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Seven Myths About Marijuana

      Since hippies introduced drugs to the world in the 1960s, drugs have killed more
people than did Adolf Hitler's Nazis in World War II Germany.
      Hippies from the 1960s are usually portrayed as these relatively harmless people
just enjoying life without bothering anyone else.  That is a false image.  Hippies have
always been shiftless bums making their way by engaging in petty theft, panhandling
and dealing drugs, most often to children.  They have always been anarchists with
Marxist leanings.  They have always been the scum of humanity.  The false image of
these creeps being "flower children" was created my an ignorant and uncritical media.
      The lives that hippies have ended and destroyed runs into the tens of millions. 
They polluted every culture with which they came into contact.  Their sick influence
did not end in the 1960s.  It is still with us today.  They have infected the American
public school system.  They are the "guiding spirit" of the Democrat Party.  They are
the "occupy" people and they claim to be the "99 percent" although their population
of bearded, tattooed freaks in no way constitutes 99 percent of the American
         The current push toward the legalization of marijuana has been inspired by aging
hippies, with  their long hair now converted to pony tails, and that deluded segment of the
population they have managed to con and deceive.  The legalization of marijuana will
herald a downward plunge of human culture to a population of base and ignorant
individuals with reduced IQs and a corrupted humanity.
      The morons and idiots promoting the legalization of marijuana are operating with
damaged brains; brains damaged by their use of marijuana.   Anything these defective
people say about marijuana is complete nonsense, but it is not only the push to legalize
marijuana in which these mutants have become involved.  They are the supporters of the
global warming/climate change insanity, the animal "rights" insanity, and the income
redistribution confiscation.  They are left-wing Marxist types, again, operating with
defective brains.