PMP Rita's Process Chart (4th Edition)

ISelect Project Manager
IDetermine company culture and existing systems
ICollect processes, procedures and historical information
IDivide large project into phases
IUnderstand the business case
IUncover initial requirements and risks
ICreate measurable objectives
IDevelop project charter
IIdentify stakeholders
IDevelop stakeholder management strategy
P1Determine how you will do planning - part of management plans
P2Finalize requirements
P3Create project scope statement
P4Determine what to purchase
P5Determine team
P6Create WBS and WBS dictionary
P7Create activity list
P8Create network diagram
P9Estimate resource requirements
P10Estimate time and cost
P11Determine critical path
P12Develop schedule
P13Develop budget
P14Determine quality standards, processes and metrics
P15Create process improvement plan
P16Determine roles and responsibilities
P17Plan communications
P18Perform risk identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and risk response planning
P19Go back - Iterations
P20Prepare procurement documents
P21Finalize the "how to execute and control" aspects of all management plans
P22Develop final PM plan and performance measurement baselines that are realistic
P23Gain formal approval for plan
P24Hold kickoff meeting
EExecute the PM plan according to the PM plan
EProduce product scope
ERequest changes (scope)
EImplement only approved changes
EEnsure common understanding
EUse the work authorization system
EContinuous improvement
EFollow processes
EPerform quality assurance
EPerform quality audits
EAcquire final team
EManage people
EEvaluate team and project performance
EHold team-building activities
EGive recognition and rewards
EUse issue logs
EFacilitate conflict resolution
ESend and receive information
EHold meetings
ESelect sellers
MCTake action to control the project
MCMeasure against the performance measurement baselines
MCMeasure performance against other metrics determined by the project manager
MCDetermine variances and if they warrant change request
MCInfluence the factors that cause changes
MCRequest changes
MCPerform integrated change control
MCApprove or reject changes
MCInform stakeholder of approved changes
MCManage configuration
MCCreate forecasts
MCGain acceptance of interim deliverables from the customer
MCPerform quality control
MCReport on project performance
MCPerform risk audits
MCManage reserves
MCAdminister procurements
CConfirm work is done to requirements
CComplete procurement closure
CGain formal acceptance of the product
CFinal performance reporting
CIndex and archive records
CUpdate lessons learned knowledge base
CHand off completed product
CRelease resources