U.S. Government Faked Global Warming Data

      The following article details how the U.S. Government faked global warming data at the request
of the Obama administration.  This was done as a political move to appeal to environmental voters
to get them to vote for Democrats and against Republican candidates.  Barack Obama is now
stressing "climate change" to get these people to turn out for the 2014 mid-term elections.  It has
absolutely nothing to do with science or the Earth's climate.
      The problem with U.S. agencies lying for the Obama administration to make it look like
"global warming" was taking place is that the data they attempted to fake was recorded in
many other places.  The chart with the real U.S. Temperature data from page-2 of the article
above is shown below.
      Here is a list of yearly average temperatures from the National Weather Service that confirms the authenticity of the chart.  The year 1934 was the warmest year on record.  Also keep in mind
that many rural weather stations were closed down after 1934 and others had their parking lots
paved over with black asphalt and air conditioners installed that blew hot air out toward the
recording instruments.
      Now compare the faked chart shown on page-3 of the article above with the National
Weather Service data.  Wonder of wonders!  Now the 1930s are not warmer than the 1990s
or the 2000s.  The U.S. Government agencies are caught in a lie for the Obama administration
to promote the "global warming" hoax.  Well, these frauds did change from calling their hoax
"global warming" to "climate change," so I guess lying was okay - right?
                                                                   Faked Data Chart
      The remaining National Weathyer Service data is shown below.  The year 2000 comes in
as a tie for 73rd place.