How Christian Religious Fanatics Kill Gay Teenagers Part Two

                                               Chapter  Five
                    Catholic  Christians  Murdered
                          Protestant  Christians
      Up to this point we have been learning about the slaughter of non-Christians, Jews,
Cathars and Muslims, by Christian religious fanatics.  The approach to this genocide by
Christians was that my supernatural being (god) was the correct god to worship, whereas
your supernatural being (god) was the incorrect god to worship.  Few bothered to ask the
question whether there were any supernatural beings at all.  Ignorance and superstition
ruled the day, and religions flourished in this unhealthy environment.  The Romans had a
more pragmatic and casual approach to religion.  Believing in a religion, of which there
were dozens in Roman times, was more like having a good luck charm rather than some
cult where the lives of believers were intimately controlled by supernatural beings.  It was
also the time of the Roman peace (Pax Romana) when no part of the Roman Empire
went to war with another part of the Roman Empire.  Christianity destroyed the Roman
Empire, with its clean water, sanitation and freedom of religion and ushered in the
Christian era of ignorance, warfare, disease and brutality that caused the death of millions
of innocent human beings.  The real legacy of Christianity has been death and destruction
on a scale unseen up to this point in human history.
      In 1527 Martin Luther opened up a new battlefield in these Christian wars of religious
insanity.  Luther said that people should have greater control over their own destinies
rather than having their lives tightly controlled by the central Catholic authorities.  This
protest came to be known as the Protestant Reformation.  The rich and powerful hierarchy
of the Catholic Church fought back against this possible loss of power and wealth.  The
initial battle would take place in what is now Germany and it would be called the Thirty
Years war that lasted from 1618 to 1648.  It was the Protestant Lutherans in Germany,
initially, against the Catholic forces of the Holy Roman Empire in central Europe; the
theory being, let's kill off all those people who worship the same supernatural being (god)
but in the wrong way.  There were political and ethnic reasons for the conflict as well, but
it was the stupidity of religion which set the forces of war in motion.
      The picture in the German principalities was further muddied by the presence of the
Calvinist Christians in the region.  The chart below shows the explosion of Protestant
sects in Europe during this period.
      It would be impossible to determine the exact number of innocent human beings who
were killed in this war of religious stupidity.  Some estimate the reduction of population in
the German states at from 25 percent to 40 percent.  The territory of Wüttemberg lost
three-quarters of its population during the war.  In Brandenburg the losses amounted to
half the population, while in other areas an estimated two-thirds of the people died.  The
male population of the German states as a whole was reduced by almost half.  The
population of Czech lands declined by one-third due to war, disease and the expulsion
of Protestant Czechs.  By now the unfortunate people in the affected areas must have
been longing for the Roman "oppression" of Pax Romana.  The Swedish armies alone
may have destroyed up to 2,000 castles, 18,000 villages and 1,500 towns in Germany,
one-third of all German towns.  As a result of the Thirty Years war, the power of the
Catholic Church was diminished and Protestant sects grew in both number and power.
      The Thirty Years War may have been the most destructive religious war in Europe,
but it was not the first.  The French Wars of Religion, which lasted from 1562 to 1598,
were just as brutal and filled with religious atrocities.  One is reminded of the slaughter
of 20,000 Cathar men, women and children by Christians in the south of France in an
earlier time.  On the next page are two contemporary depictions of Christian atrocities
during both the Thirty Years War and the French Wars of Religion.
          The hanging of captured persons of the "wrong" religion during the Thirty Years war.
                    The St. Bartholomew's Day massacre of French Huguenots August 23, 1572.
      In 1534 Protestant protesters put up anti-Catholic posters in Paris and other French cities. 
The protesters were called Huguenots, as opposed to the Catholics which they called Papists. 
France was tightly under Catholic control and many of the Protestants responsible for putting
up the posters were arrested and burned alive in front of Notre Dame Cathedral on January
21, 1535.  One of the protesters, John Calvin, escaped to Switzerland where he founded the
Calvinist sect of Protestantism.  Protestants continued to be persecuted by Catholics in
France and in 1545 the Catholic King Francis I ordered Protestants in the city of Mérindol to
be punished for their heresy.  Catholic forces sent by Francis I killed hundreds of thousands
of Protestants in Mérindol and 22 to 28 nearby villages, all of which were destroyed.  In the
city of Vassy hundreds of Protestants were massacred and in Toulouse 3,000 Huguenots
were killed.  In these Catholic religious atrocities, no distinctions were made for women or
children.  There can be no greater proof that fanatical religious belief can turn people into
subhuman monsters, willing to commit unspeakable atrocities in the name of their religion.
Promoting the destructive ignorance and superstition of religion should be a crime against
humanity punishable by death.
      Protestant England and Catholic Spain were at times drawn into the thirty-five plus years
of the French Wars of Religion.  In the city of Nêmes Protestant forces massacred Catholics. 
Catholics massacred Protestants in Rouen, Orange and Paris.  On St. Bartholomew's Day
August 23, 1572 Catholics in Paris began massacring Huguenot men, women and children. 
The slaughter went on for days and spread into the countryside.  It is estimated that up to
70,000 men, women and children were killed in Paris and its environs over a period of about
a week.
      Despite this persecution, the Calvinist movement grew in France.  By 1562 there were
about two million Calvinists in France, including half the nobility, and 1,200 to 1,250 Calvinist
churches.  This religious stupidity of the mutual slaughter of "persons of the wrong religion"
would continue for decades until the Edict of Fontainebleau in October of 1685 made  the
Protestant religion legal in France.
      The eighty-year Netherlands war of independence that lasted from 1568 to 1648 was
also a religious war.  In this case it was Catholic Spain attempting to impose its religion on
the Dutch Protestants.  It was another of the many instances of the Christian religion causing
death and destruction.  The conflict was filled with the usual religious atrocities until this
mutual slaughter ended in 1648 with the Peace of Münster.
                                              Chapter  Six
                Protestant  Christians  Murdered
                          Catholic  Christians
      During the English Civil War of 1642 to 1651, over 500,000 Catholics were killed in
England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  In that same conflict, approximately 112,000
Protestants were killed.  The casualty figures reveal that this was a religious war despite
other factors that might have been involved.  In England the population was reduced by
3.7%, in Scotland by 6% and in Ireland by 41%.  The war was yet another example of the
Christian religion bringing death and destruction wherever it has raised its ugly head.
      All through the Christian Dark Ages the Roman Catholic religion flourished in England
and Wales right up until 1534.  It was in that year that King Henry VIII made the Church of
England the official religion of England so that he could divorce an unwanted wife.  At this
time the Church of England became an Anglican Protestant sect with religious rituals not 
unlike those of the Roman Catholic Church.  Henry VIII declared anyone opposing this break
with the Catholic Church in Rome to be a traitor.  Catholic priests were hunted down and
killed, along with many ordinary Catholics.  Thomas More, Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII,
was executed in 1535 for opposing the marriage of the divorced King, which was against
Catholic law.  Catholic monasteries and abbeys were despoiled and torn down.
      In 1553 a Catholic queen, Mary Queen of Scots, came to the throne.  Bloody Mary, as
she came to be known, had 300 Protestants burned at the stake in more Christian insanity.
When Mary died in 1558, Queen Elizabeth I became the new ruler and the Church of
England was reinstated as the official religion of England.  The pope in Rome promptly
excommunicated Elizabeth I.
      Charles I became King of England in 1625.  Charles I believed that the rituals of the
Church of England should more closely follow those of the Roman Catholic Church.  This
variation of the Protestant sect was called High Anglican.  Puritan Protestants thought
the High Anglican rituals too closely mirrored those of the Roman Catholic Church and
this was the main source of conflict in the English Civil War.  Some even call this conflict
the Puritan rebellion.
      Another issue was the power of the king over the English parliament.  Those opposing
the king and his power were called Parliamentarians or Roundheads.  Those supporting
the king were called Royalists.  In 1647 the Scots of the North agreed to support the king 
if he allowed the establishment of the Presbyterian religion in Scotland.  This was another
indication of the religious nature of the English Civil War.
      In 1649 Oliver Cromwell, at the head of an army of Roundheads, landed at Dublin in
Ireland to put down a Royalist uprising there.  When Cromwell took the city of Drogheda,
he massacred 3,500 people.  The dead included Royalist prisoners, civilians and Catholic
priests.  Another massacre took place in the city of Wexford.  All Irish-owned land was
confiscated and distributed to Parliamentary (Protestant) supporters.  
      Oliver Cromwell ruled England as a military dictator for a time until Charles II was 
placed on the throne in 1660 to rule as a constitutional monarch.  The Church of England
continued as the official religion of England, but hundreds of thousands of Catholic men,
women and children had been slaughtered because of the stupidity of the Christian
      In France, during the French Revolution, the Revolutionary government passed laws
to end the power of the Catholic Church in France.  The Catholic clergy had taxed their
local peasants ten percent of their crops and used these resources to help the poor and
carry out other Church functions.  The Catholic Church was also the largest landowner
in France on which the peasants lived as serfs.  The Civil Constitution of the Clergy in
1790 ended this domination by the Catholic clergy.  Catholic priests, on orders from the
pope in Rome, refused to abide by the Civil Constitution and the Revolutionary government
began killing priests.  Catholics rose up in rebellion against these actions and the
Revolutionary government sent an  army to quell the rebellion in the Atlantic Vendée region. 
It is estimated that between 117,000 and 250,000 Catholic men, women and children were
slaughtered over the stupidity of the Christian religion.
      In the city of Nantes, the Revolutionary commander Jean-Baptiste Carrier disposed 
of Vendéean prisoners-of-war in a horrifically efficient form of mass execution.  In the
so-called "noyades" (mass drownings) naked men, women and children were tied
together in specially constructed boats, towed out to the middle of the river Loire and
then sunk.  One should note that women and children were considered to be prisoners-
of-war in this religion-based genocide where Catholics of all ages and any gender were
fair game.  In a letter to the Committee of Public Safety in Paris French general Francois
Joseph Westermann stated the following:
           "There is no more Vendée.  It died with its wives and children by our
             free sabers.  I crushed the children under the feet of our horses,
             massacred the women who, at least for these, will not give birth to
             any more brigands.  I do not have a prisoner to reproach me.  I have
             exterminated them all.  The roads are sown with corpses.  At Savenay,
             brigands are arriving all the time claiming to surrender, and we are
             shooting them non-stop.  Mercy is not a revolutionary sentiment."
      It is estimated that 5,000 Catholic men, women and children were drowned in the
"noyades," and as many as 250,000 by all means of killing.  Unless one assumes that
the killers were all atheists, this genocide was carried out by Protestant Christians.
                                          Chapter Seven
                Christians  Murdered  Witches
                      in  Europe  and Salem
      Apologists for the Christian Bible claim there is no call for Christians to kill witches
in Christian scriptures.  It is difficult to determine if these individuals are just ignorant of
what is contained in their own Bible, or if they are trying to spin the story so that
Christians look less ridiculous.  It is probably a bit of both since most Christians are
ignorant of what is written in their own Bible, and most Christian religious fanatics would
lie to defend their evil and despicable religion.
      There are numerous passages in the Christian Bible that condemn witchcraft,
wizardry, and sorcery.  But first an individual must believe that such nonsense is possible.
Well, Christians believe in "miracles," Satan and other such nonsense, so the fact that
they believe there could be witches and wizards should come as no surprise.  Rational
beings know that there are no supernatural beings or beings with supernatural powers,
but Christian religious fanatics are not rational beings.  Listed below are three references
from the Christian Bible concerning witches, wizards, etc.
Exodus 22:18  "Thou shall not suffer a witch to live."  Translation: If you do not kill
                         witches you are committing a sin.  This is a "commandment" from the
                         Christian god to kill witches.
Leviticus 20:27  "A man, also a woman, that hath a familiar spirit, or that is of a wizard,
                           shall surely be put to death; thou shall stone them with stones."
Deuteronomy 18:10  "Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter
                                   in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens,
                                   engages in witchcraft."  The first part of this updated memo to
                                   religious nuts 2,000 years ago was that Hebrews no longer had to
                                   sacrifice their firstborn children to the Hebrew/Christian god as
                                   they had been told to do for quite some time.  The question that
                                   must be asked is why they were dumb enough to sacrifice their
                                   children in the first place, and why they didn't kill the clerics who
                                   told them to do so?
      It is estimated that ignorant and superstitious Christians executed between 40,000
and 60,000 innocent human beings as witches during the years 1480 to 1750.  These
unfortunate victims of moronic Christian religious nut cases were most often burned alive,
drowned or hanged.  But this was only the peak of this Christian religious madness. 
People falsely accused of being witches were killed during the Inquisitions and even
      A detailed accounting of these Christian religious atrocities will be discussed later in
this chapter, but first we must examine why anyone would be dumb enough to believe in
witches in the first place.  Granted that Christians do seem to be the dumbest of the dumb,
but the willingness to believe in the most ridiculous nonsense appears to be a common
human condition.  The human fascination with UFOs is a prime example.  If there were
really as many UFOs as believers claim, these supposed aliens from other planets would
need an air traffic control center here on Earth to keep UFOs from crashing into each other.
The believers in UFOs are completely ignorant of the distances involved in travel to other
solar systems.  That is the key.  One must be ignorant to believe in UFOs as well as religion.
Keep in mind that a person can be "educated" and still be ignorant in certain matters.  A
doctorate in theology has the same worth as a doctorate in making mud pies.
                                         Continued In Part  Three