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PEAK Guides and Printer-Friendly PEAK presentations are instructional materials that provide step-by-step instruction on how to use PEAK for applying and managing benefits online.
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TitleDateInstructional User Guide[Spanish] Instructional User Guide
TitleDateInstructional User Guide[Spanish] Instructional User Guide
Accessing the PEAK Mail Center April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Account Password: Change Existing April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Account Password: When Forgotten April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Additional Information: Health Insurance-Employer January 16, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Additional Information: Health Insurance-Other April 13, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Additional Information: Overview and Government Health insurance January 16, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Application & Benefit Status April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Application & Identification Numbers January 12, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Asset Categories and Types January 16, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Citizenship Information July 17, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Closing PEAK Account April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide  
Creating/Linking a PEAK Account April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Document Uploads November 9, 2018 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Document Uploads to RTD LiVE Program April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Food Assistance Eligibility Overview May 17, 2019 View/Download Guide  
Food Assistance: Medical Expense Deductions October 30, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Forgot Username April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download 
Income Details: Annualized Income & Adding Paychecks January 16, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Income Details: Expedited Income February 3, 2021 View/Download Guide  
Income Details: Income Overview February 4, 2021 View/Download Guide  
Income Details: Job Income February 5, 2020 View/Download Guide  
Income Details: Other Income February 12, 2021 View/Download Guide  
Income Details: Past Income and Expenses February 4, 2021 View/Download Guide  
Income Details: Self-Employment Income January 13, 2020 View/Download Guide  
Income: Other Income Categories and Types February 12, 2021 View/Download Guide  
Income: Self-Employment Expense Categories and Types December 13, 2019 View/Download Guide  
Income: Unemployment Income July 27, 2020 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Legal Permanent Resident Information January 16, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Long-Term Services and Supports May 7, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Maintaining Seamless Health Coverage January 16, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Manage My Account: Contact Information and Communication Preferences April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Medical Card - Print and Request April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide  
Notification Preferences: Email verification January 16, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Online Payments April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
PEAK Client Journey January 30, 2020 View/Download Guide  
Report My Changes: Add New Benefits April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Report My Changes: Overview April 10, 2021 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Report My Changes: Update Income-Expedited January 16, 2018 View/Download Guide  
Report My Changes: Update Income-Standard March 25, 2020 View/Download Guide View/Download Guide 
Showing 39 items