PEI Sociable Singles
Prince Edward Island, Canada
Are you over 40 and Separated,
Widowed, Divorced or Unmarried
Are you looking For A Social
Don’t sit hom
e alo
ne and bored!

The P.E.I. Sociable Singles is a non-profit social group that provides individuals who are 40 or over and separated, divorced, widowed or unmarried with opportunities to meet new friends, socialize in a variety of settings and participate in healthy group social activities with other singles.
 We arrange group activities for members such as barbecues, pot luck dinners, dances, theatre, dining out at local restaurants, hiking, snow shoeing, movies, deep sea fishing, pool, ceilidhs, card games, car rallys, board & table games and camping trips.
The Membership Fee is $25 per year. Each month members receive a newsletter by e-mail or surface mail, listing all the events planned for the month with details about time, location and cost and a contact name and number in case they want more information.

We hold Meet & Greet Socials in Room #6 at the West Royalty Community Centre, 1 Kirkdale Road, Charlottetown every Monday evening at 7:00. Come to a Meet & Greet, meet some of the members and find out more about the group. For more information, contact Donna at 902-566-3825.

If you are interested in the Sociable Singles but not sure if you want to join the group, you can have a Trial Membership to find out for sure. You will receive two issues of the monthly newsletter and can attend any of the events in those newsletters.
For more information about the PEI Sociable Singles, please call Judy at 902-894-4851, Donna at 902-566-3825 or email
December 2017