Wat Pearl

                            Invitation to join Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony
                                       On Sunday, November 4th, 2018
                         At 96-130 Farrington Hwy., Pearl City, HI 96782 USA

Kathin Ceremony

With the end of the 3-month Rains Retreat (about July to October), monks throughout the country are free to move from place to place and are eligible to receive new robes in an annual presentation ceremony called “Thot Kathin”. Besides new robes, Buddhist literature, kitchen equipment, financial contributions and building materials e.g. nails, hand-saws and hammers etc. are also presented to monks on this occasion.

In fact, the word “Thot” means “making an offering to the monk” and the  word “Kathin” literary means the “embroidery frame” used in sewing the yellow robes which, in those days, were collected from rags on dead bodies in the jungle since clothes were not available in plenty as nowadays. Buddhist people regard the “Thot Kathin” ceremony as the most significant form of merit-making nest to the ordination of their close kin. Thus, once in their lifetime everybody is looking forward to having an opportunity to be the sponsor of a Kathin ceremony as it involves a lot of time, manpower and expense. Above all, an advance booking must be made with the temple, otherwise, the chance to be a sole sponsor of the Kathin may not be possible especially with the reputable temples. Nontheless, those who fail to be the sole sponsor of Kathin can also take part in the ceremony which, in this type, is known as “Kathin Samakki” or the “United Kathin”.

Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony
Date:  Sun., Nov. 4th, 2018
From: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
At  The Thai Temple of Hawaii
      96-130 Farrington Hwy., 
      Pearl City, HI 96782 

Thai Loy Krathong Festival 2018
Date:  Sat. Nov. 10th, 2018.
From: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
At.  Kapiolani Park, Waikiki.

Thai Songkran Festival 2018
We would like to say "BIG THANK YOU" to 
for your support. We raised $30,236 from this 

Thai Loy Krathong Fentival 2018


The history of Loy Krathong is rather obscure. Some believe that Krathong was first created by Tao Sri Chulalak or Nang Noppamas in Sukothai. Others overlook its origin yet focus on the purposes of the ritual: to pay respect to the Goddess of the Water showing their gratitude on their plentiful use of water and ask for forgiveness in the ensuing pollution. Floating the beautiful Krathong away, which is the key activity in Loy Krathong, also refers to flying away misfortune and bad things in the past and asking for good luck in the future. Although it is not a national holiday, many activities other than floating Krathong, are conducted in this festival, such as, contests of Krathong-making and Noppamas beauty pageants, and local games.

In Thailand, people enjoy creating their own Krathong made from natural resources, such as leaves and trunks of banana adorned with flowers. Some might use bread instead of synthetic materials showing their concern for environment. Other than flowers, a candle and incense sticks, we often put some coins or betel pepper and nut in our Krathongs.

Furthermore, Thai Buddhists will go to a monastery, offering alms-food, and observing precepts. Thus, Wat Buddhajakramongkolvararam welcomes all people to come and join us for the Thai Loy Krathong Festival Celebration 2018.
Wat Buddhajakramongkovararam is also known as "Wat Thai Pearl City" or "Wat Pearl" by its location. Wat Buddhajakramongkolvararam is the fifteenth Thai temple of The Council of Thai Bhikkhus in the United States. The temple was established in June 19, 1986 by the leadership of  Phra Mongkol  Thep Molee  as a Non-Profit Organization, as permitted by the U.S. government on June 25, 1986. The temple was planned and built with the patronage of Burin Kathaphoom’s group, Krisana Hossford’s group, and some Thai, Laotian, and Cambodian Buddhism followers.             
During the first period of establishment, the temple rented a house at 99-188 Kipapa Drive # 72 Mililani Town. A year later, the temple rented and moved to a new house at 1609 Hooheno Street in Pearl City. Finally, the temple bought a one-story house with 8 rooms and 4 bathrooms on a 16,000 square foot lot where the temple is located now. The current property is located at 872-A Second Street, Pearl City. The building is divided into 2 sections. The first section, front half, is comprised of 5 bedrooms. These rooms are reserved for the monks. The other section, back half, is comprised of 3 rooms; office, storage room,and a big living room. The big living room is reserved for ceremonies and activities. The temple paid off the mortgage of $195,500 in November 30, 2002.