Annual membership dues: $15

If you wish to become a member utilizing the handy payroll deduction option (Police or Firefighters both active & retired), simply make that request in writing and we will send you a payroll deduction card. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request. Please specify whether for active or pensioned membership.

Pensioned police & firefighters enjoy a $3.00 per year discount under this option. Payroll deductions for our pensioned members will be made each month in the amount of $1.00 from your pension check.

If you have any changes that you wish to be made to your membership form, simply e-mail them and they will be corrected.

Any questions on membership, send to the below address, or email Al Kuchler at:


Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________________ State: ________ Zip: _____________________

Phone Number: ______________________________________________________

Occupation: _________________________________________________________

Sponsor: _____________________________________________________________

DUES OPTION (check which)

_______ ActivePolice/Firefighters ($15)

_______Pensioned Police/Firefighters (Payroll Deduction - $12)

_______Pensioned Police/Firefighters (Cash/Check - $15)

_______Civilian ($15)

After completing the application, mail to:

The Philadelphia Emerald Society

P.O. Box 2430

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Be sure to include proper payment in order to have your application considered.