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Why American Schools Are So Inferior

      Since the year 2000 the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) has been
evaluating students throughout the world to determine educational outcomes for each country.
American students have ranked poorly in these studies despite the fact that the United States
spends more per student that almost all other countries, has the highest paid teachers and the
smallest class sizes.  The data to support these statements are shown below.
      As can be seen from the 2000, 2003 and 2006 data, the United States was ranked 15th,
24th and 21st respectively in reading, math, and science.
      As can be seen from the 2009 results above, the United States ranked 31st in math,
23rd in science and 17th in reading.  These are dismal results considering the resources the
United States has committed to education.  Canada doesn't even have a Department of
Education and Canadian students outperformed American students in all areas.  This should
come as no surprise.  The U.S. Department of Education is a political organization set up to
indoctrinate students into extreme left-wing ideology and to benefit teachers at the expense
of students.
      The expression "Common Core" is a smokescreen for the teaching of the "new math" and
"whole word" reading that began in the 1960s.  This was during the Vietnam War, and left-wing
teaching "professionals," believing in a half-assed brand of amateur psychology, thought that
teaching by drills made people more willing to blindly follow orders and go to war as adults.  The
"new math" eliminated drills like learning addition and subtraction tables, multiplication and division
tables.  Young students actually learn best by repetition and it gives them an early feeling of early
success in mathematics.  The so-called "research" that "proves" the new math is better is a
complete lie.  Hippies caused more deaths by introducing their drug plague to the world than did
the Nazis of Hitler's Germany.  When the hippies entered education in the 1960s they crippled
American students with their half-assed amateur psychology-driven idiocy, and the hippie-
introduced marijuana used by American students kills their desire to learn and can permanently
lower their IQ by as much as eight points.
      "Whole word" reading replaced phonics in the 1960s because teaching reading by phonics
was also thought to make students more willing to go to war as adults.  The anarchist/socialist
and anti-Vietnam War activist, Noam Chomsky, was a champion of "whole word" reading because
it stressed the "meaning" of words.  In reality it crippled students from learning new words that
they could sound out by using phonics.  Chomsky instead said that teachers should read to their
students, and the material he suggested would indoctrinate students to anti-capitalist and other
extreme left-wing views.
      The United States was a leader in education until schools became this tool of left-wing
political indoctrination.  The worst examples are American universities which have become
sewers of left-wing political indoctrination.
      Science, another failing of American schools, was also crippled by left-wing political
propaganda.  Concerns about environmental issues, animal rights, and global warming dominate
science classes.  The evil, Republican-owned chemical companies and corporations are said to
be harming the environment and killing innocent animals.  But the most ridiculous movement
is the current global warming/climate change hysteria aimed at oil, gas and coal companies
seen as provinces of evil, rich Republicans.  The two charts below expose the lie of the global
warming/climate change hysterics, that is, if Americans learned how to read graphs in their
inferior American schools.
      The key to this disparity can be demonstrated by the way teachers are chosen in Finland,
a country whose students perform near the top rankings in math, science and reading. 
Teachers in Finland are chosen from the top 10% of college graduates.  In the United States
teachers generally come from the bottom one-third of college graduates.  In other words,
American schools are populated with inferior teachers.  But it is more than that.  One-half of all
new American teachers quit within the first five years of teaching.  In the 1960s and 1970s there
was a flood of hippies into the teaching profession in the United States.  You can still recognize
the people they mentored (programmed and conditioned into the hippie philosophy)  by their
beards and pony tails for male teachers and the "granny" glasses and long straight hair for the
females.  When highly-qualified college graduates encounter these hippie types, they often leave
the teaching profession in disgust.  These hippie type teachers are often drug users indoctrinating
students with Marxist propaganda.  In addition these hippie type teachers promote a variety
of extreme left-wing ideas that interfere with the educational process; political movements such
as "global warming," animal "rights," and extreme environmental positions.  And finally, any
teachers who are not members of the Democrat Party are usually forced out of teaching.
      American teachers and their unions are opposed to any performance assesments that could
be used to judge teaching quality and might explain the poor academic achievement of American
students.  The article below discusses this opposition.
      American schools have become extreme left-wing Marxist instruments of the Democrat Party.
It is almost a reflex action on the part of these left-wing extremist teachers to blame American
corporations for anything with which they disagree, as can been seen in the quote above.  The
reader should also note that the Marxist color red is prominent in the protest photograph above.
      A great deal of time is wasted teaching courses in sociology and psychology in colleges
preparing students to teach.  There are also "method courses" which are of questionable
value in preparing a person to teach in the public schools.  Of course, colleges are dominated
by left-wing, liberal teachers who worship the bogus psychological theories of Sigmund Freud
and buy into social engineering of American society as the main concern for teachers. 
      Teachers, administrators and government officials in other countries have no problems
with administering tests to measure student achievement.  However, in the United States
teachers seem to be reluctant for their performance or lack thereof to be judged.  They
just want to keep looting local communities for their excessive salaries, pensions and
health car benefits.
       The two articles above document the fact that teachers in Finland are chosen from the top
10% of college graduates whereas American teachers most often come from the bottom third
of college graduates.  Those on the liberal left in the United States have produced false data
and false claims to say that American students aren't doing as badly as the data claim and that
American teachers are "highly qualified."  When such claims were made in the former Soviet
Union is was called propaganda.  The same is true today for liberal propaganda.  Tell a lie often
enough, and weak-minded individuals will eventually believe the lie.  This should come as no
surprise.  After all, Americans are the products of an inferior educational system and are therefore
willing to accept liberal propaganda as the truth.
      These liberal apologists and educational "experts" claim that the way to improve student
achievement is to throw more money at the problem.  The graph below shows what you get in
the American educational system for more money.
      Spending per-pupil has doubled in the United States since 1970 with no improvement in
student performance, and the United States spends more on education than almost every other
country in the world, as can be seen in the graph below.
      Finland, whose students outperform almost all other students worldwide, spends around $7,000
per student while the United States spends over $10,000 per student.  Obviously the answer to
improving student performance has nothing to do with the amount of money spent on education.
However, you will hear liberals calling for more money to be distributed to schools through the U.S.
Department of Education.  If more money doesn't improve student outcomes, where does all this
money go?
      The graph above of teacher pay is a bit misleading.  When payments into teacher health care
plans and teacher pension plans are added - payments made by taxpayers - teacher salaries can
approach $100,000 a year in some school districts.  In many school districts teachers are paid 65
percent more than the average taxpayer.  Teachers unions have made a corrupt bargain with the
Democrat Party to support Democrat political candidates in exchange for getting excessive pay and
benefits.  In some school districts teachers can retire at age 55 with 80% of their salary as a pension
for life and virtually free health care for life.  These excessive benefits are bankrupting state and local
governments.  In addition teachers unions provide union thugs (Stormtroopers) to intimidate local
governments to continue these excessive benefits.  When teachers carry signs saying they are on
strike for more money for students, they are lying.  Most school costs are for teacher pay, pensions
and health care benefits.
      Since 1960 student populations in the United States have increased by 90% but non-teaching
staff numbers have increased by 900%.  Twenty-one states now have more non-teaching staff than
teachers!  Some of these new staff people are psychologists and sociologists and assistants to the
principals, however, school "resource personnel" account for much of this increase in non-teaching
staff.  The teaching lobby will tell you that a "resource teacher" is a "specialist" used to help disabled
students.  There are special education teachers for that purpose.  These "resource personnel" are
teachers awarded with plum positions that allow them to avoid the drudgery of classroom teaching.
They are supposedly used to seek out better teaching methods, but in reality they are the people
who obtain materials to indoctrinate students to a radical liberal agenda.  They are often union
bosses who are allowed more free time for union agitation.  These are the people who obtain videos
to be shown to students promoting environmental issues, animal "rights" issues and videos that
are critical of America and the free enterprise economic system.  They receive the same exorbitant
pay, pensions and health care benefits being extorted by teachers from local governments.  If you
wonder where all the money is going that is spent on education, this is part of the answer.
      The Democrat Party has so completely taken over the American public school system that no
other political opinions are allowed.  The story above of a student wearing a Romney T-shirt is a
prime example of Democrat Party tyranny in America's public schools.  One is reminded of how
Jews were treated in Hitler's Nazi Germany.  Democrats are becoming the new Nazis!
      The article above shows that teachers and school administrators are unaware of what is
going on in their schools.  They ignore students being bullied and in the case above, they were
unaware that school lunches were being thrown into the garbage when students' food cards
didn't have enough credit to buy a lunch.  And giving a student only a cheese sandwich and
a glass of milk is discriminatory and demeaning.  Teachers and school administrators claim
to be amateur psychlogy "experts."  Making students look deprived in front of other students
will affect a student's self esteem and learning ability.  Why are such idiot teachers and school
administrators populating America's schools?  There are plenty of government school lunch
programs to avoid such stupidity.  Better yet, take some of the undeserved salaries, pensions
and health care benefits from teachers and school administrators to feed hungry students. 
      In order to keep their jobs and undeserved compensation, many teachers and administrators
have taken to cheating when it comes to evaluating student performance, and indirectly teacher
performance.  The example below is from the Atlanta, Georgia school system, but indications
are that the practice could be happening nationwide.
      One must also keep in mind that teachers only work for 9 to 10 months a year to loot local
governments of excessive pay and benefits.  There are breaks for the Christmas and Thanksgiving
holidays, a spring break and a summer break.  Teachers also claim to work long hours when
compared to teachers in other countries.  What they fail to mention is that many of these hours are
taken up by field trips, showing movies that denigrate corporations, the rich and the free enterprise
economic system, assemblies and "pep rallies."  This is the legacy of the hippie/Marxists that flooded
into teaching in the 1960s and 1970s and the liberal Democrat Party.  An example of one of these
"pep rallies" is shown below.
      Any intelligent person would be aware of the dangers of these tug-of-war games, but teachers
come from the bottom third of college graduates.  There is even a tug-of-war association that tells
what kind of rope will not break and is safe to use.  These "know-it-all" teachers didn't even give
proper instructions to the students on how to safely grip the rope.  Teachers in the United States
waste valuable teaching time on non-academic activities because American teachers get heavy
doses of psychology courses as part of their training that make them believe that their job is to turn
students into clones of themselves - the perfect hippie, liberal/Marxist citizen.
      This heavy emphasis on teachers studying psychology can explain why American schools are
inferior to the schools of other industrialized nations.  The following quote is from page 270 of
The Psychological Society: The impact - and the failure - of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and the
psychological revolution by Martin Gross.
             "The schoolteacher-as-psychologist is a popular contemporary model which
               begins in early training, when the would-be pedagogue is introduced to the
               highly psychologized curriculum called 'professional education.'  Critics such
               as Dr. James B. Conant, former president of Harvard University and author
               of The Education of American Teachers, and James D. Koerner, author of
               The Miseducation of American Teachers, have shown that the training of
               American teachers is often as much a psychological as a knowledge
               experience.  Through 'educational psychology' and other 'method' courses,
               more emphasis is often placed on the whys of learning and the personality
               of the child than the actual curriculum.  Several critics, including Koerner,
               are convinced that this psychological emphasis has been greatly responsible
               for the lowering of academic school performance...Faculty gossip, particularly
               among younger teachers, often centers on Johnny's 'psychological problems'
               rather than on his grades.  If his psychic woes are solved, many teachers
               believe Johnny's academic problems will miraculously clear up.  In this
               psychological environment, learning deficiency is not the result of student
               ineptitude or poor instruction but of a psychological problem."
      There is no more important duty for teachers and school administrators than to provide for
the physical safety of the students entrusted to their care.  In this American teachers and
school administrators fail miserably, as illustrated in the example below.
      The statement above that "We take bullying seriously" is complete nonsense.  Teachers
and school administrators try to avoid the subject at all costs, including the death of students
in their care, in order to not make waves that might jeopardize their tenure, their excessive and
undeserved salaries, pensions and health benefits.  Dozens of students commit suicide every
year in the United States after a period of bullying that is usually ignored by teachers and school
administrators, and hundreds of thousands are afraid to go to school every day because they
are being bullied at their school.  Students who are threatened and fearful at their schools will
not perform well, lowering the overall academic performance of American students.
      Recently some half-assed amateur psychology "expert" said that bullying does not cause
teens to commit suicide; that there are "usually underlying causes" that make the teen prone
to commit suicide.  Obviously this moron has never been bullied or is an apologist for the
failures of American teachers to prevent bullying.  The best that I can wish for her is that she
is driven to commit suicide.
    In the example above the student who struck Baily O'Neil was rewarded with a two-day
vacation from school.  This example proves that American teachers and school administrators
are incapable of controlling bullying in America's schools.  Bullying is assault and should be
handled as a police matter.  If a student is seriously injured or commits suicide because of
bullying, the teachers and school administrators responsible should be arrested and charged
as accessories to assault or negligent homicide.  Nothing else will work to stop bullying. 
American teachers and school administrators are gutless cowards who should not be placed
in charge of anything more important than a hot dog stand!
      The senseless beating of Pereston Hodge above while under the control of teachers and
school adminsitrators is unacceptable.  It is time for teachers and school administrators to
be charged, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for negligent child abuse.
      School administrators and teachers are more interested in protecting their cushy and undeserved
jobs than they are in providing for the safety of children left in their care.  The article above is a typical
example of what is happening in America's public schools.  School administrators and teachers are
incompetent idiots and morons when it comes to protecting students.  All the administrators and
teachers implicated in the neglect exhibited above should lose their jobs and face criminal charges.
      The glorification of public school teachers is misplaced.  They are simply workers like any other
workers.  Teachers fail to protect students in their care and often attack students physically and
verbally as the two articles below demonstrate.  Note that the article reporting the 6 year-old boy being
slammed into a wall by his teacher was reported on a Fox News TV station.  Teachers are protected by
liberal news outlets and the Democrat party because they vote for Democrat political candidates.
     In the previous two articles female teachers were exposed ridiculing and physically abusing young
boys.  This is no accident.  Most extreme feminists are man-haters, and they are found tearing down
males in America's public schools.  And it is not just the teachers.  In one high school a group of
female high school students was found to be torturing and abusing a male student who was autistic.
A panel discussing the abuse called the female sudents evil psychopaths.  This was a rare judgment
against any females these days who are seen as being incapable of any wrongdoing.  The following
article is yet another example of abuse of male students by female teachers.  How can these twisted
females be trusted to prevent the bullying of male students?
    The number of students being injured or committing suicide while under the care of teachers
and school administrators pales when compared with the death of millions of people in Africa
and Asia.  American teachers led the campaign to get the insecticide DDT banned because it
was "harmful" to some birds in the United States.  DDT was the most effective vector to control
the malaria-bearing mosquito in Africa and Asia.  As a result of the DDT ban, at least 37 million
and possibly as many as 90 million people have died from malaria in Africa and Asia.  American
teachers are still promoting the sick idea that animal life is equal to human life.  As it turns out,
proper scientific research has proven that DDT does not harm animals, the environment or
people.  But the banning of DDT was the "signature accomplishment" of the environmental
movement, so these people still make the false claim that DDT is harmful.  Millions are still dying
from malaria in Africa and Asia because of the DDT ban, and Europe, which was once free of
malaria, is seeing malaria coming back on to the continent as seen in the article below.
       The following quote is from the dust jacket of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death:
                    "This book should have been written years ago.  It reveals a dark secret of
                the ideological environmental movement.  The movement imposes the views
                of mostly wealthy, comfortable Americans and Europeans on mostly poor,
                desperate Africans, Asians and Latin Americans.  It violates these people's
                most basic human rights, denying them economic opportunities, the chance
                for better lives and the right to rid their countries of diseases that were
                vanquished long ago in Europe and the United States.
                     "Worst of all, in league with the European Union, the United Nations and
                other bureaucracies, the movement stifles vigorous, responsible debate over
                energy, pesticides and biotechnology.  It prevents needy nations from using
                the very technologies that developed countries used to become rich,
                comfortable and free of disease.  And it sends millions of infants, children,
                men and women to early graves every year.
                       "The ideological environmental movement is a powerful $4 billion-a-year
                U.S. Industry, and an $8 billion-a-year international gorilla.  Many of its members
                are intensely eco-centric, and place a higher value on wildlife and ecological
                values than on human progress or even human life.  They have a deep fear
                and loathing of big business, technology, chemicals, plastics, fossil fuels and
                biotechnology - and they insist that the rest of the world should acknowledge
                and live according to their fears and ideologies.  They are masters at using
                junk science, scare tactics, intimidation, and bogus economic and health claims
                to gain even greater power.
                        "As this book forcefully points out, these radical activists have now
                wrapped their ideologies up in several elastic principles that focus on perceived
                environmental threats and largely ignore human needs: corporate responsibility,
                sustainable development, the precautionary principle and socially responsible
                investing.  What makes Eco-Imperialism unique, though, is not just its insightful
                analysis of corporate and environmental "ethics," but its reliance on personal,
                sometimes angry observations by people from less developed countries, who
                bear the brunt of these misguided environmantal policies.
                        "The ideological environmentalists are helped every step of the way by
                people who ought to know better, and ought to be the first to challenge their
                assumptions, claims and demands: corporate executives, U.S. civil rights
                leaders, politicians, journalists and even clergy.  They should be paying intense
                attention to the issues raised in this book.  Instead they typically ignore them,
                preferring to focus on Republican misdeeds, perceived slights and other
                contrived problems.  By their silence, they accept and encourage the human
                rights violations, and the brutalizing of entire nations and continents.
                        "During the recent World Trade Organization meetings in Cancun, Mexico,
                the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) confronted a number of extremist
                environmental groups with these facts.  We discovered that they were very
                uncomfortable with having to defend the indefensible - as well they should be.
                        "CORE concluded that the time has come to hold these radicals to
                civilized standards of behavior, end the tolerance for their lethal policies and
                demand that they be held accountable for the excesses, and the poverty,
                disease and death they have perpetrated on the poor and powerless.  Eco-
                Imperialism is an excellent start.
                         "Driessen does a masterful job of stripping away the radicals' mantle of
                virtue, dissecting their bogus claims and holding them to the moral and
                ethical standards they have long demanded for everyone except themselves,
                and he does it with humor, outrage and passion - and always without pulling
                any punches.
                        "Every concerned citizen and policy maker should read this book.  The
                environmentalists will hate it.  The world's destitute masses will love it.  And
                everyone will be challenged by it to reexamine their beliefs and the environmental
                establishment's claims."
                          - Niger Innis, Congress of Racial Equality, New york City.
      The previous pasage was included here because public schools in America and their teachers
provide an almost brainwashing influence on young minds; indoctrinating them into the cult-like
environmental movement, and having them participate in some of the most horrendous crimes
against humanity since Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.
      The teaching of American History has almost been abandonded in America's public schools
except to point out the negative aspects of our own history and that of Western civilization.
The left-wing anchor on MSNBC, Chris Matthews, recently said that American history is the tale
of a continuing civil war between those who want to restrict freedoms (read that Republicans)
and those that seek to extend freedoms (read that Democrats) to women, minorities, etc.
      Michael Regan recently wrote an article that illustrates how the teaching of American history
has been abandonded in the United States in favor of "women's studies," "African-American
studies," "Latino studies," etc.  The American educational system fails to teach that none of
our freedoms would exist if they had not been defended and faught for by the brave men and
women who came before us.  Instead America's public schools, through their hippie teachers,
tell students that the military is evil and that all wars are bad.
        It should come as no surprise that women favor animals over human beings.  American
public school teachers, who are overwhemlingly female, have been promoting the sick notion
that animals are soooo wonderful and that humans are "evil."  This has been a brainwashing
process that has been going on since the 1960s when hippie Marxist liberal freaks took over
America's public schools.
        As long as American teachers and administrators are captives of the Democrat Party, they
will continue to receive undeserved compensation for a failing educational system.  President
Barack Obama and his wife even gave commencement speeches at American colleges and
universities encouraging students to "reject the corporate model and enter community service."
The hippies who entered the teaching profession in the 1960s and 1970s considered science,
corporations and technology to be evil.  These people and their clones are still teaching in
America's schools.  It should come as no surprise that the academic performance of American
students in math and science falls far short of the achievements of students in just about all
other countries where people do not live in grass huts.
      In American schools the sports hero (jock) is admired and the academic achiever is scorned,
often called a "geek" or a "nerd."  The emphasis of American schools on sports probably does
account for part of the reason American schools are failing to educate.  Finland, the country
with the highest academic achievement, does not have any sports programs in its high achools.
The money used to finance sports programs in American schools and to pay teachers salaries,
and especially the excessive health care and pension benefits for those teachers, does very
little to raise academic achievement.
      Much of what has just been said on this webpage was recently confirmed by an article on
the Daily Beast website shown below.  The  overarching theme of the story is that Americans
do not value intellectual achievement.  Any student doing well in school is called a "nerd" or 
a "geek."  For African American students, doing well in school is often termed "acting white."
All these labels are meant to be derogatory in nature and they all have roots in the inferior
American culture.  The most important thing that an American student strives for is popularity.
Status is determined by whether you are a sports hero, dress and act cool, support various
liberal causes and avoid talking about serious matters.  School is supposed to be fun and not 
really essential to success in life.  The recent "Occupy" movement stressed that people who
are poor and uneducated are the "real people."  Of course this was a bit of hippie inspired
nonsense that has been so destructive to American culture.  American television programs
present the most crude and dumbed down characteristics of humanity.  Thus we have Swamp
People, Breaking Bad, Mountain Men, Honey Boo BooDuck Dynasty, American Hoggers,
Weed, and The Walking Dead.  Yes, warn people to be on the lookout for zombies.  And
heaven forbid that any student should watch news programs.  That would be sudden death to
a student's image.  Look over the following article and the two comments left on the Daily Beast
website.  Who is at fault for America's dismal educational system?
      Above we see another example of evil Republicans withholding money that could be used
to educate poor minority students.  How can it be expected to educate students for a mere $12,400
per student and still provide the school principal with a $128,207 salary and enough money for the
school principal to buy fur coats and a BMW?  Let's hear it for all those underpaid and overworked
      In the hippie-freak, Marxist-liberal culture of American education, what is important to
these educators are things like art and music.  An interest in science is allowed if this interest
is in something like oceanography to "save the whales" or some biology specialty to "save
the animals."  Any student wanting to study geology for oil exploration would be looking upon
as an "evil" person.
      Teaching "critical thinking" in America's schools today means carrying out a program of
left-wing political indoctrination.  The critical thinking in this case would mean being critical of
Republican and conservative ideas.  Rote memorization was eliminated from American schools
by hippie teachers during the 1960s because their half-assed amateur psychology belief was
that rote memorization made people more likely to blindly support things like the Vietnam War.
The result was the "new math" which has crippled the teaching of mathematices in American
     All teaching in American schools today is political in nature.  If it does not glorify Marxist-
liberal ideas and membership in the Democrat Party, it simply is not taught.
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