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    Why Are Liberals Called Useful Idiots?

           Why  Are  Liberals  Called  Useful  Idiots?
        "Useful Idiots" is a pejorative term that was used by the Soviets to describe Soviet
    sympathizers in Western countries and in the United States in particular.  It is thought that
    the Soviet leader Lenin was the first to use the term and it was used by the Soviets for
    many years to ridicule misguided Americans who were willing to take the Soviet/Marxist
    side against their own country.  Some say that today the term "useful idiots" can be used
    to  describe those who support a malignant cause which they naïvely believe to be a force
    for good.  This is an attempt on the part of liberals to deflect the label of "useful idiots"
    from themselves.  Thus we have hippie/Marxist liberals saying that the term "useful idiots"
    was used by the Soviets to refer to American capitalists and not the hippie/Marxist liberal
    supporters of communism.  Well, American liberals operate under the rules provided by
    the Marxist Saul Alinsky, who said that any means were justified to bring about Marxism
    in the United States.  So, if the hippie/Marxist liberals say that capitalists were the "useful
    idiots" to which the Soviets referred, then this lie is justified, and the more often the lie is
    repeated, the greater the number of weak-minded and uninformed individuals that will
    believe the lie.
          "The killing fields" is another term that the hippie/Marxist liberals have tried to delute
    by using it to refer to anything but the real "killing fields" of Cambodia, for which the hippie/
    Marxist liberals bear most of the responsibility.
           Marxists have used the term "useful idiots" since the earliest days of the Soviet empire
    right up to the Vietnam War and the eventual collapse of communism in Russia when they
    referred to their liberal supporters.  In 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt recognized the
    Soviet Union based, in great part, on the reports of The New York Times columnist Walter
    Duranty, who received a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for his reporting on a famine in the Ukraine
    area of the Soviet Union.  Duranty had whitewashed the famine, saying it wasn't that bad
    and that Joseph Stalin and the Soviet government were not responsible for the famine.
          In reality Joseph Stalin was withholding food from the people in the Ukraine and even
    sending the food the Ukrainians produced elsewhere.  The people in the Ukraine were
    resisting Soviet policies, and Joseph Stalin engineered the famine, which had reached
    genocidal proportions, to punish the people in the Ukraine and bring them into line.
                                    Children Starved to Death in the Ukraine by Joseph Stalin
           Walter Duranty and The New York Times knew about the scope and cause of the famine
    in the Ukraine, but The New York Times had an agreement with Soviet authorities to only print
    the official Soviet line.  Both the New York Times and Walter Duranty were acting as "useful
    idiots."  You can't get much more liberal than The New York Times and Walter Duranty was
    cut from the same cloth.  About the same time in the 1930s another liberal hero, Margaret
    Mead, exclaimed that "great progress for humanity" was being made in the Soviet Union.
          Margaret Mead was another "useful idiot" who sang the praises of the Soviet Union while
    Joseph Stalin imprisoned, butchered and starved to death millions of innocent Russians.  Mead
    was the ultimate liberal, an ardent feminist, and, as it turns out, not very bright.  She obtained a
    degree in psychology, which is like not going to college at all.  Then she joined Franz Boaz at
    Columbia University to study "cultural anthropology," which is just another name for the bogus
    field of psychology, and Franz Boaz was also trained in psychology and not in anthropology.
    After being "anointed" by Franz Boaz, Margaret Mead went off to Samoa to study the "primitive"
    society there which she found to be "relaxed, sexually free, egalitarian and permissive."
          Years later Derek Freeman, a real anthropologist, found Samoan society to be puritanical,
    authoritarian, unequal and punitive.  Just as in her false impression of Soviet society, Margaret
    Mead saw what she wanted to see and not what was before her eyes.  In other words, Mead
    was easily duped by both the Soviets and the people of Samoa.  Years later some of the
    Samoans who had met Margaret Mead told Freeman that they had lied to Margaret Mead;
    telling her what they thought she wanted to hear.
          Liberals today vociferously defend Margaret Mead and her conclusions about Samoan
    society in the late 1920s.  The arrogance of liberals must never be underestimated.  Liberals
    believe that they can never be wrong on any subject.  Liberals also still defend Rachel Carson
    even though her book, Silent Spring, was a complete fraud and led to the death of between
    37 million and 90 million people from malaria in Africa and Asia.  The evil that liberals defended
    was the banning of DDT because they believed DDT was harmful to birds, people and the
    environment when, in reality, DDT was saving millions of lives.  That mistake made the liberals
    involved "useful idiots" in the defense of the environmental and animal "rights" movements.
          The liberal anti-Vietnam War protesters were another group of "useful idiots" who were
    manipulated and used by the Soviet KGB.  Yuri Andropov, head of the KGB (secret police)
    from 1967 to 1982, was responsible for what he called the Soviet dezinformatsiya war against
    the United States in which millions of dollars were funneled to front organizations in the United
    States to discredit American goals during the Vietnam War.  Lt. General Mihai Pacepa was
    the highest ranking Soviet intelligence official to defect to the United States.  In a Wall Street
    Journal article on August 7, 2007 General Pacepa detailed the manner in which the Soviet
    KGB duped hippie/Marxist/liberal Americans into working for the Soviet KGB.  The following
    is a quote from that Wall Street Journal article.
          "During the Vietnam War we spread vitriolic stories around the world, pretending that
    America's presidents sent Genghis Khan-style barbarian soldiers to Vietnam who raped at
    random, taped electrical wires to human genitals, cut off limbs, blew up bodies and razed
    entire villages.  Those weren't the facts.  They were our tales, but some seven million
    Americans ended up being convinced their own president, not communism, was the enemy.
    As Yuri Andropov, who conceived this dezinformatsiya war against the United States used
    to tell me, people are more willing to believe smut than holiness."
          "The final goal of our anti-American offensive was to discourage the United States from
    protecting the world against communist terrorism and expansion.  Sadly, we succeeded. 
    After United States forces precipitously pulled out of Vietnam, the victorious communists
    massacred some two million people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (the genocide for which
    the anti-Vietnam War protesters were responsible).  Another million tried to escape, but many
    died in the attempt (the Vietnamese boat people, whose deaths were also caused by the anti-
    Vietnam War protesters).  This tragedy also created a credibility gap between America and
    the rest of the world, damaged the cohesion of American foreign policy, and poisoned
    domestic debate in the United States."
          The book by Paul Kengor, Dupes: How America's Adversaries Have Manipulated
    Progressives for a Century, documents many of the "useful idiots" instances of hippie/Marxist
    liberals being presented here.
          Anti-Vietnam War protesters were the "useful Idiots" defending communism and the real
    terrorists in Vietnam, the North Vietnamese, who cut out the tongue of a teacher in front of
    his class and tied his student's arms behind their backs before jamming chop sticks into their
    ears because the teacher was not properly teaching the communist party line.  The students
    writhed in pain and agony, scraping their heads on the floor, trying to dislodge the chop
    sticks.  When the students escaped to South Vietnam, all were found to be deaf. 
          In South Vietnam the Viet Cong kidnapped the young son of a village leader who was
    cooperating with the American and South Vietnamese authorities.  The Viet Cong chopped
    up the boy and placed his remains in a sack.  The Viet Cong then deposited the sack with
    unfortunate boy's mutilated body on the village leader's doorstep.  It was during this time
    that the Soviet KGB regularly called the anti-Vietnam War protesters "useful idiots."  More
    examples of communist atrocities in Vietnam can be found in the works of Dr. Tom Dooley.
          Being "useful Idiots" became a permanent condition for the hippie/Marxist liberals who
    protested the Vietnam War.  Not only that, these morons passed on their idiocy to their
    children and grandchildren.  The "useful idiots" who went into teaching passed on their
    idiocy to their students both in secondary schools and at the college level.  Any intelligent
    person would burst out at laughing upon hearing what innocent students are being taught
    these days by "useful idiots," if such teaching weren't so destructive to both the students
    and the country itself.  It is unlikely that this corruption of students by "useful idiots" can be
    stopped and the United States will probably decline both morally and materially because
    of this liberal infection.
          One recent example of a "useful idiot" infecting American students was a speech given
    by Barack Obama's Communications Director, Anita Dunn.  Anita Dunn  was speaking at
    the graduation ceremony for St. Andrews Episcopal School of Potomac, Maryland being
    held at The Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. on June 5, 2009.  Anita
    Dunn said the following:
                  "A lot of you have a great deal of ability.  A lot of you work hard.  Put them
                   together and that answers the why not question.  There is usually not a 
                   good reason.  And then the third lesson and tip actually come from two of
                   my favorite political philosophers, Mao Tse-tung and Mother Teresa; not
                   often coupled with each other, but the two people that I turn to most to     
                   basically deliver a simple point which is you're going to make choices, 
                   you're going to challenge, you're going to say why not.  You're going to 
                   figure out how to do things you have never done before.  But here's the
                   deal, these are your choices, they're no one else's."
                   "In 1947, when Mao Tse-tung was being challenged within his own party,
                    on his plan to basically take China over, Chiang Kai-shek and the nationalist
                    Chinese held the cities, they had the army, they had the air force, they had
                    everything on their side and people said how can you win, how can you do
                    this, how can you do this against all the odds against you, and Mao Tse-
                    tung said, 'You fight your war and I'll fight mine.'  Think about that for a
                    second, you don't have to accept the definition of how to do things and you
                    don't have to follow other people's choices in the paths.  Okay?  It is about
                    your choices and your path.  You fight your own war. You lay out your own
                    path.  You figure out what is right for you.  You don't let external definitions
                    define how good you are internally.  You fight your war.  You let them fight
                    theirs.  Everybody has their own path."
          First, Mao Tse-tung is a transliteration of Mao Zedong.  Both are used equally, but for
    a government official to use as an example one of the world's worst mass murderers in
    front of a high school graduation class in The Washington National Cathedral is disgusting
    in the extreme.  The speech is also disjointed and rambling.  In this speech Anita Dunn is 
    trying to radicalize the students in the audience, and telling the students to ignore any past
    notions they might have about morality.  Later in the speech Anita Dunn tells the students
    that "truth is subjective!"  And who is the "them" when Anita Dunn says "You let them fight
    theirs?"  It sounds like Anita Dunn is calling for the students to go to war with someone or
    something.  Anita Dunn appears to speaking out against American society as a whole.  Is
    this any way to prepare students to take a useful place in society?  Certainly not!  Instead
    she is telling students to ignore what they have learned in the past about truth and morality
    and accept what?  This is the way cults are born.  The cult victims are told to wipe their
    minds clear of any ideas they have learned in the past in order to accept what the cult tells
    them to believe.  Anita Dunn is a "useful idiot" asking the students to accept the ideas of
    the liberal/progressive cult.  Only a "useful idiot" would find anything positive in the words
    of Mao Tse-tung who murdered 70 million of his own people.  Anita Dunn is one of those
    "useful Idiots" created by the Soviet KGB that now hate the United States.  She is one of the
    programmed, unthinking and blindly obedient members of the liberal cult, and the cult leader,
    Barack Obama, has given her the power to corrupt young minds. 
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