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The Global Warming Hoax

      When "Global Warming" suddenly became "Climate Change," intelligent people should have
been alerted that something was amiss.  There has been no increase in global temperatures for
the past fifteen years.  In order for the political movement of "Global Warming" to survive, they
had to come up with a new scam.  That scam was "Climate Change."
      A recent series of articles in three parts exposed the "Global Warming/Climate Change" scam.
Part one of that series is shown below.
 The following graph provides a concise explanation on where the Earth is headed, and it is not some global
warming/climate change catastrophe.
       Global warming/climate change hysterics choose their "data" selectively to make their case for man-made
global warming/climate change.  These hysterics choose 1850 as the starting point of their "analysis" because
this makes it look like everything was just fine until the industrial age began. Note the HadCRUT3 graph below.
Then compare it with the graph from the United Nations IPCC report, also shown below.  The global warming/
climate change hysterics don't want to show you any data prior to 1850 because it makes their case look stupid.
They cannot explain the Medieval warm period when there was no industrialization, nor can they explain why
the current warming trend began around 1680 and not 1850.  In other words, they fake data.
      When it became apparent that there had not been any global warming for the past 16 years, the
global warming/climate change hysterics said that 16 years is too short a time to be significant, yet they
are willing to use such short peroids of time if it supports their global warming/cimate change hysteria.