PEAK Outreach Initiative

Colorado PEAK is an online application and benefit management tool for Coloradans who need health coverage, help buying groceries, financial assistance, job readiness education/tools, help with childcare, and more.

The PEAK Outreach Initiative is charged with improving access to public assistance programs so every eligible individual, child, and family is enrolled in the benefits that help them thrive. We provide outreach and training resources to organizations that play a role in helping Coloradans access benefits online through Colorado PEAK.

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Additional Resources

Training Opportunities:

The next phase of PEAK Modernization will be implemented in early 2022.

We will update the training links closer to that time!

Technical Support Resources

PEAK Technical Support Center

How to Report Technical Issues

Open Enrollment Resources

Maintaining Seamless Health Coverage

This resource provides information for maintaining health coverage when changes reported either move a client from private health insurance to public health insurance, or vice versa. Please see both sides.