July 2018 & World Cup


Please note that the July Meeting has been cancelled due to the World Cup and England's position in the semi-final

Chart for kick off is shown below for anyone interested in event charts and analysis by Ian based on the John Frawley method.

England v Croatia World Cup Semi-Final.


The method used here is the one outlined in Sports Astrology by John Frawley, pub. Apprentice Books, 2007.

The Favourites to win, using a variety of websites quoting odds on sporting events, were England.

The favourites are shown by the Lords of the 1st and 10th Houses; that is, the rulers of the signs on the House cusps, and their Antiscia.

The underdogs are represented by the Lords of the 7th and 4th Houses, and their Antiscia.


Unfortunately the Moon is Lord 7, and since it usually has another role in these charts, we normally use its dispositor, the ruler of the sign where the Moon is found. Here the Moon is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, so we give up and allow the underdogs just the one significator, Lord 4.


We also need the Part of Fortune (also known as Fortuna) and its antiscion, the Moon and her antiscion, and the positions of the North and South Nodes. North Node is good, South Node bad, when they are conjunct a planet.


Our significators are:

 Lord 1, Saturn at 4 Cap 49, antiscion 25 Sag 11.

Lord 10, Mars at 7 Aqu 50, antiscion 22 Sco 10.

These are for England.


Croatia has Lord 4, Venus at 1 Vir 50, antiscion 28 Ari 10.


Fortuna is at 29 Sag 39, antiscion 0 Cap 21.


If any significator falls within the “enemy” house – e.g if Lord 1 is just inside the 7th  or 4th house cusp, then Lord 1 is trapped, helpless, and weakened. It must be within 2 degrees of the cusp. This is a bonus for the underdog.

If a significator falls just before the cusp of the “enemy” house, again within 2 degrees, it means the enemy is trapped under siege: Lord 1 within 2̊  of the 4th or 7th house cusp gives strength to the favourite.


Neither of these events occurred here, so we can pass on.


The Moon has just passed an opposition to Fortuna: that is too late, but it is applying to the antiscion of Fortuna. This favours the underdogs: if it had been a trine, sextile or conjunction the opposite would have been the case.


The Moon is allowed up to 5̊ of movement to make aspects to significators. It moves 4̊ 49’ to make an opposition to Lord 1. This is quite strong in favour of the favourite.


Mars (Lord 10) is within a degree of the South Node, which is unfavourable. It is retrograde so actually getting closer to the South Node: this favours the underdogs.


Finally, Pluto in the 1st house is generally very strongly detrimental to the favourite, so again the underdog is favoured.


So, taking the various testimonies into account, the chart is pretty strongly in favour of the underdogs, Croatia, who, of course won.


I admit that I sat looking at this chart in the next room while the match was on the television, hoping England would win (watching football bores me beyond belief!). Especially after the early goal, I was struggling to make the chart findings fit, but I had to conclude a Croatia win about five minutes before the end.


This is not a comprehensive review of the technique of gauging a sports event chart, but it shows that accurate prediction is still possible, without needing to look at the Captain’s chart, the Manager’s chart and umpteen others.