Currently working on:

"What the flock"

A short choreogrphic piece for The Royal Swedish Ballet School. Premiere June 9, 2011.
"What the flock" is a state of migration.
"What the flock" moves to a multichannel piece of music by Lise-Lotte Norelius.

"Dans i bild
-creative drawing from movement"

"Dans i bild" are drawing classes with a dancer as a model, for students at all levels. The classes focuses on movement, space and shape in creative exercices.
"Dans i bild" is offered as a Skapande skola project.
Please visit the site Dans i bild for more information. Or contact me directly.

"Huset har vingar"

"Huset har vingar" is a dance piece for children from age 4 and up. It has no linear story but deals with the contact between performer - audience. The expressions we use in the piece are contemporary and the piece is very much improvised. The purpose with the improvisation was to be as open as possible for the piece to take different directions every time we performed it. I choreographed, did the set and performed. Lise-Lotte Norelis composed and played the music. Miriam Helleday did the lightdesign. All three of us were on stage during the show intervening with logs, a "techno-puppet", self-playing hats, a tukish market in a suitcase among other things...
I performed this piece in November 2010 at Fylkingen in Stockholm and I am now busy trying to give more people the possibility to see it.

Click here for information about "Huset har vingar"
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