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Pit Bull Attacks Child Cat To The Rescue Video

      There are many sick individuals who believe that pit bulls are not dangerous animals.  It would take a
psychiatrist to determine what makes such people so dysfunctional as human beings.  According to
www.dogsbite.org pit bulls killed 176 Amercans between 2005 and 2013, and most of those torn apart by
pit bulls were children.  There was a recent attack on a small child in California that was captured on
surveilence video.  Frames from that You Tube video are shown below and a link to the You Tube video is
                                        Here the boy is riding his bicycle in his own driveway.
                                              The pit bull from a neighbor's yard stalks the boy.
                                The pit bull races to attack the boy on the other side of the family SUV.
                                                                         The pit bull begins its attack.
                                     The pit bull grabs the boy by his leg and drags him off his bicycle.
                                                       The family cat races out to drive the pit bull off the boy.
                           The pit bull releases his hold on the boy's leg when the cat rushes the dog.
                                                                     The cat continues to chase the pit bull away.
                                           The damage done by the pit bull to the boy's leg.
      Just imagine how much damage the pit bull could have done to the boy had not the family cat
rescued the boy.  A great many young children have been mauled to death by pit bulls and many
more have been horribly disfigured for life, yet there are idiots and morons out there who still
continue to defend pit bulls.  In England the ownership of pit bulls has been banned by the country's
Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991.  By contrast, pit bull defenders in the United States want legislation
against the banning of pit bulls.  These people should be spayed and neutered for the good of
     Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-Opm9b2WDk to watch the entire video of this attack.
You will need to verify your age to watch the video.  A G-Mail address will be needed.
      The good news is that local authorities euthanized (killed) the pit bull involved in this unprovoked
attack after it was determined that the pit bull was not suffereing from rabies.  In other words, the
attack was part of normal pit bull behavior.