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Why Liberals Are Like Nazis

      People should take exception to the use of the word "liberal" by those on the extreme left.
Liberals are not liberal.  In the United States being liberal means advocating a totalitarian state
where only "liberal" ideas are valid.  If American liberals support a totalitarian state based only
upon their ideas, then they cannot be liberal in the classical sense.  Some of the definitions of
liberal are: not narrow or contracted in mind, broad-minded; not bound by orthodox tenets or
established forms in political philosophy; independent in opinion.
      American liberals are hardly independent-minded.  They must follow the strict party line
of the Democrat Party, much as communists had to follow the strict communist party line,
and Nazis had to follow the Nazi party line.  American liberals do not think for themselves;
they have been told what to think and how to think.  Almost all American liberals have been
psychologically conditioned and programmed to act this way by the American public school
system, where independent thought is not allowed.  In the United States students must
believe what their teachers believe.  To express ideas contrary to their teachers' beliefs risks
getting a failing grade, or worse.  It is an atmosphere much like one would have found in a
school in Nazi Germany or in the former Soviet Union.  Straying from the Democrat party
line is not tolerated.
      Some might object to this equating of Nazi and communist ideology.  In reality they are
opposite sides of the same coin.  Both are totalitarian systems that delude their followers and
punish dissent.  It is laughable to hear young people in the United States spouting tired old
Marxist ideology; proving that they have never read a book about the horrors of communism.
But then, many are the children and grandchildren of the most deluded and ignorant beings
that ever walked on the face of the planet, the anti-Vietnam War hippies.  The hippies of the
1960s were directed and controlled by the Soviet Secret Police, the KGB, and psychologically
conditioned and programmed to hate the United States, the American military, and war in
general.  This was done to take America out of the war in Vietnam.  It worked so well that the
children and grandchildren of these idiot hippies still hate the United States, the military and
war whether it is justified or not.
      When it became obvious that liberals were mentally deficient in their thinking, many of
these people took to calling themselves "progressives;"  the psychological implication being
that anyone opposing "progressive" ideas must be against progress and somehow backward
in their thinking.  This use of half-assed amateur psychology is typical of liberals whether they
call themselves progressives or not.  Psychology, particularly Freudian psychology, is a bogus
and semi-religious belief system in which only liberals and members of the Democrat Party
      Other than half-assed amateur psychology, liberals have borrowed other tactics from
communists like Saul Alinsky and Van Jones.  This excursion into the communist influences
on American liberals does not diminish the Nazi nature of liberals.  Both are totalitarian
systems, and liberals display the characteristics of both.  It is just that if you start off by calling
liberals communists, people tend to tune you out.  Calling liberals Nazis gets everyone's
      One must also question whether American Democrats are really democratic.  When
communism collapsed in the former Soviet Union, the Communist Party in Great Britain
changed its name to the Democrat Party.  In contrast, the American Democrat Party is flirting
with Marxist ideas, calling these ideas "progressive," and then saying that Democrat ideas are
the only valid ideas for the country.  That is a totalitarian approach to governing.  When the
hippie/Marxist president, Barack Obama, and the Democrats came to power in the 2008
election, Republican ideas were ignored and shoved aside.  Democrats ruled in a totalitarian
manner.  When Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives in the 2010
election, the hippie/Marxist President Obama claimed that Congress (the Republicans in the
House) were obstructing the functions of government.  It is statements like these that betray
the intent of the hippie/Marxist liberal, Barack Obama, to govern in a totalitarian manner.
American liberals support Barack Obama and this approach to governing.
      Just how close the Obama administration is to Marxism was revealed by some of his
appointments to White House positions.  Van Jones, an admitted communist, was made
the "Green Jobs Czar" by Barack Obama before his background became known and he
was forced to resign.  Anita Dunn was made White House Communications Director by
Barack Obama.  At a commencement speech Anita Dunn said the following:  "The third
lesson, and a tip, actually came from two of my favorite political philosophers: Mao Tse
Tung and Mother Theresa, not often coupled with each other."  Dunn then laughed along
with the audience, smiling that she had "made a funny."  The communist dictator of China,
Mao Tse Tung, probably murdered more innocent human beings than anyone else on the
planet, and here we have the hippie/liberal Anita Dunn attempting to quote from this
monster and laughing about it!  One can just see a young Anita Dunn with her hippie, wire-
rimmed glasses sitting among a group of unwashed, long-haired, bearded hippies in a haze
of marijuana smoke quoting from the little red book of the mass murderer Mao Tse Tung. 
It is situations like this that support the notion that liberals are really, really, really dumb.
      It was during the Cultural Revolution under Mao Tse Tung that it became a crime in
Communist China to be educated and successful.  If you were ignorant and dirt poor, then
you were one of the "people" as opposed to being an oppressor of the people.  Teachers
and university professors were imprisoned in reeducation camps, and anyone with the
least amount of goods had those goods confiscated.  Millions were "exposed" as enemies
of the people by teenage Red Guards and turned over to the Army to be executed.  Today
something similar is happening in the United States.  Uneducated and low-achieving
individuals are termed "the real people" while educated and wealthy individuals are
scorned by American liberals.  The Occupy Wall Street morons call their "real people" the
99 percent and all others the 1 percent.  For the most part, the Occupy Wall Street idiots
are a small fraction of the population and not the 99 percent that they claim.  They are a
mix of aging hippies with graying pony tails and marajuana stained beards, anarchists, the
brainwashed children and grandchildren of 1960s hippies, Marxists and just plain bums. 
They are the dumbest of the dumb and true liberals.
      In his book, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini
to the Politics of Meaning, Jonah Goldberg proposed that American liberals were more like 
Nazis than anything liberal.  For a time American liberals had started calling themselves
"progressives" until it was revealed that progressives in previous decades had expressed
their admiration for the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, who would become an ally
of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.  In the 1930s American liberals only saw that Mussolini had
claimed to have eliminated discrimination based on social class and had created higher
employment with public works projects.  American liberals didn't seem to have noticed the
fascist "Blackshirts" storm troopers or the fact that all political parties, except for the fascist
party, had been banned.  In other words, a totalitarian system was just fine with American
liberals as long as liberal "goals" were being achieved.  Apparently, individual freedom and
liberty were not part of those American liberal goals.
      It was also in the 1930s that the liberal icon Margaret Mead paid a visit to the Soviet
Union and declared that she had seen "great progress being made for humanity."  Margaret
Mead seems not to have noticed the slave labor camps, the Gulags, or the fact that millions
were being deliberately being starved to death in the Ukraine.  Instead what Margaret Mead
noticed, and apparently worshiped, was the claimed elimination of social classes by the
country's Marxist overlords, who did constitute a higher ruling class.  The fascists in Italy
also had a superior ruling class while claiming to have eliminated social classes.
      Here is the key to understanding the defect present in American liberals.  American
liberals will support a totalitarian system as long as it claims to have eliminated social
classes.  American liberals openly express their admiration of the totalitarian regime in Cuba
because of its apparent lack of social classes; well, except for the ruling class.  American
liberals also seem to support the Marxist dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.  The actor
Sean Penn even said that any American citizen criticizing Hugo Chavez should be put in
      American liberals hate anyone who is rich and successful, unless it is another liberal,
because the rich and successful constitute an upper class.  However, liberals have created
a corrupt alliance with labor unions to establish a superior class based on political affiliation. 
Liberals, in the form of Democrats, have promised government employees unions and
teachers unions extraordinary pay and benefits in exchange for voting for Democrat
candidates.  Liberals call these union elites the "middle class" when the bribes paid to them
in pay and benefits exceed those of the average taxpayer who is providing the funds for
these extraordinary pay and benefits.  Being a member of a teachers union, like the NEA or
AFT, or a member of the government employees union, like the SEIU, mimics what it was
like to be a Nazi Party member in Hitler's Germany or a Communist Party member in the
former Soviet Union.
      Liberals claim that teachers and government employees and not receiving excessive
pay and benefits.  This ploy is taken from the communist Saul Alinsky's manual on how
to deal with critics.  Saul Alinsky's said that opponents are so "evil" that any tactic is fair
if it advances the "cause."  The cause for Saul Alinsky was to establish Marxism in the
United States.  The tactic here is to simply lie if all else fails.  The tactic is to claim that
teachers and government employees are not being given excessive compensation by
corrupt Democrats.  Most people will accept the lie without doing any checking on their
      This liberal aberration in believing that anyone disagreeing with their agenda is "evil"
exposes a mental health defect amongst liberals.  Viewing those who disagree with you
as "evil" is delusional and one definition of a person who is mentally unbalanced.  This
liberal defect can be seen in most liberal approaches to their opponents.  Above we saw
that anyone opposing excessive compensation to union members is evil, and liberals
really do believe this.  Animal "rights" activists, almost all of whom are liberal, see
anyone attempting to control animal populations as "evil."  Thus we have the situation
of Canada geese causing airplanes to crash because liberals don't want to have Canada
geese removed from around airports.  Animal "rights" activists have acted to "restore"
the population of wild animals close to human habitation.  This has resulted in humans,
often children, being attacked and killed by these wild animals.  Again, anyone opposing
the "restoration" of wild animal populations is seen by liberals as "evil."  The lie often
told by liberals is that the problem is people moving into the animals' "natural" habitat.
Liberals will even go so far as harming the children of scientists who are involved in the
use of animals for medical research.  Liberal teachers in the childrens schools often
take the lead in this "getting even" with animal researchers by harming their children.
Liberal drug users also attempt to harm the children of police officers and narcotics
agents who are interfering with the liberal's drug supplies. The police and narcotics
agents are seen as being so "evil" that harming their children is justified.  This revenge
is also often carried out by liberal school teachers.
      The "global warming/climate change" fraud perpetrated by liberals is another
instance where anyone expressing a different opinion is viewed as "evil" by liberals.
This liberal defect has become so extreme that the global warming/ climate change
hoax has now become a liberal religion and those who differ on the subject are viewed
as were religious "heretics" in the past.
      Liberals pose themselves as the exact opposites of the Nazis of Hitler's Germany.
Being neat and orderly are seen as "Nazi" traits, so anyone who is clean-shaven, has
a short haircut and showers regularly is deemed to be "Nazi-like."  Having long hair, a
beard and being slovenly in appearance is considered the "ideal" by liberals.  These
superficial traits have nothing to do with character or political ideology, but liberals are
so naïve and so awash in half-assed Freudian psychology that they seize upon these
unimportant traits as indicative of what they consider in their deluded minds to be "Nazi-
like" behavior.  In reality, the group that the Nazis of Hitler's Germany resembled most 
closely are today's American liberals.
      The one thing that did distinguish Nazi Germans is that they were all drug users; the
same as American liberals.  Pervitin (methamphetamine) tablets were produced by the
tens of millions and given out freely in Nazi Germany.  Morphine was also used to
excess by the Nazis.  Both drugs were readily available to Nazi troops.  Germans also
drank alcohol in excess.  Adolf Hitler's doctor, Theodor Morell, regularly injected Hitler
with methamphetamines and Hitler's second in command, Herman Goering, was a
morphine addict. If you want to see a real Nazi in the United States today, just look at
any liberal using drugs.
      Liberals are so ignorant - dumb is more appropriate - that they think the Nazis were
some right-wing nut cases.  Wrong, liberals!  The word Nazi, Nationalsozialistische
Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, means National Socialist German Workers Party, and it had a
great deal in common with the Democrat Party in the United States today.  The Nazis
provided free handouts to the German people to win them over to the Nazi cause in the
same way that the Democrat Party buys votes today.  However, the greatest benefits
were given to members of the Nazi Party in the same way that Democrats reward their
party members, especially the government employees unions and the teachers unions.
      Nazi Germany, like the former Soviet Union, was also distinguished by its cult of
personality.  Adolf Hitler was worshiped as an almost god-like figure.  One does not
see any Republicans being worshipped as god-like figures, but liberals worship many.
Al Gore is virtually worshipped by the "global warming/climate change" nut cases and
Barack Obama is worshipped even more intensely by liberals.  This liberal cult of
personality is a Nazi-like behavior, and it is being carried out in America's public
schools by the overwhelming population of left-wing teachers.  The Nazis in Germany
used the public schools to institute a cult of personality for Adolf Hitler, and the same
thing is happening today in the United States for Barack Obama.  Barack Obama
himself has called for an organization in the United States similar to Hitler's SS and the
earlier Nazi Brown Shirts.  In a speech Barack Obama said this organization should be
equal in funding and strength to the U.S. military.  You can hear this proposal by Barack
same video you will see American public school students being indoctrinated into the
Barack Obama cult of personality.
      American secondary school teachers indoctrinate their captive students to an
extensive liberal agenda.  Creating a cult of personality around Barack Obama is only
the latest and most blatant form of political indoctrination of vulnerable young students,
but it is the most disturbing example of the brainwashing to which American students
are being subjected by their liberal teachers.  The Nazis in Germany also had schools
for political indoctrination: the National-Political Institutes of Learning (NAPOLA) under
Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS; the Adolf Hitler Schools under the head of the
German Labor Front, Robert Ley; the Reich Schools of the NSDAP; and the Order
Castles (Ordensburgen) for university-level students.  After the war the students of 
these schools reported that they had been provided with so little real education that 
they were unprepared to function in the liberated Germany after the war.
      The same thing is happening in the United States today.  American students are
being subjected to left-wing political indoctrination at the expense of real learning.  The
result has been that American students are less proficient in mathematics, science and
basic language skills than almost every other industrialized country in the world.  And
it is not just political indoctrination that is cheating American students of real learning.
Students in the United States are also brainwashed into an extremist liberal agenda
relating to the environment, "global warming," and "animal rights."  These non-
educational activities mimic the Soviets' attempt to create a "New Soviet Man" through
psychological programming.  The result has been to create several generations of robots
that regurgitate the liberal propaganda of their teachers but display an inability to think
for themselves.  The "buzz" words that these liberal brainwashers use is that "they are
teaching students how to think rather than filling the students heads full of facts."  The
real story is that these teachers/brainwashers are telling their students/victims what to
believe and to become clones of their liberal teachers.  The liberal teachers feel no guilt
in these efforts because they believe they are the "good," the "perfect," the "wonderful,"
and "all-knowing" people as opposed to the "evil," the dastardly," the "uneducated," and
just plain "awful," people who might criticize them.  Yes, liberals do have serious mental
health issues!
      Irrational liberal hate of their opponents is an indication of a liberal psychosis and
real mental illness.  The degree of the psychosis varies; generally the more intensely
liberal beliefs are held, the greater the psychosis.  After union thugs from the teachers
unions and the government employees union were defeated in their attempt to recall
Governor Walker in Wisconsin, who had curbed union and Democrat corruption in that
state, one liberal was brought to tears and said, "This is the end of democracy in
America."  This statement is all-revealing.  The supporters of union and Democrat
corruption thought that they were so, good, so perfect, so wonderful and so all-knowing
that they should have won the recall election.  Reality, from which liberals seem to have
fled in Wisconsin, is that more people thought Governor Walker should not be recalled.
A democratic election decided the issue.  But liberals are not happy with democracy.
They want a totalitarian liberal dictatorship where only their ideas prevail, and it is this
desire that makes liberals act like Nazis.
      During the 1930s, in Nazi Germany, teachers would ridicule Jewish students in their
classrooms and encourage other students to join in this harassment.  If you substitute
Adolf Hitler for Obama and Nazi Party for Democratic (Party) in the article above, it will
reveal the true nature of the situation.  Now substitute Jews for Romney and the picture
will be complete.  Teachers in America's public schools are the main force brainwashing
their students against Republicans and conservatives, creating the American equivalent
to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany.  These are liberals and they are acting like
the Nazis of Hitler's Germany.
                         1. Liberals Are Not Liberal..............................................................1
                   2. Liberals Were Brainwashed by the Soviet KGB.........................
                   3. The Hippie Infection....................................................................
                   4. The Liberal Drug Plague.............................................................
                   5. Liberals Destroyed Black Families..............................................
                   6. Liberals Are Awash in Freudian Psychology...............................
                   7. Liberal Teachers have Destroyed Secondary Education............
                   8. The Progressive Ploy...................................................................
                   9. Union Storm Troopers, the SEIU, NEA and AFT.........................
                 10. Liberals Try to Harm the Young Children of Scientists, the
                       Wealthy, the Police, the Military and Conservatives....................
                 11. The Occupy Connection...............................................................
                 12. Liberal Marxism/Fascism..............................................................
                 13. Liberal Mental Health Issues........................................................
                                           Chapter  One
                   Liberals  Are  Not  Liberal
      Teachers unions, like the NEA and AFT, and government employees unions like the
SEIU provide a prime example of how Democrat-linked organizations have created Nazi
Party-like favoritism for their members.  In World War Two Germany, under the Nazis,
Nazi Party members received special benefits not available to average Germans.  The
same was true for Communist Party members in the former Soviet Union.  Today in the
United States Democrat-linked unions provide pay and benefits that exceed those of the
average taxpayers who pay for these excessive benefits.  But since one liberal tactic is to
lie, liberals will say that these salaries and benefits are not excessive.  Corruption enters
the picture when union members keep voting into office Democrats who grant these
excessive salaries and benefits.  The result has been that local and state governments
are going broke and have to cut back on spending to avoid bankruptcy.
      In many cities in New Jersey - Newark, Camden and Jersey City - union police and
firefighters were asked to take pay cuts so that no police or firefighters would have to lose
their jobs.  The union bosses refused to do this and hundreds of firefighters and police
were laid off.  All the union bosses cared about was their personal power over local
governments.  The fact that cities would lose police and fire protection and people would
become unemployed did not matter to these power-hungry union bosses.
      Similar situations have occurred within teachers unions.  Michelle Apperson in
Sacramento, California was recently named "Teacher of the Year."  She had been
teaching at Sutterville Elementary School for nine years.  When 400 teachers were laid
off in the district due to budget problems, caused by excessive pay and benefits for union
teachers, Michelle Apperson was laid off because she did not have as much sonority as
other teachers.  This is another example of unrestrained union power doing damage to
the American educational system.
      Barack Obama is now running the United States like a Nazi dictatorship; bypassing
Congress with "executive orders," and using lies to deceive the American people.  Social
Security and Medicare, like the excessive union pay and benefits, cannot be sustained in
their current form and at their current levels.  Barack Obama and the liberals of the
Democrat Party lie to the American people, saying that Social Security and Medicare are
doing just fine, and that "evil" Republicans want to cut these programs to give money to
the "rich."  Any child would recognize this deception, but brainwashed liberal Democrats,
who "worship" Barack Obama, buy into the lie.  In reality, Barack Obama has cut Medicare
funding by 700 billion dollars to pay for his new healthcare plan, which he and other
Democrats admit, is the first step toward European-style socialized medicine.  The brother
of Barack Obama's former Chief of Staff, Ezekiel Emanuel, wrote in a book that health
care is wasted on the elderly, and that this scarce resource should be reserved for the
young.  Now this really is an "evil" idea, of which most Americans are completely unaware.
      In Switzerland everyone has health insurance provided by private insurance companies.
Those who do not have health insurance through their employers or cannot afford to buy it
on their own, are provided with a voucher to buy health insurance in the private market.
This is exactly what Rep. Paul Ryan has proposed, and everyone would be covered, unlike
Obamacare which still leaves many uninsured or relegated to inferior Medicaid services.
      Barack Obama and the Democrats have demonized Rep. Paul Ryan and his plan to
save Medicare from bankruptcy.  This is in keeping with the liberal mental health problem
of calling anyone disagreeing with them as "evil," when, if anyone is evil, it is Barack
Obama and liberal Democrats, who appear to be both evil and mentally unbalanced in
their quest to hold on to power.  There can be not better example of evil than the person
of Harry Reid, the imperious Democrat leader of the United States Senate.  Harry Reid
has shut down any legislation going through the Senate so that Barack Obama can claim
that the "evil" Republicans are preventing any useful legislation from being passed that
will relieve the current economic problems in the United States.  By this deception, Barack
Obama and the Democrats can deflect from themselves any blame for their failed and
destructive policies.  The evil characters here are the lying Barack Obama and his dog
Harry Reid.
      At this point it would be useful to compare Harry Reid, the "champion of the poor,"
with Rep. Paul Ryan, who has just been made the Republican nominee for Vice President
under the Republican ticket.  Harry Reid lives in a luxury apartment at the Ritz Carlton
Hotel in Washington, D.C.  The cost of this apartment is in excess of $3,000 a month.
That amounts to $156,000 a year, more than the yearly government salary Harry Reid
receives as the leader of the Senate.  Do you smell corruption here?  In contrast, Rep.
Paul Ryan sleeps on a cot in his office while he is in Washington, D.C.
                                             Chapter  Seven
            Liberal Teachers  Have  Destroyed 
             Secondary  Education  in the U.S.
      On January 9, 2013 the head of the Chicago tecahers union made a speech saying that
rich people should have their heads cut off and the teachers in the audience applauded her
remark.  The fat creep, Karen Lewis, is shown below at another Marxist rally.
      In the 1960s and 1960s American teachers became radicalized to Marxism during the
Vietnam War by the Soviet KGB which was manipulatiing anti-war protesters.  These hippie/
Marxist teachers never went away.  On the contrary; they recruited even more new teachers
to the Marxist cause.  Today these teachers are brainwashing American students to accept
Marxism, the global warming hoax, animal "rights" nonsense, and other agendas that leave
very little time available for the real learning process.  As a result, American students perform
at levels below just about every other country where people do not live in grass huts.
                                              Chapter  Nine
                         Union  Storm  Troopers
       The Nazis came to power in Germany with the help of Nazi Storm Troopers who beat up,
intimidated and killed off opponents to the Nazis and Adolph Hitler.  American liberals have
found a ready supply of storm troopers in the ranks of union members.  Thanks to the gangster
heritage of American labor unions, liberals found thugs and goons within the unions willing to
beat up opponents and silence any opposition to liberal political domination.  These union
bullies were evident during the passage of legislation to reign in union extortion in Wisconsin
by teachers' unions.  And in December of 2012 union storm troopers were again in action in
Lansing, Michigan where the legislature passed laws designed to curb union extortion there.
       It is significant that the union storm troopers chanted "This is what democracy looks like"
as they attacked opponents in Lansing, Michigan.  In the sick and twisted thinking of liberals,
they are so right in their ideas that only they can be democratic.  Opponents are labeled as
"Nazis" as liberals storm ahead using Nazi tactics.  It is liberals who are the Nazis!
      Beginning in July of 2010 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began to target conservative
501(c)(4) organizations that applied for tax-exempt status.  These 501(c)(4) organizations are
used to support various causes, usually by educating the public about these causes.  A liberal
501(c)(4) organization might advocate for the teaching of various subjects in public schools,
such as sex education or the elimination of gender bias.  A conservative 501(c)(4) organization
might advocate for smaller government and lower taxes.  These 501(c)(4) organizations are tax-
exempt only if they do not engage in the support of a political candidate, a political party, or
show any political bias in their activities.  However, the IRS denied and delayed the granting of
tax-exempt status for conservative 501(c)(4) orgnizations while approving the applications for
almost all liberal 501(c)(4) organizations that applied to the IRS.
     What made the process so egregious was that the IRS demanded information from the
conservative 501(c)(4) applicants that was prohibited under the law, such as a list of their
donors, and then circulated this list to other government agencies which was also prohibited
under the law.  The IRS then subjected the donors and organizers to IRS audits as a means of
harassment.  Donors who were businessmen had their companies inspected by OSHA multiple
times.  Many donors and organizers were raided by the FBI and subjected to FBI anti-terrorism
checks.  If this sounds like Nazi Gestapo and Storm Trooper tactics you would be correct.  The
Nazis used the aparatus of the state to silence any opponents and liberals used the IRS, OSHA
and the FBI to silence their critics.
      The IRS granted only a few conservative 501(c)(4) organizations tax-exempt status while
granting tax-exempt status to dozens of liberal 501(c)(4) organizations.  The IRS even had a
list of words in the titles of 501(c)(4) applications that were to be delayed such as, tea party and 
      Barack Obama revealed the Nazi-like stance of his administration when the IRS was directed
to delay the approval of Jewish 501(c)(4) organizations for tax-exempt status.  The article below
provides some background information.
      The Z STREET organization was set up to educate people about Israel.  The organizers
of this group were told the IRS would have to investigate "whether the organization's activities
contradict the Administration's public policies."  In effect the IRS was saying that the group
did not have the right to freedom of speech if they disagreed with Barack Obama.  When this
restriction of the freedom of speech is applied to a Jewish organization, it is a chilling reminder
of the way the government acted in Nazi Germany.  What Barack Obama and those on the
extreme left are seeking is a Nazi-style totalitarian dictatorship.  It is time for all Americans to
be worried if it will be possible to recover from a Barack Obama presidency.
                                                 Chapter Twelve
                                    Liberal Marxism/Fascism
      Both the Nazis in Hitler's Germany and the communists in the former Soviet Union told
children to spy on their parents and report any counterrevolutionary or anti-Nazi comments.
Recently Barack Obama's wife gave the same instructions to a group of high school students.
Teachers in the United States also sent their students home with instructions to tell their parents
to vote for Barack Obama.  More shades of Nazi Germany. 
      Of course everyone knows that black people are always victims of racism and can do no wrong.
      Jonathan Foster's mother had told him not to let anyone into their apartment while she was at
work.  When he refused to let Mona Nelson into the apartment, Nelson probably thought it was
because she was black.  Mona Nelson forced her way in and kidnapped Jonathan Foster.  Mona
Nelson was a very large person and Jonathan foster was a frail and weak 12-year-old boy.  It was
because Mona Nelson thought the boy was being racist for not allowing her into his apartment that
she kidnapped him and tortured him to death.  The reason for the complete burning of the boy's
body was probably because red-haired people have very pale, almost white skin.  Mona Nelson
wanted to turn that white skin black. 
      All hail Michelle Obama and her campaign against "racism."  Freedom of association is a right
guaranteed in the U. S. Constitution.  More than 40% of the U. S. Population have no close friends
of a different race.  By making people hypersensitive to a racism that often does not exist, innocent
individuals are being harmed and even tortured to death in the case of Jonathan Foster.
      And we should not forget that Barack Obama called for an armed civilian force equal in power
and armament to the United States armed forces.  Adolf Hitler did the same thing when he created
the SS Stormtroopers to carry out his dictatorial agenda.  In the former Soviet Union they were
called the NKVD (armed secret police).
      Recently some Nazi liberals appeared on PBS, and, of course, they had beards.  The Nazis sent
people who disagreed with them to be imprisoned in concentration camps.
      David Suzuki is not the only hippie-freak/Marxist liberal who has said that people questioning the
global warming/climate change hysteria should, in true Nazi fashion, be put in prison.  Another example
is shown in the article below.
      Kennedy singles out the Koch brothers who are conservative and support conservative causes
while he ignores the liberal billionaire George Soros who is promoting the Marxist agenda to which
Kennedy appears to subscribe.  The support for the false global warming/climate change hysteria
comes from groups that want to destroy the capitalist system.  They even openly blame capitalism
for global warming/climate change.  It is the Nazis who imprisoned their political opponents and it
appears that the hippie-freak/Marxist liberals are on the same Nazi path. 
      In the following article the moron Nancy Pelosi is seen demonizing Republicans in the same way she
claims the hippie-freak/Marxist liberal Democrats never demonized President George Bush.  Nancy Pelosi
exposes a mental defect that seems to be characteristic of hippie-freak/Marxist liberal Democrats.  Their
mental stabilty, demonstrated by this irrational hatred, must be brought into question.  It is psychotic.
 Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?=NFiEE09gnzy to see the entire interview on You Tube.
       Nancy Pelosi and almost all the hippie-freak/Marxist-liberals like her think that Barack Obama should
be worshipped and glorified only because he is a black man.  Before being elected president, only because
he was a black man, Barack Obama accomplished almost nothing in his life.  So far Barack Obama has
been a complete failure as a president, as exemplfied by his foreign policy disasters.  Despite all this liberals
expect all people to kiss Barack Obama's ass, as they do every day.  In the eyes of hippie-freak/ Marxist-
liberals, Barack Obama is Der Fuhrer in the style of the Nazis of Germany.
      The brain-dead idiot, Nancy Pelosi, is a complete liar when she says Democrats never treated President
Bush harshly.  To this day Democrats ridicule President George Bush in every way imaginable.  President
George Bush was a fighter pilot and Governor of Texas before becoming president.  In contrast, Barack Obama
was a hippie rabble rouser in Chicago before being elected as a senator to represent the local black drug gangs
there.  President George Bush is an intellectual and a fine man.  Barack Obama plays at being an intellectual
when he is in reality a moron.  Barack Obama is not the first black president, he is the first hippie president,
with all the stupidity that label conveys. 
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                                    Copyright © 2013 by Paul Roebling