Hope Dental Clinic

Hope Dental Clinic
is a mobile clinic that reaches villages where no dental care is available.  The clinic serves several purposes:
  • Caring for human need:
      The Apurímac region is one of the poorest in Peru and most villages have no dental care available.   Many people in the region suffer from dental pain daily.
  • Evangelism/Church Planting:  The villages served by Hope Dental Clinic typically have small and struggling churches that are seeking opportunities to share the gospel with their neighbors.  Hosting a mobile clinic provides an outreach opportunity for these brothers and sisters.  The clinic brings people to the church who have never stepped foot inside.  In the evenings, evangelistic services are held where patients hear the gospel for the first time.  The clinic also facilitates church planting by providing an entrance into communities that would otherwise not be receptive to Christ's message.  
  • Enabling AIDIA to bring hope through Bible translation, literacy, and church leadership training:  Hope Dental clinic offers our partner organization, AIDIA, an entrance into communitites that would not otherwise be open to them.  During the dental clinics, personnel from AIDIA host literacy classes, pastor trainings or scripture use classes and form relationships with village leadership to ask permission to minister to their village.   
  • Patient Education: We believe that dental education is the best way to have a long term impact on dental care.  In each village, we teach parents and children to care for their oral health by brushing, flossing, and eating a healthy diet.  We also train national dental assistants and teach them to train their own people.