The Future

To quote a 2015 Times article

“City wildlife matters in a different way to country wildlife. There are more people to need it, love it, nurture it. Wild places matter to people: the wild places on our doorstep as well as the wild places we travel to. Such places complete us.”

"How true this is of the last little wild place in a very crowded part of Bristol. Those who walk the footpath daily with small children delighting in the first dandelion and the bumblebees on white dead nettle, the elderly couple who say they are taken back to the countryside of their youth, the schoolchildren using it as an outdoor classroom.

"It could, or should, be a wildlife reserve, the smallest in the country perhaps? In the meantime the Group is looking at ways to afford it better protection and safeguard its future.

"To spread the hedge’s genome saplings raised from its component plants could be planted in out of the way locations such as on the boundaries of the sports fields, maybe with wildflowers too. This would be a scattered patchwork of a nature reserve but one giving pleasure to humans as well as good habitat for wildlife.

"Maybe that will be the only way to preserve our wildlife inheritance in the future?"