Mass Murderers of Our Time

    When one looks back at human history, the greatest mass murderers of all time appear to be Adolf
Hitler and Joseph Stalin.  Hitler murdered six million Jews and about five million other human beings that
he considered to be undesirable.  It is estimated that Stalin did away with approximately twenty million
people in the Marxist quest to create the New Soviet Man who would be the product of psychological
conditioning that would remove human nature from human beings; the same kind of psychological
conditioning that is being carried out in American public schools today to condition students to despise
the military, the police, businessmen, technology and the capitalist system and to glorify social workers,
animal "rights" activists and environmentalists.
      Actually, the greatest mass murder of all time has been the death of thirty-seven million people in
Third World countries from preventable malaria.  Since DDT was banned by misguided and ignorant
environmentalists and animal "rights" activists in 1972, at least 37 million people and possibly as many as
90 million - mostly children - have died from malaria.  Almost all these deaths could have been prevented
had DDT been allowed to be used as a vector to reduce the presence of malaria-bearing mosquitoes. 
Environmentalists and animal "rights" activists have tried to deny any responsibility for this genocide, but
the evidence of their guilt is overwhelming.
      Environmentalists and animal "rights" activists believed - erroneously - that DDT was causing the
egg shells of the American bald eagle to thin, and that as a result, fewer bald eagles were surviving,
"endangering" the species.  In reality, the evidence now shows that the egg shells of birds in Europe
and elsewhere were becoming thinner decades before DDT had even been developed as a pesticide.
      After DDT had been banned in the United States, environmentalists and animal "rights" activists
heralded the fact they had been correct about the harmful effects of DDT when the American bald eagle
population began to increase. They failed to mention that the hunting of American bald eagles had also
been prohibited at the same time and this was the true reason for the increase in the American bald eagle
      Not satisfied with their mindless and uninformed efforts in the United States, environmentalists and
animal "rights" activists pressured the United States to compel governments in Third World countries to
stop using DDT to control the malaria-bearing mosquito if these countries wanted to receive economic aid
from the United States.  In 1948 Sri Lanka reported 2.8 million cases of malaria.  The number of malaria
cases dropped dramatically after DDT was introduced and in 1964 Sri Lanka only reported 17 cases of
malaria.  After Sri Lanka introduced a DDT ban in the late 1960s the number of malaria cases shot up to
almost three million, with a significant number of accompanying fatalities. 
Ref: from the American Council on Science
and Health.
      India's malaria eradication program in the 1950s and 1960s (using DDT) reduced infections from
75 million a year to 100,000 a year and fatalities from 800,000 a year to almost none.  Over the past
two decades (without DDT) the trend has reversed with four major epidemics since 1994.
      Widespread cases of malaria around the Mediterranean had been eradicated or dramatically reduced
by WHO (World Health Organization) insecticide spraying programs up until the 1960s when DDT was
banned.  Ref:
      One must ask what kind of sick people would cause the death of millions of human beings to "save"
animals?  It does appear that being overly-concerned about animals is a form of mental illness; as when
some crazy woman is discovered keeping fifty cats in her filthy and unsanitary house.  A certain portion
of these people are probably mentally ill, but one must not dismiss the possibility of pure "evil" in their
ranks.  Animal "rights" activist Daniel Andreas was placed on the FBI's international most wanted
criminals list for planting nail bombs at two drug testing laboratories that use animals for medical and
drug research.  He is right up there beside the Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden, who most intelligent
people would consider to be evil.  However, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) said
that Andreas should not be on the list because he has not killed anyone - yet - and that he has only
destroyed property.  Is this statement from PETA just a bit crazy?  Judge for yourself what part evil
and mental illness play in this tragic drama.
      The "evil" character of environmentalists and animal "rights" activists can also be seen when they
harass the innocent children of animal researchers at their schools.  This should not surprise anyone. 
If these activists are willing to allow millions of children to die from malaria in Third World countries to
"save" their "precious" animals, making the innocent children of animal researchers uncomfortable when
they are trying to learn in school is a mild tactic compared to their genocide elsewhere.  This tactic of
harassing the children of people of whom the liberal left disapproves was also demonstrated during the
recent "bank bailout."  Liberal extremists actually thought that the entire families of bankers should be
killed.  This would echo the Marxists' killing entire families of nobles during the Russian Revolution and
throwing their bodies down wells.
      Intimidation was a favorite tactic used by Hitler's Nazis and the Soviet secret police, and now we
find it being used by numerous left-wing and "liberal" groups like environmentalists and animal "rights"
activists.  The book Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to
the Politics of Meaning by Joseph Goldberg shows how tactics can define the real character of America
"liberals," who are really more Marxist than liberal.  Marxists, Fascists and American "liberals" live by
two mottos; those who are not with us are against us and the end justifies the means.  Thus the killing
of human beings to "save" animals is justified.
     Just what kind of people constitute this emerging population of "crazies?" They are, for the most part,
the children and grandchildren of hippies from the 1960s carrying the hippie infection into the future. 
Hippies were called Bohemians when they infested Greenwich Village in New York City and other like
environs in the 1930s.  It was from here that Margaret Mead noted the "great progress in humanity"
taking place in the Soviet Union before finding "free love" in Samoa.  And, like almost all hippie heroes,
she was a fraud.  Charles Manson was also a hippie hero.  He is the bearded freak serving life in prison
for murder with a Nazi swastika tattooed on his forehead.  Hippies in the 1960s heralded Charles Manson
to be a "genius."  Another hippie hero, who provided a primer on tactics, was Sigmund Freud.  He was
also a fraud, but his Über Coca paper, singing the praises of cocaine, was seized upon by hippies during
the one-hundredth anniversary of Sigmund Freud's birth in 1956 to launch the drug plague that is still with
us today; dooming millions to lives of drug addiction and death.  What made hippies evil was that, in order
to get even with narcotics officers who interfered with their use of drugs, hippies would get the young
children of narcotics officers hooked on drugs, often ruining the children's lives forever.  Of course,
hippies, being sick and twisted beings, thought this getting even with narcotics officers by destroying
the lives of their children was hilarious and in keeping with their Marxist creed that the end justifies the
means.  These same ignorant and twisted morons, gathered in a three-day, drug-induced haze in 1969 in
Woodstock in New York to proclaim that they had proved that people could get along and live in peace. 
Only people with a third-grade mentality and under the influence of drugs could believe such complete
garbage.  But, then, hippies were really, really, really ignorant; as are their descendants today. 
       What made Sigmund Freud a fraud was that he miss-diagnosed people suffering from epileptic
seizures as "subconscious personalities" trying to emerge from stricken patients.  Epilepsy was not
diagnosed as a disease until long after Sigmund Freud's death, but no one has ever thought to question
the basis of Freud's bogus theories.  The "subconscious" does not exist except in the deluded minds of
believers in Sigmund Freud, and belief in Freudian psychology is almost entirely limited to the liberal
left and the Democrat Party in the United States.  It was Freud himself who recommended that critics
and disbelievers in Freudian psychology should be attacked on a personal level as suffering from various
"psychological complaints."  Thus we see anyone critical of the liberal left, environmentalists and animal
"rights" activists today being given derogatory and phony psychological labels.  Want proof of this? 
Just watch the Ed Show on MSNBC or their other left-wing news programs any evening.  This tactic
of attacking liberal critics on a personal level was reinforced by the Marxist writings of Saul Alinsky,
a darling of the liberal left who said that 25 million Americans might have to be "eliminated" to bring
a Marxist "paradise" to this country.
      The integrity of environmentalists and animal "rights" activists must be called into question when we
discover they rely on false and fabricated data and outright lies to make their case.  We also can see this
lack of integrity demonstrated in the current "global warming" hoax, but more about that later.  Keep in
mind that these are the children and grandchildren of Marxist hippies from the 1960s whose operating
motto is that the end justifies the means.
      The bible of the environmentalists and animal "rights" activists concerning the "harmful" effects of
DDT is the book Silent Spring written by Rachael Carson in 1962 and another hippie hero.  Everything
that Rachael Carson said in Silent Spring has been proven to be false, yet environmentalists and animal
"rights" activists still cite her work as a kind of hippie gospel; such is the nature of psychological
      We  have already seen that the "recovery" of the American bald eagle population was due to a hunting
ban on the birds and not the discontinued use of DDT.  In one of the studies cited by Rachael Carson it
appeared that animals fed DDT died from its effects.  A closer look at the study discovered that the
animals had been fed a diet of grain contaminated with a toxic mold, and that the control group and the
experimental group died in equal numbers because of this toxic mold.  However, only the deaths of
animals fed DDT was reported in the study.  When the study was duplicated with grain free of toxic mold,
the animals fed DDT were actually healthier and produced more offspring than the control group that had
not been fed DDT.
      In another study cited in the Rachael Carson book birds fed a diet laced with DDT appeared to
produce eggs with thinner than normal egg shells.  On closer examination it was discovered that the diet
fed to the birds was deficient in calcium, providing less calcium than birds would have obtained in the
wild.  When the study was repeated providing a DDT laced diet but with normal levels of calcium, the
birds produced eggs with shells of normal thickness.  Was the study cited in the Rachael Carson book
intentionally faked?  Probably, because the end justifies the means.
      Recently psychologists have been enlisted to claim that DDT causes "developmental delays" in
children.  When one considers that listening to a psychologist or a psychiatrist borders on listening to a
witch doctor, perhaps this statement is not true either.  Psychologists and psychiatrists are willing to
prostitute themselves to any cause for money.  Also keep in mind that belief in Freudian psychology and
psychology in general is limited to the extreme left and the Democrat Party in the United States.  The
claim to sophistication for the "wine and cheese" crowd is their "knowledge" of psychology.  In reality,
it is a sign of ignorance - ignorance of humanity and ignorance of human nature.
      Rachael Carson also reported that, since the introduction of DDT, cancer deaths among children in
the United States had doubled.  She failed to mention that, during the time span cited, the population of
the United States had also doubled.  The cancer rate among children since the introduction of DDT had
remained unchanged.  Was this a deliberate deception?  Remember that among extreme left-wing radicals
and Marxists, the end justifies the means.  If lies will get DDT banned, then lies it shall be.  One can only
conclude that those making the case against DDT were really stupid or that they intentionally lied to
deceive people.  I suspect both are true.  Keep in mind that these are the same people who are making
the case for man-made "global warming." 
      The latest attempt to torpedo the use of DDT is the claim by environmentalists and animal "rights"
activists that malaria-bearing mosquitoes have developed a complete resistance to DDT, and that in
some instances the use of DDT actually increases the mosquito population.  Considering their past track
record and lack of integrity, one can only assume that this is another fabrication by environmentalists
and animal "rights" activists in an attempt to shed their guilt about being responsible for the deaths of
millions of human beings.  Insects can develop some resistance to particular insecticides, but a complete
resistance has never happened.  Usually chemical companies try to keep pace by developing new
insecticides targeting specific insects, but in the face of potential bans from pressure groups like
environmentalists and animal "rights" activists, chemical companies are reluctant to take the risk.
      The tactics of intimidating and ridicule employed by environmentalists and animal "rights" activists
to ban DDT are now being displayed in the current "global warming" hysteria.  The claim is that human
activity is raising the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and that this will lead to catastrophic
global warming.  Al Gore is the prophet of this new religious movement, and the supposed scientists that
have prostituted themselves to support the false proposition constitute the religion's apostles.  What
makes "global warming" a religion is that its beliefs must be taken on faith and any critics are treated
as were religious heretics in the past.  The case  for "global warming" is as false as the one put forth to
ban DDT, and lies constitute much of what is passed off as "settled science" on the subject.
      Recently it has been discovered that the British "scientists" that the United Nations relied upon to
support the case for global warming have manipulated climate data to cover up the fact that there has
been no increase in global temperatures for the past 15 years - 1995 to 2010.  Phil Jones of the CRU
(Climate Research Unit) of the University of East Anglia in England admitted in a BBC interview on
February 15, 2010 that there has been no statistically significant global warming from 1995 to 2010. 
It had been previously claimed by these so-called scientists that 1998 was the hottest year in recent
history.  A closer examination of the data has revealed that 1934 was the hottest year in recent history,
and that 1921 was the next hottest year after 1934.  In a recent television program one supporter of
man-made global warming claimed that 2009 was the second hottest year after 1998.  It is becoming
obvious that supporters of man-made "global warming" just make these things up.  It is like the "big lie"
theory.  If a lie is repeated often enough, many people will begin to believe the lie. 
       When lies and deception are revealed within this new religion, its disciples close ranks and excuse
away any damning information that comes to light.  Recently, the "global warming" prophet Al Gore
said that the center of the Earth has a temperature of "millions of degrees."  This was a colossal error
on the part of the global warming guru, Al Gore.  The temperature at the center of the Earth is
estimated to be about 12,600 degrees Fahrenheit or about 7,000 degrees centigrade.  Can the world
rely on the information gathered by Al Gore if he is so ignorant of basic scientific facts? 
      It is predicted the winter of 2009-2010 will be the coldest in the United States in 25 years.  In
January of 2010 Florida saw 165 new record low temperatures and Florida had its longest and coldest
streak since 1940.  It is also predicted that Europe will see its coldest winter in 40 to 70 years,
depending on which country one looks at.  China is also seeing record cold temperatures and record
snow falls.  This global cooling appears to be a world-wide occurrence.  One must now question
whether 1998 really was as warm as "global warming" activists have claimed.  Keep in mind the
hippie/Marxist/liberal tactic of the end justifies the means.  If telling lies gets the job done, then
telling lies it shall be.
     In October of 2007 a judge in the United Kingdom, Mr. Justice Burton, ruled that Al Gore's film
about "global warming," An Inconvenient Truth, was politically biased and contained multiple scientific
inaccuracies.  The judge was ruling on a suit brought by a UK parent who said that the Al Gore film
was "brainwashing children" with political propaganda after the film was shown in UK schools as part
of the required curriculum.  The judge ruled that the film could still be shown as long as it was
accompanied by a warning about the film's political bias and scientific inaccuracies.
      The temperature of the Earth at any one time is determined by many factors and not just the level
of carbon dioxide. However, the current propaganda deluge by the new "global warming" religious cult
would make it appear that carbon dioxide is the only factor.  Cloud cover accounts for 70% of the
effect on the Earth's temperature.  This is obvious to anyone who has experienced a cloudy day.  The
supposed scientists designing climate models to support the notion of "global warming" admit that they
cannot design models that accurately reflect the influence of cloud cover!  This fact alone should make
any predictions based on these models bogus!  Water vapor in the atmosphere accounts for another
20% of the effect on the temperature of the earth.  That leaves 10% for all other factors, including the
so-called greenhouse gases.  Of that 10%, carbon dioxide only accounts for a 5% effect on the
temperature of the Earth.
      Carbon dioxide does trap certain wavelengths of the sun's energy, but the effect is logarithmic. 
Once those specific wavelengths of light have been trapped, increasing the levels of carbon dioxide has
less and less an effect.  Doubling the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would not double the
effect but only fractionally increase the effect.  Al Gore has the effect of increasing carbon dioxide
increasing at an exponential rate in the An Inconvenient Truth propaganda film shown to school
children in Britain, and this was judged to be one of the scientific inaccuracies of the film. 
      And where is the year 1934 on Al Gore's "Hockey Stick" graph?  It should fall higher than 1998
on the so-called "Instrumental Data" since 1934 was the hottest year in recent history.  When British
scientists gathered raw data for their predictions of doom, they eliminated temperature records from
the rural areas of Russia because that data did not show any warming trend.  However, these so-called
scientists did include temperature data from the cities of Russia because cities are heat sinks that trap
heat and their data would support the "global warming" hoax.
      Beginning in 1990, in a cost-cutting move, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA) eliminated 4,500 of its 6,000 weather stations.  The stations closed down were in rural areas
and areas of higher altitude.  What were kept were the stations close to the heat sinks of cities and the
coastal areas where most people lived.  The stations in rural and high altitude areas would have shown
cooler temperatures and the cities and coastal areas warmer temperatures.  What this means is that
seventy-five percent of the temperature recording stations could not have provided data to show
if there had been any "global warming."  None of the data collected in the United States since 1990
can be considered valid for any "global warming" comparison. 
      The infamous "Hockey Stick" graph predicting gloom and doom was "devised" by two climate
researchers, Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University and Raymond Bradley of the University
of Massachusetts and tree-ring researcher Malcolm Hughes from the University of Arizona and first
published in 1998 in the journal Nature.  In 2001 the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change)
of the United Nations used the "Hockey Stick" graph to support their call to action to limit carbon dioxide
emissions to stop "global warming."  By 2005 the "Hockey Stick" graph was shown to be inaccurate on
almost all levels, and in 2005 the IPCC removed the graph from any further reports.  The only conclusion
that a reasonable person can draw from the "Hockey Stick" graph is that the scientists who devised it have
no integrity and that the graph is based on false and faked data.  However, that has not stopped "global
warming" alarmists, like Al Gore, from using the now-debunked graph to support their hoax. 
                                                   Al  Gore's  "Hockey Stick"  Graph
      Al Gore's "Hockey Stick" graph also seems to be missing the Medieval Warming Period when
temperatures have been estimated to have been warmer than they are today.  England was a wine-
producing region during this warmer period that lasted from 800 AD to about 1200 AD.  It was during
this time that the Vikings were able to colonize Greenland because the ice sheet covering Greenland had
retreated and Greenland probably was green.  When the Little Ice Age began, the Vikings had to abandon
their settlements in Greenland.  The Thames River froze solid during the Little Ice Age that followed and
there were yearly winter carnivals and fairs set up on the frozen Thames River.  None of this is shown
in the "Hockey Stick" graph.  Competent scientists have come up with a less biased graph shown below.
                   Graph of Estimated Temperatures Not "Reconstructed" Data
      The "reconstructed" data shown on Al Gore's "Hockey Stick" graph appears to have been made up
by the so-called scientists supporting the "global warming" hysteria.  British "scientists" have somehow
"lost" the raw data upon which their predictions of a "global warming" disaster were based and upon which
the IPCC also relied.  One can only conclude that these so-called scientists "lost" the raw data intentionally
to hide that fact they had manipulated the data to support their foregone conclusion that man-made "global
warming" was taking place.  What has been called "settled science" would be better described as "settled
fakery."  Not only was the Medieval Warming Period warmer than it is today, the peak temperature since
the last ice age appears to have occurred about 8,000 years ago.  Below is a graph of the ice core data
from the Russian Vostok Station in Antarctica going back over 400,000 years.
                                                      Russian Vostok Station Ice Core Data
      And rather than showing a global warming trend, the Russian Vostok data appears to show a trend
toward the next ice age.  These ice ages have occurred about every 100,000 years and these cycles of
global warming and global cooling could not have been man-made.  The National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA) recently announced that any increase in global temperatures is probably due to a
variation in the output of energy from the sun and natural cycles in the shape of the Earth's orbit and the
axis of rotation.  The orbit of the Earth around the sun is at times more circular and at other times more
elliptical.  When the Earth's orbit is more circular, the Earth will be warmer.  The axis of the Earth's
rotation also goes through a natural precession, with the axis describing a circular motion.  This means
at certain times the Earth will be more inclined toward the sun and at other times less inclined.  The
temperature of the Earth will vary accordingly.  It is this inclination of the Earth's orbit of rotation that
gives us our seasons as the Earth orbits the sun.
      In the 1930s Serbian engineer, mathematician and meteorologist Milutin Milankovitch studied these
variables and developed what are now termed the Milankovitch cycles which explain much about the
way climate has changed in the past over eons of time.  However, the so-called scientists who faked
the global warming/climate change hoax never once mentioned Milankovitch or his brilliant work on
the subject of climate change. 
       The Sahara Desert comes and goes on a regular 20,000 year cycle associated with the wobble in
the Earth's axis of rotation.  As recently as 9,000 years ago the Sahara was a region of grasslands and
lakes.  Global warming alarmists have claimed that man-made "global warming" is responsible for the
currently-expanding Sahara Desert.  Yeah, right, 9,000 years ago cavemen driving SUVs and burning
fossil fuels began turning the Sahara region into a desert.  When the next ice age arrives - and it will -
global warming freaks will blame the new ice age on "global warming" as well.  And if  a frog fails to
get pregnant in some swamp - swamp, not wetland - in Florida, that will have been caused by "global
warming" too.  The "global warming" hoax is really a cult-like religion.
      Another bit of science that Al Gore seems to have missed, besides the temperature of the interior
of our planet, is the lag between carbon dioxide levels and global temperature.  A careful examination
of the data shows that the temperature of the Earth increases first and then carbon dioxide levels rise. 
It is not the other way around.  With warmer temperatures, more carbon dioxide outgases from the land
and oceans.  But we get all this false information from a man who claims to have invented the Internet. 
The Internet was actually developed by the United States military.  If all the proposed actions to reduce
carbon dioxide levels were implemented, a decrease of one-half of one degree of temperature might -
might be achieved in 100 years.
      The reason for this digression from the DDT tragedy is to illustrate how wrong people can be when 
they are motivated by political ideology.  The people who worked to get DDT banned are the same kind
of people and often the same people now promoting the "global warming" hoax that claims increased
carbon dioxide levels are causing this "man-made" global warming."  They are the children and
grandchildren of hippies from the 1960s who were psychologically conditioned to despise technology. 
They are neo-Luddites who are opposed to the technology that provides for our transportation and
energy needs.  This new generation of Luddites wishes to return to a simpler time of agrarian
subsistence.  That is why the bib overalls of farmers were so popular with hippies in the 1960s.
      When wind farms were proposed as alternative energy sources, animal "rights" groups opposed
the idea because they claimed that the rotating blades of the wind generators would "frighten" birds. 
Considering this crazy notion and their arguments against the use of DDT and for supporting "global
warming," the sheer ignorance and mindlessness of animal "rights" activists and environmentalists is
breathtaking.  In another display of ignorant madness animal "rights" nut cases in California have put
40,000 agricultural workers out of work to "save" a two-inch junk fish called the delta smelt.  Water
that was used to irrigate one of the most productive food-growing areas of California has been diverted
for use by the delta smelt.  Humans in the area are now living off food banks and even carrots imported
from China.  Legislators in both California and Washington are so intimidated by the environmental and
animal "rights" groups that they are reluctant to take action to put an end to this madness.
      At Chesapeake Ranch Estates in Maryland almost 100 houses are in danger of sliding into the ocean
because of nearby cliff erosion.  The homeowners want to build retaining walls to stop the erosion but 
the EPA has the Puritan Tiger Beetle that infests the cliffs listed as an "endangered species."  The EPA's
reason for wanting to protect this worthless beetle is that it is a "predator that controls insect pests."  It
is time that the crazies who infest the EPA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of
Natural Resources start working for the human beings who pay their salaries instead of out-of-work
hippie types and liberal elites.  Why doesn't the EPA protect the "endangered" saber tooth tiger,
mammoths, mastodons and dinosaurs?  Oh...that's right...these species are extinct.  Extinction is a
natural process that should not be interfered with by the EPA or its tentacle organizations. 
      When an animal mauls, kills and eats alive some small child, the immediate concern of
environmentalists and animal "rights" crazies is the welfare of the coyote, bear or mountain lion involved. 
All the animals on the planet are not worth the life of one human being.  Don't get me wrong.  I am all for
feeding human beings to animals, as long as those human beings are environmentalists and animal "rights"
activists.  All animals capable of killing human beings should be driven to extinction, as should all animals
at the top of the food chain such as whales and sharks.  The food they eat could feed starving humans. 
And here is a message for the "global warming" nut cases.  The average dog has the same carbon
footprint as a full-size SUV, including the carbon footprint used to produce the vehicle.  Of course, the
psychological conditioning and indoctrination of these deluded individuals is so complete that they will
 be unable to accept that possibility.  However, it is a true statement.
      The activities of these nut cases will probably not affect when the next ice age will arrive, but they
certainly can do significant damage to the lives of all people on the Earth with their Marxist political
agenda to punish the rich, people involved with technology and corporations.  What will it be this time;
mass starvation, rioting in the streets, open warfare?  Environmentalists and animal "rights" activists
murdered more than thirty-seven million people with their DDT ban.  Will they shoot for a new high
with their "global warming" hoax?
      A judge in the United Kingdom ruled that Al Gore's bogus theory about man-made "global warming"
was scientifically inaccurate.  This has not stopped believers in this new religion from defending the
dogma.  Most people do not realize that a more extensive investigation was conducted in the United
States to pass judgment on any possible harmful effects of DDT.  Hearings were held before an EPA
(Environmental Protection Agency) administrative law judge to determine just how harmful DDT
might be.  After seven months of gathering evidence from both sides of the controversy, Judge Edmond
Sweeney ruled that "DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man...DDT is not a mutagenic or teratogenic
hazard to man...The use of DDT under regulations involved here do not have a deleterious effect on
freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds or other wildlife."
      The EPA administrator in 1971, William Ruckelshaus, did not attend any of the hearings conducted
by Judge Sweeney, and he even refused to read transcripts of the proceedings.  Ruckelshaus then took it
upon himself to ban DDT and he refused requests from the Department of Agriculture and others under
the Freedom of Information Act to disclose the materials he had used to reach his decision to ban DDT.
Ruckelshaus was at the time a member of the Environmental Defense Fund and he even requested
donations for the EDF by making the claim that he had saved the American people from the cancer
hazards of DDT.
      The real reason for the DDT ban was probably to "get even" with the chemical companies that had
produced agent orange and napalm for use in the Vietnam War.  Hippies, under their unknowing direction
by the Soviet KGB, had opposed the war and banning DDT, even if it meant killing millions of innocent
children, was the hippies' revenge against Dow Chemical and the Vietnam War.
      One must wonder how Ruckleshaus could have made such an Orwellian decision in our modern and
enlightened age.  Well, the 1970s were still the age of the hippies, and George Orwell's characters would
have felt right at home in their midst.  Individuals and groups of the Ruckelshaus bent are now in charge
in the United States and the "global warming" hoax is on their new agenda.  Some consider the current
global warming hysteria to be a self-induced mental disorder.  The DDT ban has caused the death of at
least thirty-seven million people - to date - and one must wonder what the death toll will be from this
new excursion into stupidity by environmentalists and animal "rights" activists.  The evil nature of the
destructive do-gooder is now on display for all to see.
      Just in case you think "evil" is too strong a word to describe environmentalists and animal "rights"
activists, consider these remarks made by Dr. Charles Wurster, chief scientist for the Environmental
Defense Fund when he was asked if people might die as a result of the DDT ban.  Wurster replied,
" what?  People are the causes of all the problems; we have too many of them.  We need
to get rid of some of them, and this is as good a way as any." Judge for yourself is some environmentalists
and animal "rights" activists are evil and probably certifiably insane as well.  It is a pronouncement of
which Adolf Hitler would have been proud.  Can you hear the echo of "hurray for animals and the hell
with human beings?"  Of course Wurster has since denied his words and the environmentalists and
animal "rights" activists with their noses up his butt crack believe him.  Are all environmentalists and
animal "rights" activists really this evil, sick and crazy?  Probably.
      Charles Wurster is not the only environmentalist who believes killing off human beings to "save the
Earth" is a good idea.  The "science czar" appointed by Barack Obama in March of 2009, Paul Holdren,
co-authored a 1977 textbook that advocated the forced sterilization of people and forced abortions as a
means of "saving the Earth from overpopulation."  Holdren advocated that the sterilizations should be
carried out by secretly introducing chemicals into public water supplies.  The textbook was entitled
Ecoscience and the other co-authors were Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich, two rabid environmentalists.
As President Obama's "science czar" Paul Holdren will be advising him on "global warming."
      The twisted authors of Ecoscience had the Malthusian view that the Earth could only sustain a limited
number of people and that some form of eugenics was necessary to "save the Earth."  The world has not
heard such sentiments since the time of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.  Nice people these environmentalists. 
Even the Chinese Communists took a more humane approach to overpopulation by simply limiting families
to bringing up one child.
      Estimates of the "carrying capacity" of the earth vary widely from 2 billion people to 40 billion people.
Today it is estimated that the Earth's population is 6.7 billion, so where does the figure of 2 billion originate?
The 2 billion figure assumes that everyone would use the same amount of resources as the typical middle-
class American.  Since there are many people living in Third World countries using fewer resources, the
"carrying capacity" of the Earth can be much greater than 2 billion.
      Food is the most important resource limiting the Earth's ability to sustain a given population.  The
world's oceans provide a large proportion of the human food supply, but animals at the top of the food
chain, such as whales and sharks, consume food that could be made available to humans - starving
humans.  Had Paul Holdren and his environmentalist co-authors suggested that whales and sharks should
be killed off to provide more food for starving humans, Paul Holdren would never have been appointed as
Obama's "science czar" and most likely the American people would be clamoring for his death.  However,
when Paul Holdren suggests that humans should be sterilized by introducing chemicals into public water
supplies to ease the "population pressure" that is harming the environment, few voices are heard in protest.
And in today's America, with the population having been psychologically conditioned since their earliest
school days to believe that animals are more important than human beings, no one bats an eye when
people who have advocated human eugenics are appointed to positions of authority.
      President Obama appointed Cass Sunstein, a law professor from the University of Chicago, as his
"regulatory czar."  In 2004 Sunstein authored the book Animal Rights: Current Debates and New
Directions. In that book Sunstein advocated giving animals the right to sue humans in court, and that the
testimony of chimpanzees could be taken by judges interpreting sign language.  Sunstein also advocates a
ban on all hunting, discontinuing the use of animals to test new drugs before they are tried on humans and
discouraging the eating of meat and the drinking of milk.  Just what kind of government is being created
when eugenicists and vegan, animal "rights" nut cases are being placed in positions of authority?
      Sunstein also believes in what he calls "libertarian paternalism," saying that people sometimes make the
"wrong" choices and that they must be "nudged" into making the "correct" choices.  What ever happened
to free choice and free will?  Can you see a sinister image of "Big Brother" looming over this crackpot
appointee?  This is more Orwellian rhetoric emanating from what is becoming "a big brother is watching"
      President Obama promised during the 2008 presidential campaign to "fundamentally change" the
United States.  If the United States becomes a Marxist totalitarian dictatorship with "Big Brother" controlling
people's "incorrect choices," that would fundamentally change the United States.  In his book Dreams from
My father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, Barack Obama wrote on page 100 to 101; "To avoid being
mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully.  The more politically active black students.  The
Chicanos.  The Marxist professors and the structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets."
     In his commencement speeches at colleges and universities Barack Obama urged students to consider
"community service" as an occupation.  He did not stress becoming doctors to cure diseases, scientists to
make discoveries that would benefit humanity, and he certainly did not encourage students to become
businessmen to create jobs, for Barack Obama scorns businessmen.  He has even called the stock market
a "popularity poll."
      While campaigning in Zanesville, Ohio on February 28, 2008, Michelle Obama spoke the following
words at a day care center:  "We (meaning herself and Barack Obama) left corporate America, which is a
lot of what we're asking people to do.  Don't go into corporate America.  You know, become teachers. 
Work for the community.  Be social workers..."
      What has happened is that the American people, in their ignorance, have put in place a hippie/left-
wing/Marxist government.  Almost no one in the Obama administration has ever worked in the private
sector.  Almost all have fed at the public trough for most of their careers.  Just examine the number of
cabinet appointees who have no experience in the private sector compared to past administrations in the
chart below.  If the intent of the Obama administration is the "fundamentally change America" into a Marist
state, they would want all the appointees to be people who despise the private sector and have only worked
for the state.  The chart below shows that part of the plan has already been accomplished.
      The hippie/liberal/Marxists who support Barack Obama claim that the chart below is "false" and
"bullshit" and that anyone who believes what the chart says is "gullible."  Ignoring the typical hippie/liberal/
Marxist use of intimidation and ridicule to deflect criticism, let's look at how the hippie/liberal/Marxists
defend the "private sector" credentials of Obama cabinet appointees.  If an appointee's parents worked in
the private sector, then that counts as "private sector experience" for the appointee, yeah right.  A politician
running a political campaign is said to be running a "business."  A person working for a non-profit organization
is considered to be working in the "private sector."  Duh, the most important element defining the private
sector is an entity making a profit.  A former owner of a Dairy Queen is said to be "experienced" in the
private sector.  Hey, I had a lemonade stand as a kid.  Does that qualify me to be a "private sector" appointee
in the Obama administration?
      Reality is that the Obama administration is chock-full of hippie/liberal/Marxists who hate the free
enterprise system and want to replace it with something close to Marxism...period!  They are ignorant people
who have not learned from the Soviet experience.  Barack Obama's alma mater, Harvard University, still
teaches a course having the title Does Communism Deserve Another Chance?  The Russian newspaper
Pravda recently ran an article saying that the United States is heading down the same path that saddled
Russia with the despotic and tyrannical communist system.  
      As a "community organizer" in the Chicago area, Barack Obama associated himself with ACORN
(Association of Community Organizations For Reform Now).  One job that ACORN took on was the
harassment of banks, bank executives and the children of bank executives in their classrooms to force banks
to make home loans to low-income, inner-city dwellers who could not really afford to buy homes.  Barack
Obama, as a community organizer, advised ACORN on how to use these tactics of intimidation; the same
tactics used by Hitler's Nazis and the Soviet Secret Police - and, of course, by hippies and liberals.
      If you have ever seen ACORN members at work, you could not have missed that they wear red jackets,
red hats, red t-shirts, etc.  Now think about the predominant color worn by supporters of Hugo Chavez, the
Marxist dictator of Venezuela.  Yes, it is the Marxist color red.  The Obama administration is also urging high
school and college students to "give a year" of their lives to community work so that they will develop "civic
leadership skills that they can use throughout a lifetime of community service."  And in what color do you
think the administration dresses these new community organizers?  Yes, the Marxist color red.
      The economic crisis of 2009 was brought on by the bad home loans made to low income, inner-city
residents that Barack Obama and ACORN forced the banks to make.  These bad loans were repackaged by
banks and sold as securities on the open market, and this caused the collapse of financial institutions and the
so-called government bail-out that followed.  The bail-out was really an effort to counteract the effect of the
bad home loans that should never have been made in the first place.
      However, Barack Obama only participated in this debacle.  It was President Jimmy Carter who got the
whole mess started when he signed the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977.  This law pressured banks
to make bad loans to low-income, inner-city residents.  Now you know why Jimmy Carter is so big on the
"Habitant for Humanity" program.  When you see Jimmy Carter working as a carpenter to build a house
for poor people, just keep in mind that he almost brought the country to a financial collapse with this
obsession.  Carter thinks he is doing good, but what he did was wipe out the life savings of many seniors
who must now work well past the age of 65 just to survive.  If you want to see a destructive do-gooder at
work, just watch Jimmy Carter helping to build a house.
      The point is that we are seeing an era of destructive do-gooders with hidden agendas.  Environmentalists
and animal "rights" activists work to get DDT banned to "save" humanity and end up murdering 37 million
to 90 million human beings.  The real intent of the environmentalists and animal "rights" activists was to do
damage to chemical companies and the free enterprise system in general.  Barack Obama and his "community
organizers" were trying change the United States into a Marxist economic system by forcing banks to provide
houses to the poor "according to their need."  Bankers would provide for this redistribution of wealth
"according to their ability to pay."  "Global warming" activists have stated  their intent to redistribute wealth
from the rich, economically advanced countries to the poor, less developed countries and they plan to do this
under the guise of "saving the planet from global warming."  DDT was not harmful to humans, animals or
the environment and man-made "global warming" has been proven to be a fraud intended to punish energy
companies, the rich and to damage the free enterprise system.  This is the hidden agenda for the hippie
Marxists that are still with us today.  The American public school system has entrenched this agenda in 
young minds through psychological conditioning.
      The National Education Association (NEA) has as recommended reading on its web site Rules for
Radicals by Saul Alinsky, the 1960s Marxist "community organizer" who promoted the Marxist philosophy
that the end justifies the means.  American public school teachers are handing out recruiting materials for
internships in Organizing for America.  This is what is said in the recruiting materials: "Organizing for
America, the successor organization to Obama for America, is building on the movement that elected
President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda of change."
The materials distributed to students also recommend that students read Saul Alinsky's book, Rules for
Radicals.  Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals begins with this quote: "What follows is for those who want
to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should beThe Prince was written by Machiavelli
for the Haves on how to hold power.  Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it
away."  Organizing for America is a political organization meant to elect Democrats to public office.  The
"change" being sought is a Marxist country with crackpot ideas about the environment and protecting
      In March of 2012 the United States Fish and Wildlife Service granted permission to the Northern
Arapaho Indian tribe of Wyoming to kill American bald eagles as part of their "religious" ceremonies. 
DDT was banned by animal "rights" nut cases in 1973 to protect the "endangered" American bald eagle.
American Indians are glorified by the hippie/Marxist liberals even though they tortured people to death,
including many of the European children they captured.  When such outrageous actions are taken by
government agencies, it is time to change the management of these agencies and clean out the hippie/
Marxist liberals who have come to infect these agencies.
      The recent 2009 700-billion-dollar "economic stimulus bill" contained 3.4 million dollars to build a
highway underpass for turtles, 30 million to recover lost fishing nets that might bother whales, and millions
more to improve  habitats for wildlife.  With a record number of humans unemployed and in danger of
losing their homes, the idiots in Congress found money to waste on animals!
      A video was recently broadcast on television news programs of a man swerving his automobile to avoid
hitting a dog and running over a young boy instead.  This tragic incident aptly illustrates the sick way of
thinking that has been created in the United States through psychological conditioning in America's public
schools and by environmentalists and animal "rights" activists.  For some misguided and ignorant people,
their first concern is for animals and human beings come in a distant second.  To believe that animals are
more important or even as important as human beings is a mental disorder that is becoming ever more
prevalent in the United States.
                       Update  On  the  DDT  Controversy
      On February 19, 2010 Book-TV presented a one-hour program on Rachael Carson's Silent Spring with
her biographer, Linda Lear and the author of Eco-Imperialism:Green Power, Black Death, Paul Driessen.
The program also took call-in questions from viewers.  Linda Lear repeated many of the false claims made
by Rachael Carson in Silent Spring.  Most viewers calling in to the program also expressed the false claims
made by Rachael Carson.  To me, this is proof that the psychological conditioning being carried out in
American public schools to promote the environment and animals over the needs of human beings has had
a frightening effect.  Paul Driessen presented the true facts about DDT yet people still called in claiming that
DDT was a chemical toxic to humans.  Linda Lear avoided commenting on the millions of deaths caused
by the banning of DDT when this was pointed out by Paul Driessen.  Instead she kept saying that "the whole
of nature" must be considered.  Both Linda Lear and most of the callers kept pushing aside the DDT issue
and the death of millions of human beings in Third World countries.  For Linda Lear and most people calling
in, animals were more important than the death of millions of human beings.  Linda Lear even claimed,
falsely, that the United States ban on DDT did not affect the use of DDT by Third World countries.
Environmentalists and animal "rights" activists in the United State demanded that Third World countries
stop using DDT to prevent malaria if they wanted to receive economic aid from the United States.  The
misinformation that Linda Lear and the callers threw about was enough to make an intelligent person want
to vomit, but the tactic of lying to promote a liberal/Marxist agenda is in keeping with Saul Alinsky's "Rules
for Radicals" where the end justifies the means.
      Paul Müller won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1948 for his discovery of the insecticidal
properties of DDT because by then it was recognized that DDT was saving millions from death from
Malaria.  Paul Driessen had been an early admirer of Rachael Carson's writings about the world's oceans,
but then he discovered that her claims about DDT were false and that the DDT ban was causing millions of
deaths from malaria in Africa and elsewhere.  Paul Driessen had also been a member of the Sierra Club and
Zero Population Growth (now Population Connection) until he realized they were making false claims to
promote their agendas.  The one thing that I took away from the program is that the process of psychological
conditioning being carried out in America's public schools and colleges to promote the environment and
"animal" rights is responsible for the continuing human genocide.
      Linda Lear, like almost all environmentalists and animal "rights" activists who participated in the banning
of DDT, must exist in a state of denial about their part in the greatest mass murder and genocide in human
history. Any normal person would feel the need to commit suicide when faced with their participation in such
a horrendous crime.  But environmentalists and animal "rights" activists are too ignorant, too arrogant and too
cowardly to do the right thing.  Instead they mindlessly soldier on and continue to promote human genocide.
Environmentalists and animal "rights" activists are the excrement one scrapes off the bottom of one's shoes
after stepping in something unpleasant.
      Malaria was eliminated from Greece in 1974 by the use of DDT.  But when environmentalists and animal
"rights" activists got DDT banned to save some worthless birds in the United States, cases of malaria exploded
worldwide, killing millions.  And as the article below indicates, malaria is returning to Greece.
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