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The Climate Change Religion

      Real scientific data show that the "normal state" for Earth's climate is to be in an ice age, and that despite
11,000 years of relatively warm temperatures of the current interglacial period, we are headed toward the next
ice age.   The ice core data from the Russian Vostok Station in Antarctica and ice core data from the Greenland
ice sheet shown below support the statements above.
      It can be seen from the Russian Vostok ice core data that ice ages occur about every 100,000 years and
last for 85,000 to 90,000 years.  Warmer interglacial periods between these ice ages last for about 10,0000
to 15,000 years.  The reason for this 100,000 year cycle of "normal climate changes" was calculated by the
Serbian geophysicist and astronomer Milutin Milankovitch over a hundred years ago.  These 100,000 year
cycles are caused by (1) Changes in the Earth's orbit around the Sun (eccentricity), (2) Shifts in the tilt of
Earth's axis of rotation (obliquity), and (3) The wobbling motion of Earth's axis of rotation (precession).  The
result is that the Earth receives less solar radiation at times and an ice age occurs.  These "normal climate
changes" have been taking place for the past 3 million years, well before any human intervention was even
possible.  A more detailed explanation of these Malankovitch Cycles will follow.
      The Greenland ice core data indicate that the current, warmer interglacial period is coming to an end
after 11,000 years and that the Earth is probably headed toward the next ice age.  The data also show that
the current global temperature is below average for the current interglacial period and that much warmer
temperatures occurred 8,000 years ago, 7,000 years ago, 3,200 years ago 2,000 years ago and 1,000 years
ago.  Did cavemen burn fossil fuel to heat their caves?  Did the Minoans burn fossil fuel to produce electricity
to power their computers?  Maybe they did in Atlantis.  Did the Romans fuel their chariots with gasoline?  Did
people in Medieval times have electric mandolins?  It must have been true if all global warming is caused by
human activity.
      Tree stumps found under retreating glaciers in Alaska indicate that the area was once much warmer than
it is today.  It appears that the trees grew during the Medieval and Roman warm periods, and if the Mendenhall
Glacier continues to melt back, the stumps of trees that grew during the Minoan warm period might also be
revealed.  Global warming/climate change alarmists want people to panic because of the retreat of these
glaciers when the appearance of the tree stumps proves that the melting of the glaciers is part of a natural
process that has been going on for thousands of years.
      The so-called scientists at the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University in England tried to fake
data to show that the Medieval warm period wasn't as warm as it is today.  The tree stumps found emerging
from under glaciers in Alaska provide physical proof that global temperatures were much warmer in the
recent past.  These are not fossil remains but actual tree stumps that have been carbon dated.
       The truth is that global climate changes through "natural cycles" that have nothing at all to do with human
activity.  Then what is the reason for the current global warming/climate change hysteria which has taken on
many aspects of a religion?  The following Internet article provides some answers.
      The fact that "global warming" suddenly became "climate change" when it became apparent that no global
warming had taken place for the past 17 years, should have been a red-flag warning to any intelligent person.
What has happened is that people now fear to say anything in opposition to the global warming/climate change
religion for fear of being branded a "denier" or "heretic" in religious terms.  Science no longer means anything
in this battle for what amounts to religious conformity.
      When it was obvious that no "global warming" had taken place for the past 17 years, believers in the
global warming/climate change religion said it "must be" due to increased volcanic activity that is blocking
solar radiation, or it "must be" that the oceans are absorbing carbon dioxide.  These claims are being made
without any scientific data to back up the assertions because they are expressions of a religious faith in the
global warming/climate change religion.
    The following three articles expose the "Noble Lie" of Climate Change that Plato's philosophy supported.
The lastest National Climate Assessment report, telling people that the sky is falling, is a political
statement that has nothing to do with science.  Barack Obama is a closet Marixst who is opposed to U.S.
corporations because he believes they only benefit the rich.  When Obama and his wife gave college
commencement speeches, they advised students not to enter the corporate world but to instead consider
public service.  Oil and coal corporations are just the lastest targets for elimination by Barack Obama,
and the global warming/climate change hysteria is the main tool in that intended destruction.
     When viewing old films about Nazi Germany, one can see women enthralled with Adolf Hitler during
his ranting speeches.  One can see similar enthusiasm when Barack Obama is speaking today.  It is
the unconditional adoration of a dictator.  Republicans are even regarded by Obama supporters as the
Nazis regarded Jews.  Anything that Barack Obama says is taken at face value.  Those who question
Barack Obama are considered to be Jews, counterrevolutionaries, or climate change "deniers."  So
when Barack Obama claims that global warming/climate change is "settled science," believers in the
religion accept this affirmation of their faith.  The following article puts to rest the "settled science"
      When so-called scientists who support the global warming/climate change religion are caught faking
data to support their claims, they immediately cry foul to the methods used to expose their fraud without
answering the larger question.  Did they fake the data?  Barack Obama used the claim that 97% of
scientists support man-made global warming/climate change when discussing the latest NCA report.
The previous article disproves the 97% figure, but the man who invented that figure only cares about
how his raw data was pilfered.
      So-called scientists from the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University in England circulated
e-mails telling their people to minimize the Medieval warming period so that global warming would seem
to be real.  Then they told their people to delete and destroy any traces of the e-mails.  This is science?
If you look at the Greenland ice core data at the top of this page you will see that the Medieval warm
period, the Minoan Warm period and the Roman warm period were all warmer than today's global
temperatures.  So-called scientists supporting the false notion of man-made global warming/climate
change cannot explain these higher temperatures before the time of fossil fuel use, so they try to fake
or manipulate their data to make these warm periods go away, or they ignore them entirely and begin
their fake data with our coming out of the Little Ice Age; which is probably still taking place.
      Not only is the global warming/climate change nonsense not settled science, the so-called scientists
supporting this false notion of man-made global warming/climate change appear to be outright frauds.
Just listen to the way they talk.  "The extreme drought and wildfires in California prove that climate
change is real and taking place today!"  You will notice they no longer attribute this climate change to
"global warming," which we know is not happening.  These people are frauds and charlatans that have
fooled an uncritical American public, too busy adoring Barack Obama to look behind the smokescreen.
      The so-called scientists that created "models" to predict future climate admit that their climate "models"
cannot account for the effect of the most important greenhouse gas - water vapor or cloud cover.  This
being said, their models that predict global catastrophes hundreds of years from now are pure crap!  The
recent alarmist reports on the melting of ice in Antarctica are examples of this nonsense.  See below:
      Liberals really do believe that Republicans are Nazis and racists.  It is part of the liberal psychotic
makeup that abandons rational thought and embraces the emotionalism of amateur psychology and other
stupid ideas.  Recently some Nazi liberals appeared on PBS, and, of course, they had beards.  The Nazis
sent people who disagreed with them to be imprisoned in concentration camps.  Now some liberals want
to imprison people who disagree with them on the global warming/climate change hysteria.
      David Suzuki is not the only liberal exhibiting Nazi-like tendencies in wanting to imprison political
opponents.  More are shown below.
      Obviously, global warming/climate change hysteria has caused some individuals to become completely
unhinged.  Moreover, these unhinged individuals are acting just like the Nazis of Hitler's Germany.  It was
the Nazis who claimed the Jews were destroying Germany and should be sent to concentration camps.
Now, global warming/climate change hysterics want to send anyone who disagrees with their insanity to 
prison.  It is the global warming/climate change hysterics that should be committed to mental institutions.
      Climate change?  CLIMATE CHANGE?????  Climate change is not a scientific term or a term used in
meteorology.  You cannot have 30 miles per hour of climate change, 50% relative climate change or 15
degrees of climate change.  Climate change is a political term with religious overtones that was substituted
for global warming when it became obvious that there had been no increase in global temperatures for
almost two decades.
      When some climate change nut case says a weather event is due to climate change, I tend to want to
laugh if the situation wasn't so sad.  Americans are relatively ignorant about science.  They score well below
most other industrialized countries in science and mathematics, both as students and as adults.  In a recent
survey, 25% of Americans said that the sun revolved around the Earth - really!  Americans are willing to
believe whatever their favorite politician, movie star or sports figure tells them to believe.  They can rattle
off the stats of their favorite basketball player and tell you where to score some marijuana, but they know
little if anything about things that matter in their lives.  Well, I take that back.  Smoking pot and talking about
their sports heroes are all that matter to many Americans.  So when some sleezy Chicago politician comes
along who plays basketball, Americans will almost worship such a figure.
      Worshiping a politician can lead to creating a dictatorship.  That is what happend in Nazi Germany when
Adolf Hitler came to power.  But liberals quickly reject such a comparison.  After all, they are not fascists,
they are "progressives."  Liberals became "progressives" when the term liberal began to reveal their left-
wing tendencies.  In the 1930s progressives in the United States thought that the Italian dictator Benito
Mussolini was the ideal leader because he had done so much to improve the lives of the Italian people. 
The fact that Benito Mussolini was a fascist didn't seem to matter to these deluded American "progessives."  
And we must not forget how Margaret Mead, a leading American progressive in the 1930s, thought that the
dictator of the former Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, was making life so wonderful for the people of Russia;
that is, for the people who were not imprisoned in the Gulags, the Soviet concentration camps.
      The liberals and progressives who worship Barack Obama are the leading proponents of the current
climate change religious cult, and the so-called scientists who support this dangerous nonsense are not
immune to such worship.  In fact, the schools and colleges of the United States are so left wing (Marxist)
that the teachers and professors are willing to blinding support climate change for political and not
scientific reasons.  After all, the energy companies responsible for "climate change" are the province of
evil rich people; so say believers in the climate change religion.
      As the 2014 election cycle approaches, global warming/climate change liberals of the Democrat Party
have stepped up their narrative that Republicans are evil people.  Dozens of articles have appeared on the
Internet linking Republicans to the destruction of the Earth because they do not support the global warming/
climate change hysteria.  Therefore, people should vote for Democrat candidates to "save the Earth"
because liberal Democrats are the only good, wonderful and intelligent people on the planet.  Considering
the average American's complete ignorance of science, it will probably be a winning strategy.
      The following article from Sweden shows that the Sun has a greater influence on Earth's climate than
human activity.  Climate "models" used to spread global warming/climate change hysteria do not account
for any solar influences and are all Earth-based.
      Al Gore has raked in millions of dollars with his "global warming" claims.  Gore established a "Carbon
Exchange," and profited by selling his shares before the exchange went bust.  As more and more scientists
jump ship and discredit the global warming/climate change religion, Al Gore's devoted followers continue
to believe in the religion and even fake data and make false claims to support the religion.  The articles
below shed some light on what is really happening.
Because America's public schools are so inferior, most Americans are scientifically illiterate.  Instead they
rely on bogus televison programs and movies to get their information.  The article below about Leonardo
DiCaprio is a prime example of the studied ignorance of Americans on science.