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The George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin Case

      In February of 2012 a neighborhood watch person, George Zimmerman, shot and killed
17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.  At first the Sanford Police Department determined
that George Zimmerman had acted in self-defense while being savagely beaten by Trayvon Martin,
and no charges were filed.  However, after a campaign by black activists, the State of Florida did
bring a charge of second degree murder against George Zimmerman.  Trayvon Martin was an
African American.  A trial was held in Sanford, Florida in July of 2013 and George Zimmerman
was found not guilty on all charges, including a lesser-included charge of manslaughter.
      Black Americans throughout the United States, encouraged by black agitators like Al Sharpton,
held protest rallies demanding "justice" for Trayvon Martin.  But justice had already been served by
a jury trial.  What the protesters really wanted was revenge.  The black agitators presented a
number of facts to support a new trial for civil rights violations.  One of these "facts" was that they
claimed Trayvon Martin was racially profiled because he was black by George Zimmerman.  In
actual fact, it was George Zimmerman who was racially profiled by Trayvon Martin.  While on a cell
phone with a friend, Trayvon Martin called George Zimmerman a "crazy ass cracker" and used the
"N word" to describe Zimmerman.  "Cracker" is a term of disrespect that blacks use against whites.
Black activists are using Trayvon Martin's death to agitate against Florida's stand your ground
law, but the stand your ground law was never part of the case. George Zimmerman was found not
guilty because the jury determined he acted in self-defense.  George Zimmerman was attacked by
Trayvon Martin who beat George Zimmerman and pounded Zimmerman's head against a cement
sidewalk.  Zimmerman, in fear for his life, shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense.
      Black agitators claim that Trayvon Martin should have been able to use the stand your ground
law, but this is not true.  By the language Trayvon Martin used to describe George Zimmerman,
Trayvon Martin displayed hate and animus and would have been charged with second degree
murder if he had beaten George Zimmerman to death.  Also, Trayvon Martin had left the scene for
four minutes while he lay in wait to attack George Zimmerman.  Under the stand your ground law
you cannot retreat and then return to a confrontation and claim stand your ground law protection.
      But black agitators and protesters are not acting under rational thinking but pure emotion.  The
claim is that whites and the police are treating African Americans unfairly just because of their race.
Black activists point to the case of Marissa Alexander who was denied the use of the stand your
ground law defense and sentenced to 20 years in prison because under Florida law anyone using
a handgun in the commission of a felony must be sentenced to 20 years in prison.  However, like
Trayvon Martin, Marissa Alexander left the scene of the confrontation and returned with a gun.
The stand your ground law cannot be used if you have retreated and then return to the scene as
is shown in the article below.
      The following articles are presented to show that black crime against whites occurs all too
frequently and there are no protests by whites.  In fact, the liberal media often choose not to
print the race of black criminals.
         Most likely none the readers of this page have even heard about the two horrific crimes
detailed above.  This is because the liberal media only concern themselves with perceived
injustices against minorities.  Did you hear about any white people protesting these crimes or
rioting as did blacks in Los Angeles when police used justifiable force to arrest the drug addict
Rodney King in 1991.  Rodney King was on parole for robbery and high on drugs when he tried
to elude police (another felony), endangering other motorists on the highways.  Some idiot shot a
video of the police arresting Rodney King, who was resisting arrest, and made Rodney King into
some kind of victim.  More idiots joined in the clamor after the arresting officers were cleared of
charges of police brutality in 1992, and 53 innocent people were killed and 2,000 injured in the
riots that followed.  Nice work, idiot with the video tape.  You got 53 innocent people killed.
       Rodney King was awarded 3.8 million dollars for the "police brutality" that he suffered.  In
June of 2012 Rodney King drowned in his swimming pool after ingesting alcohol, cocaine, PCP
and smoking marijuana, all of which were found in his system according to the autopsy results. 
The United States is in sad shape when a worthless bum like Rodney King is portrayed as a hero/
victim, and a white baby is gunned down by a black teen and a 12-year-old white boy is tortured
to death by a black woman without hardly a notice by the even more worthless liberal media.
       The thirteen-year-old white boy in the article above could be heard screaming in pain for
the long two minutes he was being beaten and stomped upon by the three black thugs pictured
above.  You will notice that the black thugs show no remorse for their heinous crime, in fact, they
appear to be defiant.  For many black teens, middle school is just a stopping off place on their
way to prison.  Black culture is creating these thugs, but it is politically incorrect to point this out. 
In black culture, in most major cities, drug dealing is the easiest way to get money.  The 13-year-
old white boy will probably be beaten again or killed for getting the three black thugs into even
more trouble.  That is black justice in Chicago, Florida and throughout the United states.  All this
because the 13-year-old white boy did the right thing by reporting drug dealing in his school to
the authorities.  The only problem is that he reported the drug dealing to clueless and incompetent
school authorities.  If there is one group that couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the directions were
written on the heel it is American teachers and school administrators when it come to bullying and discipline.  Anyone with half a brain...well...one-quarter of a brain for teachers and school
administrators, would have realized how dangerous young black drug dealers can be.  To allow
the three black thugs to ride on the same school bus as the thirteen-year-old white boy was
criminally stupid!  And most of America's teachers and school administrators are that...and worse! 
The police should have been called in immediately!  What was the school going to do?  Give the
black drug dealers a three-day suspension?  Probably.  These people are morons and idiots and
should not be in charge of anything more important than a public toilet.
       Young black males are involved in criminal activity way out of proportion to their numbers in
the entire United States population.  Even Jesse Jackson has said he is wary of young black
males he might encounter on the streets.  A significant number of this criminal activity is directed
against whites, Hispanics and Asians.  The 53 people killed in the Los Angeles riots by blacks
came from these three groups.  Yet liberal apologists for blacks and blacks themselves claim that
they are the victims of an oppressive white society.  Here are a few examples illustrating criminal
activity by blacks against whites.
      The killing of the Australian student on a baseball scholarship in Oklahoma should turn the
stomach of any feeling human being.  James Edwards laughed and danced.  That should tell
you what kind of mindless thugs are being created by the black culture in the United States.
These teen monsters were created by liberals who are willing to excuse any bad behavior by
blacks simply because they are black.  When the left-wing MSNBC television channel covered
this horrific crime, the blame was placed on the availability guns rather than on the black thugs.
In fact, one commentator said, "Well, I guess we didn't have time to discuss Christopher Lane
since we spent so much time on guns."  Of course, there was no discussion of the broken and
dysfunctional black families that nurture these heartless killers.  These monsters listened to rap
music and sold drugs to get those hundreds of dollars they displayed on Facebook.  How could
their mothers and fathers not know what these thugs were up to?  Compare what happened in
Oklahoma to the uproar over the killing of Trayvon Martin.  A Hispanic/white man was accused
as the cause of that killing, but in Oklahoma it was the gun that was at issue because blacks
can never be the issue according to the hippie/Marxist liberals who created these monsters.
      Black apologists seeking revenge for Trayvon Martin made light of the injuries that Trayvon
Martin had inflicted on George Zimmerman.  Below is a story of another white person beaten
by black thugs, showing what might have happened to George Zimmerman had he allowed
Trayvon Martin to continue beating on him and smashing his head into the cement sidewalk.
    Before continuing on, it should be stated that there are many African Americans to be admired
by young African American males, but instead the people being looked up to today are rap artists
and drug dealers because they have all that money, expensive cars, gold jewelry, and women
hanging all over them.  And in the eyes of young African Americans, these creeps achieved this
status without much effort.  Why study hard in school or work at a low-wage job when all that
"easy money" is just there for the taking?
    Dr. Benjamin Carson M.D. is a famous brain surgeon who recently retired from Johns Hopkins
where he was the head of pediatric surgery.  Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Ph.D. is a noted scientist
in the field of astrophysics.  Neither of these African American heroes are rich when compared to
rap artists or drug dealers, but they have contributed much to society and achieved success for
themselves and their families.  Also, these African American men to be admired have kept their
famlies intact and did not conceive more children than they could support and nurture.
       You will notice that both Dr. Benjamin Carson and Neil deGrasse Tyson are wearing a suit and 
tie and are neat in appearance, something that liberals ridicule.  Today's liberals are the spawn
of the hippie freaks of the 1960s.  These mindless hippies believed that anyone with short hair, who
was neat and clean, must be a "Nazi."  Really, hippies were that dumb.  Hippies were "proud" of the
fact that they knew how to use illegal drugs "responsibly."  These ignorant and evil hippies saddled
humanity with its current drug plague that has killed millions and continues to kill millions.  Their
spawn, today's liberals, are now trying to legalize marijuana to further poison people to whom they
have done so much harm, not only with their drugs, but their twisted beliefs and philosophy that
are now now infecting minorities in the United States.  Liberals encourage African Americans to
look like the hippie freaks of the 1960s that spawned the current crop of mindless liberal idiots. 
Get a look at the appearance of the African Americans below that are worshiped by some African Americans and most liberal idiots.  If you look and dress like a slob and a freak, then you might
tend to act the part.  Instead of creating a legacy to be admired, like the two African American
heroes shown above, what we see in the black community is the kind of self-destructive behavior,
often driven by the drugs of the hippies, shown below.
      Race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are driving the United States toward a race
war just to enhance their credentials as "protectors of African Americans."  They are doing the
opposite.  They are destroying the African American community by defending the indefensible.
The causes of black inequality rest within the African American community.  Speak out against
rap music that dehumanizes people and encourages the kind of violence that African Americans
should be trying to avoid.  Stop young African Americans from saying that doing well in school
is "acting white."  Doing well in school is what gets you equality.  Charter schools have proven
that African American students can do as well as any other students if they are just given a
chance.  Stop supporting the inferior inner city public schools being run for the benefit of teachers
unions.  But most importantly, don't have so many children that you cannot support and nurture
them properly.  African American women should not have children by a man that is not willing to
take responsibility for those children and live with their mother.  Provide activities for young
African American men that will help them to grow in intellect, and I don't mean stupid night
basketball.  There are science fairs to enter and robotics competitions that will start these young
men on the road to a successful career.  Volunteer to work at an animal shelter or hospital and
grow to becoming a veterinarian, with some professional training.  Discover what you like and
are good at doing.  Tutor students after school to prepare to become the kind of teacher most
young African Americans don't have now.  And especially, don't listen to the race baiters and turn
to violence out of frustration.  You are your own best man.  Don't let anyone else think for you.