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PALM BEACH DIAMONDS has direct access to material such as these magnificent Stones

(Large special and fancy diamonds total 228.83 Carats, clean)
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Palm Beach Diamonds (PBD) formed in 2005 is re-forming in 2015. As an Invest Africa, Inc.(IAI) subsidiary, PBD targets the USA high end retail sector of cut and polished gem diamond market and select rough gem quality diamonds to be processed through Palm Beach Diamonds. Due to the diamond sector current market conditions PBD offers its investors a strong ROI and excellent margins for end users. It's an exciting time for investment grade diamonds. Demand is at an all-time high and new markets are emerging worldwide while the current diamond supply is diminishing. This unique phenomenon in the diamond sector allows PBD to take advantage of the opportunity to achieve sustainable growth with stable ROI’s. PBD investment objectives are its internal acquisitions through Totem Pitch Investment (Pty), Ltd., an Invest Africa, Inc., subsidiary and local supply chain company.
PBD is registered as the buyer and receiver with the government of origin through Totem Pitch Investment (Pty), Ltd. in Botswana.
Palm Beach Diamonds portfolio and services:
  • Acquires investment grade rough diamonds (e.g. 5 to 30+ carat gem quality rough diamonds)
  • Through PBD's sister company and exporter, Totem Pitch Investment (Pty), Ltd. can also deliver to specifications, cut and polished fine diamond gems through the new cutting facilities in Botswana that TPI has authoried access to.
  • PBD cut and polished gems stones are remarketed or allocated to its members of the Palm Beach Diamond Club it services.
PBD initiates the purchase of rough diamonds by the placement of a documentary LC (Letter of Credit) or revolving documentary SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit) for the distribution and resale of investment grade rough diamonds in the 5 carat to 30 carat size retained by its contracted clients.
Equity Capital: The Company is offering equity to first round accredited investors. Up to $6,000,000 will be used to facilitate the import and delivery of investment grade natural rough diamonds to the United States. Transactions are protected by Letters of Credit (LC's) and bank to bank SWIFT instructions of the LC terms and conditions.
The Palm Beach Diamonds Business Summary & Projections and PPM documentation designed for "Accredited Investors" may be downloaded below.
Prospective investors that meet the "Investor Qualifications" attached below should complete it and return it to us as required by the Rules and Regs of the 506 Reg D compliance specifications by the SEC.
If you are an "End User" seeking to acquire material, please email your "Letter of Intent (LOI)"; "Desired Manifest", and request the "Registration Application" to proceed or give us a call.

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