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The DDT Fraud and Other Liberal Lies

      Environmentalists and animal "rights" activists got the anti-malaria insecticide DDT banned in
1973. This insane action by liberals has caused the death of ten of millions of people in Third World
countries, and the killing continues to this very day.  The entimologist Jack Cashill has documented
this liberal genocide in his book Hoodwinked: How Intellectual Hucksters Have Hijacked American
The article below provides a brief summary of that book, especially as it applies to DDT.  You
can print out the four pages if you wish to hand out this information to friends and associates.
       Anyone questioning liberal lies today is usually called a Nazi, a racist, or just plain ignorant
because liberals consider themselves to the the keepers of all wisdom and knowledge.  Yes,
these people really are lunatics on many levels.  The young, usually the exposers of the false
ideas of their elders, are brainwashed by psychological conditioning in America's public schools
to the liberal lies from their earliest years through their college years.  If you want to know how
the Nazis came to power in Hitler's Germany or the Communists in the former Soviet Union,
you need to look no further than the activities in America's public schools.  While American
educators claim they are teaching students how to think, they are really teaching "what" to think.
Corporations are portrayed as "evil."  The rich are portrayed as unfairly accumulating their wealth
at the expense of the poor.  Evil humans are causing "global warming," and, of course, animals
are portrayed as "endangered" by human activity.  This is the new culture with which educators
are infecting the young.  It worked for the Nazis and it appears to be working today for liberal
      You can read more about the DDT fraud on the page of this website The Mass Murderers
of Our Time.  Other sidebar items will inform you of the continuing liberal stupidity and insanity.
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                                            Copyright © 2012 by Paul Roebling