Become a Member
Our membership can include organizations or individuals that have the resources to help meet the
needs of the community at the time of a disaster including, but not limited to: transportation, case management in emergency assistance, local health department, nonprofits and faith-based organizations, local governments, civic groups, businesses, schools, emergency managements agencies, etc.                        
Members can include local representatives from:
          • Emergency Management
          • Health Department
          • Salvation Army
          • American Red Cross
          • Area Churches
          • Chamber of Commerce
          • Area Agency on Aging
          • United Way
          • Housing Authority
          • Food Pantries
          • Animal Shelters
          • And many others!

Why should my organization consider becoming a member?

In times of disaster, everyone has something they can contribute to their community. Be it tangible goods, services, manpower, or time, everyone can help. By joining, you commit to helping your community both prepare and recover from any disaster, with what resources you can provide. Your membership ensures that resources you offer to the community will be used in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

Local Government and Emergency Managers
Local government officials are uniquely positioned to share their plans, expectations, and vision for managing emergencies. This creates a community that is better educated and informed on disaster issues, and more likely to respond in ways that help rather than hinder emergency operations. A COAD also creates a unique opportunity for officials to be made aware of the great number of resources available in their community. Local officials may be unfamiliar with all of the organizations and agencies willing to help a community in times of need. A COAD promotes the development of these relationships, and an opportunity for all sectors to work together in a productive way.  

Non-profit Organizations
The mission and vision of many non-profit organizations will align strongly with the goals and objectives of a COAD. In times of disaster communities find themselves in great need, and nonprofits are uniquely positioned to provide for many of these. When non-profits operate with a clear understanding of the capabilities of their partner organizations each is able to maximize their benefit to the community. COADs can prove essential in preventing the occurrence of duplication of services, as they promote frequent communication. 

Faith Based Groups
Faith groups are often not established to provide direct services to the community, but during disaster times, they are frequently the first groups who step up to help. Faith based groups are able to provide a variety of resources during a disaster from volunteers, donated goods, shelter space, office support, and a passion to help those in need. By becoming COAD members they are able to determine the most effective way they can contribute to the community, and the variety of outlets that might be available to them. Additionally, the COAD provides an 
opportunity for faith based groups to promote their involvement and visibility in the community. 

As a COAD member, your organization contributes to building a vibrant and healthy community, while simultaneously building your reputation in the place you operate. By creating long lasting goodwill within the community, COAD members are able to improve their relationships with customers and clients. COAD also provides an opportunity for employees to develop leadership and networking abilities, while at the same time promoting loyalty to your 
organization. Becoming a member of COAD is something any business can be proud of.  

Ready to become a member? Complete and submit an application and resource form today! If you would like more information please contact us.

Thank you for your interest in the Phelps County Area COAD!