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The Hippie Plague Returns

      The recent legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado signaled that the hippie
plague and hippie stupidity of the 1960s is still with us.  More people have been killed by the drugs
that were made popular by hippies in the 1960s than were killed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, and
many millions more have had their lives ruined through drug use.  Do people today not realize
that hippies were ignorant morons and bums?  We even see the return of the bearded hippie in
that clueless men are now adopting beards like sheep or lemmings rushing down to the ocean to
drown.  The most popular television programs today are mindless garbage, lacking any intellectual
      It is possible that marijuana may serve the same function that the fictitious drug soma did in
Aldous Huxley's Brave New World for Big Brother to control the population.  That is not to say that
Barack Obama is the new "Big Brother," but he has made it known that he will no longer attempt
to control marijuana.  In 1958 Aldous Huxley gave an interview to Mike Wallace in which Huxley
described the future American society that is strikingly descriptive of what exists in the United
States today.  You can watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TQZ-2iMUR0 This was just
prior to the 1960s hippie drug plague and he predicted that drug use could be used to "pacify" the
population by an American Big Brother, elected for his personality rather than his ability.  Huxley
also said that a Marxist society, as is being promoted by liberals and Barack Obama in the United
States today, could create a Brave New World for us.  The ancient Romans kept the population
under control by providing "bread and games" to pacify the people of Rome.  Marijuana could,
and probably will, serve the same fuction in the United States.  But this is all political.  What about
the physical effects of marijuana on the American population?  Is it really "harmless?"  The articles
below seems to say no.
      The morons promoting the legalization of marijuana today do not have any scientific facts
upon which to base their arguments.  Instead, they seem to pull things out of their asses to
support their cause, much as do those supporting the "global warming" religion.  This link
realistic presentation of hippie thinking.  The whole idea behind the global warming/climate
change scam is a Marxist-inspired attempt to destroy energy corporations as is revealed in
this South Park video.  It is unfortunate that the Eric Cartman character is the one to oppose
the hippies since he is a complete scum bag in most episodes.
      The South Park video also reveals the typical thinking of the hippie-freak/Marxist liberals
of today.  Anyone the hippies don't like is called a "little Eichmann," in other words, a "Nazi."
The real Nazis today are the hippie types killing millions with their drugs.
      There was a recent hippie marijuana "happening" in Seattle, Washington.  Wannabe hippie
impersonators, mostly bearded and dressed like freaks, stumbled around to "prove" that they
were "high."  What a bunch of idiots!  It is doubtful that these misguided jerks knew anything
about the nature of the hippie culture of the 1960s.  Hippies said that their hero, Charles Manson,
was a "genius."  Their hero is serving time in prison for murder with a Nazi swastika tattooed on
his forehead, as can be seen in the photograph below.
      Yes, you idiots "swooning" over the semi-legalization of marijuana, you can become just like
Charles Manson if you smoke enough marijuana.  Most of today's homeless people are former
hippies with burned out brains, and most look just like the bearded freak you see in the photo