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Psychotic Liberal Hate

      On April 13, 2013 Great Britain held a funeral for former prime minister Margaret Thatcher.
What should have been a solemn was marred by "protests" from psychotic leftist, liberals of
the Labor Party.  Shown below are some phtographs of these liberal nut cases exhibiting the
psychotic hate that is so typical of these deranged individuals.
        The bearded hippie freak pictured above was typical of the American hippies of the 1960s
who protested the Vietnam War and brought the hippie drug curse to humanity.
      The mass-printed "protest" signs show that the protests were organized by socialist elements,
which in Great Britain meant Marxist elements, just as they do in the United States today.
Liberals hate reading history so they are not aware of the crimes against humanity perpetrated
by Marxist governments in the past.
      An expanded view of psychotic liberal hate is contained in the 22 pages reproduced below
which can be saved as individual pages and printed out for redistribution.