Programme 2018

May 9th: Is Mars or Venus in Detriment or Fall in your chart?
How can we identify a weak Mars or Venus in our chart? More to the point, how can we work with this weakness and turn it to our advantage? This talk is suitable for astrologers and students at all levels of knowledge.
The speaker has been practicing and teaching Astrology for seventeen years, running courses form her home in Blackpool and also online. She has also broadcast on radio on Astrology and related subjects. You can find out more about her at      .
The fee for this evening is £5

Speaker:  Kathy Rowan, D.M.S.Astrol.

June 13th:  The Faces of Leo.
Our speaker for this evening, Chrissy Ogilvie, is a former Radio Astrologer for BBC Radio Cumbria, and a well known and highly respected astrologer in the North West. It has been a few years since she came to talk to us, but her talks are always meticulously researched, entertaining and engaging. Tonight she examines the chart of Donald Trump - Leo or Virgo Rising? In the second part of the evening, Chrissy will look at the shooting of Cecil the lion by an American dentist, a killing which aroused a huge outcry from people across the world.
The fee for this evening is £5. 

Speaker:  Chrissy Ogilvie.

July 11th: Ten Minute Evening.
This is an opportunity for any member of the group to present a short talk, or initiate a discussion, on any astrological or related topic. It might be a chance to put questions to the group as well, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part.
The fee for the evening is £4.