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Forthcoming Events

March 2018:
2nd:  Full Moon in Virgo.
6th:  Mercury enters Aries.
        Venus enters Aries.
9th:  Jupiter goes retrograde.
17th: Mars enters Capricorn:  also goes out of bounds. Expect unconfined              energy in some way! 
        New Moon in Pisces.
20th: Sun enters Aries.
23rd:  Mercury Retrograde.
31st: Venus enters Taurus.
        Full Moon in Libra.

8th:  Mars returns within bounds.
14th: Bolton Conference with speaker Wade Caves. Looking at Aspects and Electional Astrology. Everyone Welcome! Contact Jennifer Staveley-Hall at   boltonastro@yahoo.co.uk    for more details.
15th: Mercury goes Direct.
16th: New Moon in Aries.
18th: Saturn goes Retrograde. 
19th: sun enters Taurus.
23rd: Pluto goes Retrograde.
24th: Venus enters Gemini.