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Pit Bull Insanity

       What appears below is four pages that you can save and print out for distribution to others to
inform them of the dangers posed by Pit Bull breeds of dogs.
www.dogsbite.org  is another source for information about the dangers of pit bulls.
              The following are references to articles from 21st Century Science and Technology Magazine  
      The articles below can be printed out and shared with friends and associates.
      The article below demonstrates the main use of Pit Bulls in the United States.  They are used to protect
drugs and drug money from other criminals.
      www.DogsBite.org contains verifiable information about the, now over 200, Americans killed by Pit Bulls, but
the number of Americans maimed and disfigured for life in Pit Bull attacks runs into the thousands.  An example of
such an attack is shown below.
       The article above claims that a petition to prevent laws banning certain breeds of dogs was signed by
30,000 people.  This must be a mistake.  Only morons and idiots - not people - would sign such a petition.
The brainwashing carried out in America's public school to glorify animal life over human life has been
effective in a negative sense.  It has produced several generations of morons and idiots - clones of their
teachers.  The subhuman animals who would place animal life above human life must answer this question.
How many pit bulls are equal to the life of one human child?  The answer for any rational being should be
zero pit bulls.  It is my wish for these animal "rights" nut cases, that a child of theirs is killed by a pit bull!
Most animal "rights" nut cases are just that, and should be committed to mental institutions.
      More that 700 American cities, including Denver, Colorado, have banned the ownership of pit bulls
because they have killed so many children and are mainly used as guard dogs for drug dealers.
      The fact that 70,000 morons and idiots felt the need to come forward and support the "saving" of the pit bull
demonstrates just how sick the American culture has become.  If you go to www.dogsbite.org you will see photos
of children who have been maimed for life by these savage pit bulls.  Defenders of pit bulls should no longer be
considered to be members of the human race.  They are some mutant species that should be avoided at all cost
by normal people.
      The next two articles about the same pit bull attack in Ohio were posted online in the United States and the
United Kingdom.  Pit bulls have been banned in the United Kingdom since 1991 under the Dangerous Dogs Act. 
By contrast, animal "rights" nut cases in the United States have appealed to Barack Obama to pass a law preventing
the banning of pit bulls, even though 700 American cities, including Denver, Colorado, have already banned the
ownership of pit bulls.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcaf4JN_0u0#t=22 is where you can view the video
for yourself.
      I have been puzzled for years about why any normal human being would defend the ownership of
pit bulls.  When you see them online commenting on the latest pit bull attack, they spew out absolute
hatred for the people who condemn pit bull ownership.  Then I saw a female pit bull supporter defending
pit bulls involved in another attack a few days earlier.  She was holding a lap dog, looked prissy as hell,
and seemed unconcerned about the horrific pit bull attack.  I thought back to a woman who threatened
to kill neighborhood children after an automobile had run over one of her cats.  When challenged on
this point by a news reporter, the woman said she considered the cats to be her children.  Here is the
answer to this madness.  American society, through psychological conditioning in America's public
schools, have equated animals with human beings.  It is all part of the hippie-freak, Marxist liberal
agenda for Americans.  They even call people who are critical of pit bull ownership racists.  These
people have made the United States a very sick society.
                                                       Copyright © 2013 by Paul Roebling