"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

We are a friendly and enthusiastic group of chess players from in and around the Penrith area of Cumbria.
Whether you want a competitive league match or a social game of chess or anything in between, you will find the club a welcoming and inclusive place.

How to get in touch
If you are interested in coming along to Penrith Chess Club then you can just turn up on a Club night  – or if you would like to find out more first, feel free to get in touch with Andy McAtear, Club Chairman, on 01768 863567.

We meet from 7.00 pm on Wednesday's at the Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 2BX (click on the link to Where & When for more details). 
Penrith Chess Club extends a warm welcome to junior members. Whilst we don't offer any formal chess coaching for juniors, more experienced players are always happy to play juniors and to give them help or advice with their chess (the quality of which however it would be foolhardy to take responsibility for). 
We recommend that a parent or a responsible adult accompany young people to the club.


Penrith play their home League and Cup matches at the Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 2BX (Map). Can visiting and non-visiting teams alike, note that the Crown kindly allows us to use the venue without charge? Evening and lunchtime meals are available there and Mike (the landlord) is as happy to serve tea or coffee as any other tipple of choice. If you bring your own food and or drink to a match please don't consume it on the premises.

Joining and playing

For details of membership fees visit Join Us . Details of our internal competitions can be found on the Competitions page.

Penrith's progress - or lack thereof - in external league and cup competitions can be followed on the Results page and in full prose form on Andy's Log the highpoint of chess journalism in a very small area.

Future events and congresses

Keep an eye on up and coming tournaments in and around the region with the Calendar page.

Fixture lists and diary dates for the season

Get your diaries out and get something purporting to be organised on the Fixtures page.

And much much more besides!

Actually six more things besides: 
We offer a few useful chess related web links (see the Links page).
There's some information on club members, such as grades and last season's statistics (see Players). 
There's a page giving information on  Chess 8/18 - a chess club for young people in the Penrith Area. 
You can visit our Games page where we bring you a selection of games from league matches and tournaments played by our members. Here you may realise that you don't have to be a grandmaster to play for Penrith (...yet) .
The eternal struggle for power and office in the affairs of men is the theme of the Officials page. 
There's also some stuff about our website on the cunningly named Website page from where you can view and download our Privacy Policy. That's it.

News...24th July 2020

The July grades are out

This will probably be the last time grades are in the old, 3 digit format. The August list should be 4 digit Elo style grades.  Our list is on our  Players page.

24th May 2020

Holden at the World Junior Championship

The Chess Club is still closed so until we meet again, perhaps you'd like to follow Holden's exploits in India.

There's a few games still to come but the draft version is on Andy's Log.

22nd March 2020

Coronavirus update

The Chess Club is now closed until further notce. Stay safe and we'll see you when circumstances permit.

19th March 2020

Coronavirus update

The virus is beginning to have an impact on the Cumbria chess scene. All remaining League fixtures and the Whitaker final have been postponed indefinitely. It is hoped that these fixtures will take place before the beginning of next season. At the time of writing, the Crown remains open for business so, for now, does Penrith Chess Club. If you have any symptoms, please do not attend. Naturally, some of our members will prefer not to attend until the all clear has been given and so the Club Championship is on hold as is the Ladder timeout deadline. If you do play Ladder games then they will still count as normal.

15th March 2020

B finish bottom after defeat by Maryport

Report on our Results page.

1st March 2020

A one step closer to taking the league title

Report on our Results page.

16th February 2020

B still propping up the table after 2 losses on the same day

More on our Results page.

9th February 2020

B hold Windermere to a draw

...but it's not enough to lift us off the bottom. Report on our Results page.

30th January 2020

January grades are out

Mine's gone up so they're probably wrong. Check out our Players page.

26th January 2020

We're in the final

Penrith I have earned themselves a place in the Whitaker final. Report on our Results page.

15th January 2020

A back on top after a crushing Keswick B

Penrith A are going for the title. Report on our Results page.

15th December 2019

Whitaker win for Penrith I

Penrith I avenged our A team's loss in the league by knocking Carlisle Bishops out of the cup. Report on our Results page.

8th December 2019

First loss for Penrith A

Closest rivals Carlisle Bishops beat Penrith A. Report on our Results page.

28th November 2019

Penrith II Whitaker woes

Report on our Results page.

24th November 2019

'A' back on top of the table

A win at home to Maryport takes the top spot back from Keswick A...Report on our Results page.

21st November 2019

'B' lose again...badly

Keswick A fetch a sledgehammer to crack a nut...Report on our Results page.

21st October 2019

'A' win again

Report on our Results page.

10th October 2019

'B' lose to 3 man Keswick

Report on our Results page.

22nd September 2019

'A' win derby in first match of the season

Report on our Results page.

1st September 2019

We have a new Club Champion

After 9 play-off games Penrith has a new champion. Who is it? See our Competitions page.

29th August 2019

The League Fixtures are out

Check out the dates on our Fixtures page and put them in your diary. The first match is on September 21st, a week after our AGM. 

23rd July 2019

July grades are out

Check yours on our Players page.

7th July 2019

We won the Eden Trophy

Full report on our Results page.

27th June 2019

We have a winner in the Penrith Rapid-play Ladder

Find out who won on our Competitions page.

14th April 2019

A draw for 'A' in final match of the season

Report on our Results page.

17th March 2019

'B' win final match of the season

Report on our Results page.

17th February 2019

'A' gift Carlisle C their first win of the season

Report on our Results page.

11th February 2019

'B' battered by Carlisle B

Report on our Results page.

8th February 2019

'A' win at home to Keswick A

Report on our Results page.

3rd February 2019

League leaders too strong for B team

Report on our Results page.

26th January 2019

Holden invited to World U20 Championships

Please read the post on the left.

24th January 2019

The latest grades have been published

Has yours gone up? Check on our Players page.