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Update On Global Warming

                  Update on "Global Warming"...O
                     "Climate Change"...Whatever!
      Ever since is was revealed that there has been no "global warming" of the Earth over the past 17 years,
"global warming" fanatics have switched to calling their hoax "climate change."  This changeover has been
seamless because what is really involved is an extreme left-wing - read that Marxist - agenda to redistribute
wealth.  Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard recently called the global warming/climate change
hoax a Trojan horse to do just that - steal from the rich and give to the poor.  When the Venezuelan Marxist
dictator Hugo Chavez gave a speech at the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change condemning
capitalism and the free-enterprise system, he was given a standing ovation, exposing the sentiments of the
conference to redistribute wealth from the more developed nations to the less developed nations, which were
overly-represented at the conference in the same lopsided ratio one finds in the United Nations General
      The Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change/Global Warming in December of 2009 was a farce
with no tangible results.  However, it did expose that small, poor nations have jumped on the bandwagon
to loot the rich, industrialized countries under the guise of reducing "greenhouse gases" - read that carbon
dioxide.  What was missing from the conference was a giant, spooky portrait of Al Gore looming over the
participants like some character from a futuristic science fiction movie about an evil "Big Brother" figure. 
      What was not mentioned at the conference was the fact that the data which the United Nations has
relied upon for years to support the "global warming" panic was manipulated by the Climate Research Unit
at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England to hide the fact that there has been no increase in
global temperatures for the last 17 years.  It has also been recently revealed that the Hadley Center for
Climate Change at the headquarters of the British Meteorological Office in Exeter, England tampered with
the temperature data from Russia to skew their final conclusion that "global warming" was indeed happening. 
Russia has 12.5% of the Earth's landmass, and any tampering with the Russian data would have significantly
changed any conclusions reached about "global warming/climate change."
      Scientists - or should we say activists - working at the Hadley Center excluded 40% of the Russian
data collected from reporting stations in the rural areas of Russia because the data from those stations
indicated that there had been no significant warming in the late 20th century or early 21st century.  Instead
these so-called scientists cherry-picked data from stations located close to the heat sinks of urban areas
because the data from these stations did seem to support the "global warming/climate change" hoax.
      Will any of these new revelations change the current self-induced panic about "global warming/climate
change?"  Probably not, because the whole misguided effort has become a political agenda with religious
overtones.  There is no science involved in the "global warming/climate change" hoax except on the part
of the critics who have exposed the hoax.
      On December 7, 2009 the EPA designated carbon dioxide to be "a hazard to humans" with no 
evidence to support this conclusion.  Just as the EPA banned DDT and caused the death of more than
37 million human beings in Third World countries, the EPA will now be able to regulate carbon dioxide
emissions to the detriment of all.  Should there even be an  Environmental Protection Agency if protecting
the environment means causing the maximum amount of death and
destruction to human beings?
      In February of 2010 the Obama Administration announced that it would form a "global warming/
climate change" agency under NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to "study"
the Earth's climate.  The current "hype" is to admit that the Earth is undergoing a cooling trend in the
midst of "global warming."
      It was also in February of 2010 that Chris Field, lead author of the 2007 IPCC report admitted that
the claim made in that report that agricultural production in North Africa will fall by 50% by the year 2020
due to "global warming" could not be supported by any known data, and that reported deforestation in the
Amazon was also in error.
      On January 20, 2010 the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
announced that the dire predictions in its own reports that Himalayan glaciers would completely melt away
by the year 2035 could not be supported by scientific evidence.  This false report was first made in 2007
and repeated again in 2008 by the panel's chairman Rajendra Pachauri - a bearded freak - an affectation 
that seems to be typical for "global warming" fanatics.  In fact, belief in any crackpot theory seems to be
accompanied by the growing of a beard.  Those on the liberal/Marxist left in the United States believe in
both Freudian psychology and the "global warming" hoax and almost all affect a beard.  It is believed that
Sigmund Freud grew a beard to disguise his homosexual inclinations, and perhaps this is one reason that
those on the liberal/progressive/Marxist left also favor the affectation of a beard.
      A report in the Hindustan Times of India a few days earlier said that Himalayan glaciers are not
receding "at an alarming rate," and some are not receding at all.  There are 9575 glaciers in the Himalayan
Mountains and only 40 have been studied (intermittently) since 1906.  There is no way anyone could have
any scientific evidence of the glaciers receding "at an alarming rate."  However, those glaciers that have
been studied do not support the alarmist reports.  It has also been recently noted that the glaciers in Alaska
and Canada are actually advancing.
      The Earth is probably still coming out of the last Ice Age in some areas, and glaciers could continue to
recede under these conditions.  Climate change can only be measured over the long term; meaning thousands
of years.  To base predictions on a few hundred years of data is fallacious at best.  The "settled science"
of "global warming" fanatics is really "settled fakery."
      In February of 2010 "global warming/climate change" nut cases finally admitted the Medieval
Warming Period that lasted from about 800 C.E. to 1400 C.E. probably was warmer than it is today. 
One would have to assume that people in the Middle Ages were driving gas-guzzling SUVs and fueling their
power plants with polluting oil and coal that raised carbon dioxide levels or that the so-called scientists
providing propaganda to support the "global warming/climate change" hysteria have faked the whole
      Phil Jones, the head of the CRU (Climate Research Unit) at the University of East Anglia in England
resigned his position after it was revealed that much of the data gathered in support of man-made "global
warming" was in error due to poor record keeping and other factors.  In a BBC interview on February 15,
2010, Jones admitted that there had been no statistically significant global warming for the past 15 years
(1995 to 2010).  In the same interview Jones also admitted that global temperatures had been warmer than
now during the Medieval Warming Period, a claim that he had earlier denied.
      On February 21, 2010 Mark Siddall of the Earth Sciences Department at the University of East Anglia
in England admitted that his predictions of a rise in sea levels due to "global warming" were based on faulty
calculations.  He now says that there is no way to determine what will happen with sea levels.
      On February 22, 2010 Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," said in a television interview that the past ten
years have been the warmest years on record due to man-made "global warming."  This claim was made
despite the fact that the so-called expert scientist Phil Jones recently admitted that there had been no
significant warming of the Earth for the past fifteen years.
      On March 22, 2010 A report from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology was
published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. The report stated that one-third of the ice loss seen
in the Arctic Ocean has been the result of shifting wind patterns that drove sea ice from the area and not
the result of any "global warming."  The National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Organization recently
stated that 2009 was the coolest year in the Arctic since 2000, and that there was more sea ice in 2009
than in 2008 or 2007.
      There have been periods in the past, the 1800s, the 1930s and the 1950s, when there has been less
sea ice in the Arctic than is seen today.  In 1932 a Russian expedition led by professor N. Subkov was able
to circumnavigate the
Arctic Ocean in 34 days.  Such a feat would not be possible today because there is
too much sea ice.
      The ice cap in the Antarctic has grown to a record high and Antarctica is the coolest it has been in 50
years.  The hysteria caused in some circles by ice breaking off from Antarctic is a reflection of the growing
ice cap pushing ice off into the sea and not a result of "global warming."
      The winter of 2009 to 2010 was one of the coldest winters on record and the winter of 2010 to 2011
will probably be even colder.  From January to February of 2011 almost 100 animals in zoos in northern
Mexico died from the cold and northern Mexico has seen its coldest weather in 60 years.
      July 30, 2011:  Dr. Roy Spencer, a team leader for NASA's Aqua satellite project said, "The satellite
observations suggest there is much more energy lost to space during and after warming than the climate
models show...There is a huge discrepancy between the data and the forecasts that is especially big over
the oceans."
      Global warming predictions have followed UN models and trends in describing how Earth traps heat
due to carbon dioxide.  The way the theory goes is that increased carbon dioxide and rising temperatures
would create large amount of water vapor that develops into cloud.  These clouds would trap larger
amounts of heat and devastate the planet's ecosystem leading to the end of mankind.
      With new data from NASA's Terra and Aqua satellite projects, the previous model outlined above may
be proven to be a hoax.  Hypothesis based on the satellites' findings show that the planet Earth actually
releases more heat into space than it retains.  The higher efficiency of releasing energy from the Earth
contradicts former forecasts of climate change.
      By cross examining data with other climate change models, Dr. Spencer concluded that carbon dioxide
is just a minor part in global warming.  His studies have garnered media attention that the data are going
against the beliefs of global warming alarmists by disproving their theory.
       What we are seeing is the result of psychological conditioning to make people believe that man-made
"global warming" is taking place.  Science is now out the window on the issue of "global warming/climate
change" and a kind of religious fervor has replaced common sense.
       It would be interesting to study just why these so-called scientists were willing to fabricate such an
elaborate hoax.  One theory is that environmentalism is the new Marxism and a way to seize power. 
Marxist hippie types have been involved in environmental issues from the very beginning of the movement. 
An environmental Gestapo would be one means of seizing power.  The Environmental Protection Agency
under William Ruckleshaus banned DDT in 1972 as a way to punish the capitalist chemical companies
for producing napalm and agent orange during the Vietnam War.  As a result between 37 million and
90 million people in Africa and Asia died from malaria, and this genocide by environmentalists is still
taking place today.  And now the EPA has said it will control carbon dioxide emissions if Congress does
not act to rein in industrial polluters.  This might sound like a crazy idea, but environmentalists are crazy
      Al Gore, the messiah of the global warming cult, recently said that those who oppose his theory of
man-made global warming are no different than the "racists" who supported segregation in the South.
This is yet another attempt to unfairly silence any criticism of the global warming hysteria, and it follows
the advice given to liberals by the communist Saul Alinsky on how to target and smear opponents.
      Greenland is often cited by "global warming" nut cases as an example of how the Earth is "warming
at an alarming rate."  The fact is that one thousand years ago Greenland was warmer than it is today.  The
graph below shows this warmer period called the "Viking Era" on the graph below.
      The graph was prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United nations body
created to study "Global Warming/Climate Change."  The Earth is getting warmer, but that is because
we are still recovering from the "Little Ice Age."  This warming began in 1680, long before the age of
fossil fuels and SUVs.  What the "Global Warming/Climate Change" nut cases call "settled science" is
actually a record of false reports from so-called scientists caught up the global warming hysteria.
The graph below shows what kind of "scientific information" this hysteria provided.
      So-called scientists at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom came up with some "data"
that seemed to show a recent and sudden increase in global temperature shown in red in the graph above.
To achieve this sudden increase the so-called scientists discarded data from the rural areas of Russia since
"very few people lived there."  They also came up with some strange formulas to calculate their results. 
They also faked the tree ring data they had collected.  Even the United Nations had to agree that the East
Anglia results were "flawed."
      The graph below shows data from the Greenland Ice Sheet Project (GISP2) that was carried out between
1971 and 1981.  It also shows that Greenland was warmer during the Viking occupation in the Medieval Era
than it is today. 
    There is archaeological proof that Greenland was warm when the Vikings arrived around 1000 C.E. and
that when the "Little Ice Age" began around 1350 C.E., the Viking settlements virtually died out.  While at
first the Vikings could raise livestock and eat meat, toward the end they were subsisting on a diet of fish
because their livestock died during the brutal winters of the "Little Ice Age."  The graph above also shows
that global temperatures increased and decreased in cycles long before humans were using fossil fuels.
Global Warming/Climate Change nut cases are using a very short segment of these cycles over which to
panic.  If they would read some history, something the hippie freak/ Marxist liberals behind this hysteria
consider to be unimportant, the ignorance they so often display might be dispelled.  To educate these morons,
a bit of Viking history is provided below.
          The article above is typical of the distortions of facts by "Global Warming" fanatics.  The header
would seem to indicate that the Helheim Glacier is undergoing some unusual activity that has never
happened before unless the reader is critical enough to understand what the "Near Record Rate" means. 
It means the current activity is not more extreme than in the past.  If "Global Warming" were true, then
the current activity would have to be more extreme than in the past.  However, the article admits that
similar activity occurred over 70 years ago in the 1930s.  The real facts are that 1934 was the warmest
year in recent history, and the increased calving of the Helheim Glacier in the late 1930s reported by the
article supports this fact.  What has occurred since 1934 was not "Global Warming" but global cooling!
      The article also admits that it cannot be determined whether the recent calving is the result of natural
variability or "human-induced warming."  So what is the purpose of the article?  It is to further create
panic about the harmful effects of human activity.  In other words, it is propaganda and not science.
       As can be seen in the article above, the ice in Greenland undergoes a 150-year cycle of
melting, just as the Sahara Desert changes from desert to grasslands with lakes and back again
in a 20,000-year cycle.  The "Global Warming" hysteria has the characteristics of a religion rather
than of science.  The graph of Russian ice cores taken in Antarctica seen below shows that the
temperature of the Earth cycles up and down in something resembling the 150-year Greenland
cycle, but the trend has been downward toward the next ice age, which humans will be powerless
to prevent.  The Russian Vostok data show that the warmest temperature since the end of the last
ice age occurred around 8000 years ago.  During the Medieval Warming Period, about 1,000
years ago, the Earth was also warmer than it is now.  There has been no appreciable warming
over the past 17 years, but Global Warming/Climate Change nut cases still lie and say that 2013,
2012, 2011, etc. have been the "warmest years on record."
                                             Ice  Core  Data  from the Russian Vostok Station, Antarctica
      The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has collected temperature data going
back to 1889.  A three-page chart of this data is shown below.
      As the charts above show, 1934 was the warmest recorded year since 1889.  The years 2010
and 2011 do rank as the 15th and 26th warmest years on record, but the more recent data is not
of the same quality of data recorded in earlier years.  In cost-cutting moves, many rural weather
stations, away from the heat islands of cities, have been shut down.  This would tend to make
the more recent average temperatures recorded warmer.  Also, many weather stations have had
black, asphalt driveways installed close to the measuring instruments.  This would also raise
the average temperatures recorded.  One weather station even had its instruments located at
the warm air outlet of a new air conditioning unit.
      You can view photos of numerous other improperly sited weather stations at the link shown
      Many other sites showing improperly located weather stations have been hacked by Global
Warming/Climate Change eco-terrorists to prevent the public from learning about this information.
In other words, these Global Warming/Climate Change nut cases are crazy fanatics that are not
to be trusted.
      "Global Warming" fanatics claim that the use of fossil fuel is causing the Antarctic ice cap to
melt and break up.  Recent research has discovered a rift valley under Antarctica similar to the
rift valley in East Africa that is causing part of the African tectonic plate to break away from the
continent.  The same thing may also be happening under the Antarctic ice cap as outlined in
the article below.
                   Below is a diagram of how the African tectonic plate is breaking apart in East Africa.
      The article above is typical of the bad science put out by "Global Warming" alarmists.   It ignores
continental drift.  At one time Antarctica was located adjacent to East Africa and India and at a lower
latitude.  The sequence of the breakup of Pangea, of which Antarctica was once a part, is shown
      What the drill cores were showing was vegetation from East Africa and India, but the article
implies that this vegetation was growing in Antarctica when the continent was in its present
location.  This is very bad science in support of "Global Warming" hysteria.
                                                                     Link to the video in the article above:
       William Happer, Professor of Physics at Princeton University, also testified before the Senate Energy
Committee about the false claims of "global warming."  A link to a video of his testimony is shown below:
       When it was revealed that there has been no "global warming" for the past ten years, those supporting
the "global warming" hoax began calling their campaign, which has no basis in science, "climate change."
What is really disturbing is that so many people claiming to have scientific expertise have supported this
political movement.  http://scienceandpublicpolicy.org is one place to obtain real scientific information
about the "global warming/climate change" hoax.
      The winter of 2010 to 2011 was one of the coldest in decades, and the winter of 2011 to 2012 may
rival that weather extreme, with Eastern Europe seeing even worse conditions this winter.  The Black Sea
has frozen solid on the coastline of Romania at the resort city of Mamaia and snow has fallen on islands
in the Adriatic Sea; conditions not seen in living memory. Temperatures in the Ukraine sank to minus
33 degrees Fahrenheit and the army, using helicopters, has had to rescue people from the cold weather.
Hundreds of people have been hospitalized with hypothermia and frostbite and snowdrifts of sixteen
feet and more have been reported in Serbia.  Japan is also experiencing record snowfalls, and snow has
fallen in the city of Rome in Italy, something that has not happened for decades.  Bosnia has experienced
its heaviest snowfall ever recorded.  Snow has even fallen as far south as Algeria in North Africa. 
      During the winter of 2011 in the southern hemisphere, Chile experienced conditions similar to those
occurring in Eastern Europe now, indicating that these worsening winter condition are a world-wide
phenomenon.  At Jim River in Alaska instruments were closing in on the record cold temperature of
minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit set in 1971 when the batteries powering the instruments froze up.  In Circle
Hot Springs in Alaska on January  29, 2012, the "high" temperature was minus 49 degrees Fahrenheit,
breaking the minus 44 degrees record which was set in 1917.  On the same day at Circle "Hot" Springs
the low temperature was minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the old record of minus 52 degrees
Fahrenheit which was set in 1941 by six degrees.
      Meanwhile, the continental United States is experiencing a mild winter due to the La Niña effect
when the temperature of the Pacific Ocean is 3 to 5 degrees centigrade warmer than usual.  The La
Niña effect lasts for a year or so when it is replaced by a cooling El Niño effect when the Pacific Ocean
cools off again and this has absolutely nothing to do with the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
However, we are already hearing "global warming/climate change" hysterics saying that this is all due
to the increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  The real truth is that we are still coming
out of the little ice age that ended in the early 1800s and nothing humans can do will prevent the next
ice age.
      Recently New York City was hit by storm (Sandy) in which a storm surge of eleven feet occurred.
Global warming alarmists said this was proof that sea level rise due to global warming will flood coastal
cities.  The current claim by global warming alarmists is that sea level has already risen by several inches.
I guess if global warming hadn't occurred, then the storm surge in New York City would have only been
ten feet ten inches instead of eleven feet.  In other words, a few inches in a storm surge of eleven feet is
meaningless.  When the last ice age ended sea level rose by 300 to 400 feet.  The picture below shows
what happened around England as the ice age ended.
    The Earth is probably still coming out of the Little Ice Age, and it is reasonable to assume that any global
warming is the result of that transition.  A few inches of sea level rise out of 300 to 400 feet is insignificant
except to global warming alarmists with their hidden agendas.
     Global warming/climate change hysterics have been making up fake data for years to support
their bogus claims.  The year 1934 was the warmest year in the past hundred years and not the
claims made about more recent years by climate change nut cases. 
  1. http://www.weatheraction.com  This website by the British scientist Piers Corbyn presents real
      scientific evidence that exposes the hoax of "global warming" and debunks the global warming/
      climate change myth.
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                                                           Copyright © 2014 by Paul Roebling