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PALM BEACH DIAMONDS has direct access to material such as these magnificent Stones

(Large special and fancy diamonds total 228.83 Carats VVS1 or better quality)
(In front of an 8.5"x11" folded piece of paper to give it some sizing dimensions, click on images to enlarge)

Palm Beach Diamonds (PBD) is an Invest Africa, Inc.(IAI) subsidiary company primarily developed for the USA, high end retail sector of cut and polished gem diamond market and very selective uncut rough gem quality diamonds to be processed through Palm Beach Diamonds.
PBD investment objectives are its diamond portfolio growth achieved through its internal acquisitions to and from its parent supply chain company, Invest Africa, Inc, USA and/or through its sister company, Totem Pitch Investment (Pty), Ltd., Botswana, an Invest Africa, Inc., subsidiary.
    1. Pre-cut sources from IAI-TPI parent producer exporter.
    2. Selected rough diamonds are enhanced through the final cutting and polishing stages by PBD expert lapidary services it retains.
    3. PBD parent company and affiliates are comprised of the necessary licenses, permits and authorizations needed for the natural diamond exports requiring specialized licenses from the governments of origin. We utilize our licensed and permitted local export company within each country of operation for processing conveyance to our offices.
PBD is registered as the buyer and receiver of the commodities with the government of origin through our exporter.
Equity Capital: The Company is offering equity to first round investors. Up to $6,000,000 will be used as working capital to facilitate the import and delivery of investment grade natural rough diamonds to the United States. Transactions are protected by Letters of Credit (LC's) and bank to bank SWIFT instructions authorized by the LC terms and conditions.
Letters of Credit: Upon capitalization Palm Beach Diamonds will establish Letters of Credit (LC) for the purchase, delivery and resale of investment grade rough diamonds of gem quality in the 5 carat to 30 carat size from our affiliate exporter.
Due to the diamond sector current market conditions PBD offers its investors a very strong ROI. It's an exciting time for investment grade diamonds. Demand is at an all-time high and new markets are emerging worldwide while the current diamond supply is diminishing. This unique phenomenon in the diamond sector allows PBD to take advantage of the opportunity to achieve sustainable growth with stable ROI’s.
Procedures: Upon capitalization, the Company will initiate the purchase and sales of rough diamonds for the Company by the placement of a documentary LC (Letter of Credit) or revolving documentary SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit) through its bank to our authorized exporter’s, supply chain.

Diamond ETF: A Diamond ETF trading index may open soon, similar to the Gold ETF trading platform. If the Gold ETF is an indication as to how Gold pricing reacted, then engaging in the Diamond market before the Diamond ETF begins affecting prices would be a wise strategic move.

Please let us know if you are interested and would like more information.

Palm Beach Diamonds Business Summary - Full PPM documentation is posted at https//

  1. Requires a Gmail email account and authorization by management to access the Private Placement Memorandum at above site link, if qualified.
  2. Pre-qualify by issuing a nominal $9.95 processing fee through the Qualify tab above with Paypal.
  3. We match-up the Paypal information to the Investor Qualifications at the bottom of the Qualify Tab or at the bottom of this page with your Paypal payment.
  4. Fill in, sign, scan, return signed compliance PDF documents via your "Gmail" email address, so that we may allow you access to the offering upon qualifying.
  5. SEC requires we must "KNOW" our investors prior to releasing any Private Offering under 506 Reg D regulations, not negotiable.
  6. Foreign and Institutional investments are allowed, as long as we know the source of funds, from anyone, or any entity.
This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of the "Rocks", which we know of no other, similar offering, anyware. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Prospective investors need fill in the form "Investor Qualifications" attached below and return it to us as required the Rules and Regs of the 506 Reg D compliance specifications by the SEC. You may also email us your "Indication of Interest" to get the process started.
If you are an "End User" seeking to acquire material, please email your "Letter of Intent (LOI)";  "Desired Manifest", aand BCL ("Bank Comfort Letter") to show us that you have the wherewithal to proceed and request directly or give us a call.

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