How Liberals and Feminists Harm Minorities

      There has been a tendency to blame white society in America for minority inequality, and to
especially blame conservatives and Republicans.  If there is any root to minority inequality, and
African American inequality in particular, it is that large numbers of single minority women are
raising large families without the presence of a male in the household. Now feminists, many of
whom are man haters, see nothing wrong with a family not having a father present.  Today about
8 out of 10 African American children are born out of wedlock, and often there are multiple males
creating these large families.
       In the 1920s, and even in the 1930s at the height of the Great Depression, African American
families were intact with a mother and father to raise their children.  Then along came the "Great
Society" programs put forth by liberal Democrats.  They would become the "saviors" of poor
African American families by providing cash payments for those families to help raise their
children.  A cash award was given for each child.  However, these payments would only be
made to those most in need; single women who were raising their children alone.  It was not
long before some African Americans realized it would be more profitable for the husband to
move out so that the family could get all this free money.  And since the money increased as
the number of children in the family grew, visiting males often created these new children
instead of the original husband.  So the family grew and grew and the money just kept rolling
in. The single mother was hard pressed to keep track of all her children.  Were they joining
gangs or selling and using drugs?  How was a mother to know?  Would her children mind her
as they might mind a father?  No, feminists told them that men were unimportant.  When these
children did become involved in drugs and crime, who was to blame.  Why white society and
the police according to the latest word from the NAACP shown below.
      Comments have been added to the NAACP report to correct some false assumptions.
Playing the blame game does not help young, disadvantaged African American males, nor
does excusing criminal behavior.  The criminal behavior is real as the following report shows.
      The NAACP report and most African American leaders, like Al Sharpton and Jessie
Jackson, ignore the real causes of African American inequality, which is the damage done
to African American families by white, liberal Democrats.  One recent solution by these
mindless liberal Democrats was to push for laws that would allow convicted felons to vote in
elections.  This will not help African Americans, but it is a ploy to get more liberal Democrats
elected because African Americans vote almost 100% for Democrats and so many African
Americans have been convicted of felonies.  If convicted felons had not voted for Al Franken,
in violation of state law, in the 2012 senatorial election in Minnesota, the Democrats would
not have won the election.  Almost eleven hundred convicted felons have been identified as
voting for Al Franken.  He won the election by 312 votes.  Democrats need to keep African
Americans fired up against Republicans to keep themselves in office, so they tell lies about
the reasons for African American inequality.
      Today the thinking of the Democrat Party is dominated by the mindless ideas put forth
in the 1960s by hippie freak Marxist liberals.  One of these ideas is that businessmen and
corporations are evil.  These ideas are even being taught in America's public schools by
teachers who are little removed from the hippie freak Marxists of the 1960s.  In the 1960s
hippie freak Marxists were promoting the crazy ideas of the chairman of the Communist
Party in China, Mao Tse Tung.  These hippie freak Marxists were even running around
holding up the "little red books" containing Mao's destructive philosophy.  An official in the
Obama administration even said recently that she "admired" the ideas of Mao Tse Tung.
The key to these destructive ideas was that to be a real "person of the people" one had to
be poor and uneducated.  Now that's an ideal to shoot for.  The recent "occupy" protests
against banks and Wall Street touted that they represented the real people.  For the most
part these "occupy" morons are cut from the same cloth as the hippie freak Marxists of the
1960s.  Keep in mind that it is these liberal Democrats who are "looking out for" the welfare
of American minorities, so they discourage minorities from seeking to improve themselves
through business ventures, which they consider to be evil.
      Another way that liberals harm African Americans is through America's public education
system.  Hippie freak American teachers are "big" on amateur psychology, and consider
themselves able to diagnose multiple "psychological problems."  Whenever a child is failing
in his studies, it is convenient for these no-nothing teachers to diagnose the student as
having "psychological problems."  Hey, this better than saying they are lousy teachers -
right?  Another amateur psychology diagnosis is to say that the student has ADHD and
recommend that he be pumped full of drugs.  This also lets ineffective teachers off the hook.
African Americans noticed that students diagnosed as having "emotional problems" or 
ADHD are given higher child support payments by the government.  African American
families call this "crazy money."  And some African American families encourage their
children to do poorly in school so that the family can receive some of this "crazy money." 
      One African American who ignored the crazy hippie freak ideas of the 1960s is Charles
Payne.  Born in 1960 in a single parent household in Harlem, Payne determined to make
a success of himself in the business world.  He even took a cardboard briefcase to school
with him.  At school African American thugs beat up Payne and his brother and destroyed
the cardboard briefcase.  Then and today, trying to do well in school is considered to be
"acting white" among many African American students.  This is also part of the liberal
hippie Marxist influence. 
      Payne persisted in his dream, frowned upon by liberals.  Barack Obama actually gave
commencement speeches at universities encouraging students to "reject the corporate
idea" and go into public service jobs.  While serving in the U.S. Air Force Payne, attended
college part time and earned his degree.  Then, using $10,000 in savings and operating
out of his apartment, Payne started a stock investment research firm, Wall Street Strategies,
Inc.  Charles Payne is now a successful businessman with a wife and two children, but he
is engaged in the very activities that many liberal Democrats consider to be "evil."
      Most African Americans have never heard of Charles Payne because they seem to
admire sports heroes and rap artists who appear to have obtained a great deal of money
with very little effort.  That is also a hippie freak Marxist idea; be smart by getting by with
very little effort.  It is also a motivation for African Americans to become drug dealers.  Why
work hard at a low-paying job when drug dealing pays so much more?  Rap artists, most
of whom are convicted felons, make millions by peddling crime, sex, violence and drugs
with the crap they claim is music.  Liberals support rap music because it is a product of
African Americans, even though the music encourages African Americans to act in the
most base manner.  Rap "musicians" are often involved in shoot-outs or die from drug
overdoses.  The same is often the case for many African American sports heroes in the
NBA and elsewhere.  The attraction for all these anti-heroes is that they have lots of money.
African Americans never hear of the famous brain surgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson or the
noted astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.  These African Americans had to work and
study hard to achieve their success.  What is promoted by hippie freak Marxist liberals is
to be "smart" and achieve wealth without much effort.
      The television series Home Improvement (Tool Time) starring Tim Allen also had Jonathan
Taylor Thomas playing the character of Tim Allen's son Randy.  One day Randy pops up and
say "this rap music is really great!"  As mentioned above rap music lyrics promote violence
against women, shooting people, drug use and violence in general.  Randy was made to make
this comment because rap music comes from African American culture, and the hippie freak
Marxist liberals claim that anything that African Americans do is "good."  If you criticize rap
music you will be labeled as a racist.  On another occasion Randy is made to say "I am really
into women's tennis."  This is the hippie freak Marxist liberal media advocating for feminists.
If you were to say that you didn't like women's tennis you would be called a male chauvinist.
So you see, there is an entire minefield of hippie freak Marxist liberal political correctness
to navigate, and which harms minorities.
       Below are some examples of the "upstanding citizens" involved with rap music.
       The latest move by Democrats is their push to legalize marijuana.  This they believe will
keep African Americans from being arrested for so many drug offenses.  However, these
changes in drug laws do not apply to drug dealers but only to simple possession of marijuana.
And why would these liberal idiots want to legalize marijuana?  They lie to themselves and
others that marijuana is not harmful.  This was the cry of the hippie freaks in the 1960s, and
they were the dumbest people on the face of the planet.  They called Charles Manson a
"genius" and a "hero" because he tried to start a race war between African Americans and
whites.  You say you don't know Charles Manson?  He is the convicted murderer in prison
in California with a Nazi swastika tattooed on his forehead.  Note the picture of this "genius"
      A recent study from the United Kingdom shows that marijuana is not harmless and may
actually account for the poor performance of American students in school when compared
with students in other industrialized countries.  A summary of that report is shown below.
                                      Copyright © 2013 by Paul Roebling