How it started

Having been asked by many about this, I thought I might put this down in writing:
For quite some time I have been a recreational sailor and a few years ago we acquired Burgoo, a maltipoo.
One day I brought him out sailing on my sailboat and he seem to really enjoy the salty breeze in his face. I noticed that he likes to go to the bow ( front ) of the boat and let his two front paws hang over the edge ( hang 8 dude ! ) while looking into the distance.
The other thing was whenever I tacked the boat ( i.e. the boat changed direction and the sails and ropes rattle ), he will go crazy and start barking and snapping at the offending ropes and sails. Quite funny. Subsequently there were other interesting nautical adventures.
Reflecting on these canine sailing trips, I thought other pets and their owners should have the opportunity to experience similar.
So born Pet Cruise.