years, running courses form her home in Blackpool and also online. She has also broadcast on radio on Astrology and related subjects. You can find out more about her at      .
The fee for this evening is £5
Speaker:  Kathy Rowan, D.M.S.Astrol.

June 13th:  The Faces of Leo
Our speaker for this evening, Chrissy Ogilvie, is a former Radio Astrologer for BBC Radio Cumbria, and a well known and highly respected astrologer in the North West. It has been a few years since she came to talk to us, but her talks are always meticulously researched, entertaining and engaging. Tonight she examines the chart of Donald Trump - Leo or Virgo Rising? In the second part of the evening, Chrissy will look at the shooting of Cecil the lion by an American dentist, a killing which aroused a huge outcry from people across the world.
The fee for this evening is £5. 
Speaker:  Chrissy Ogilvie.

July 11th: Ten Minute Evening
This is an opportunity for any member of the group to present a short talk, or initiate a discussion, on any astrological or related topic. It might be a chance to put questions to the group as well, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part.
The fee for the evening is £4. 
N.B This meeting was cancelled due to the England vs Croatia semi final match - please select tab for the July Meeting & World Cup

August 8th: The Moon Through the 12 Signs - Steven Forrest
In what is normally a quiet month for the group we're taking the opportunity to try out a new approach - an instructional video by a master astrologer. Steven Forrest introduces the  dynamic, multi-dimensional nature of the Moon, then explores how it functions in each one of the twelves signs of the Zodiac. What is the “mood of your life” if your Moon lies in Gemini? How is that different from Pisces? How do you maintain a sense of happiness and well-being if your Moon is in Capricorn? The Moon's sign is only one part of the larger Lunar jigsaw puzzle of house, phase, aspects and so on - but understanding the Moon sign is a foundation principle in astrology, every bit as critical as knowing the Sun sign. 
The fee for the evening is £4.

September 12th: Lizzie Borden - John Frawley
Building on the success of last month we're holding another video presentation. This time we've selected John Frawley, another excellent astrologer and presenter. In this lecture John explores the birthchart of Lizzie Borden who was accused and acquitted of the murder of her father and stepmother in the famous trial of 1893 - "Lizzie Borden took an axe/gave her mother 40 whacks/When she saw what she had done/She gave her father 41".  We will listen to his presentation and then discuss the charts between ourselves. Everyone is welcome and the evening is suitable for astrologers of all levels of experience.
The fee for this evening is £4

October 10th: The Ascendant 'Masquerade of the Soul'
Our speaker is Philip Heaton, a Faculty trained professional astrologer who has been teaching astrology for more than twenty years. He is going to take a different look at the Ascendant, a topic that is likely to be of particular interest to less experienced astrologers but also relevant for more experienced ones too  offering a chance to revisit one of the fundamental areas. Everyone is welcome and as he is travelling down from Bolton a good turnout will be appreciated. 
The fee for this evening is £5
Speaker:  Philip Heaton

November 14th: Numerology
Isabel Freudenberger from the Bolton Group will be introducing the fascinating subject of Numerology. Isabel is self taught and talks enthusiastically, weaving the links between Astrology and Numerology as she explores some of the fundamentals based on your numbers - your name and your birthdate. Everyone is welcome, bring along your pen and paper for working out your numbers and a fact filled evening. 
The fee for this evening is £5
Speaker:  Isabel Freudenberger

December 12th: Christmas Social Gathering
An opportunity for a social get-together and informal chat about any charts we'd like to discuss. Everyone is welcome and so please come along and join us for pre-Christmas nibbles! 
There is no fee for this evening but any snacks for the Christmas nibbles will be greatly appreciated.