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Obama's Neville Chamberlain Speech

Obama's Neville Chamberlain Speech Abandons Israel
      On April 19, 2011 Barack Obama delivered a speech in which he said Israel must return to its 1967 borders
in order to achieve peace with the Palestinians.  No American president has ever made such an outrageous
proposal since the inception of the state of Israel.  Such an ill-conceived proposal demonstrates a complete
lack of understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by Barack Obama.  Is this man a complete idiot, or is
there something more to his personality that is hidden from the average American?
      Barack Obama is the typical hippie/Marxist liberal.  These people appear to be educated and perhaps
intelligent, but they are lacking in ordinary common sense.  In the past the typical hippie/Marxist liberal sang
the praises of the Soviet Union while monsters like Lenin and Joseph Stalin were slaughtering innocent
human beings by the millions.  Here we are again discussing the approach of self-styled "intellectuals" to how
humanity should advance.  For the self-styled "intellectual" ideas are more important than people.  Thus they
considered the slaughter of innocent human beings was necessary to advance the "idea" of Marxism.  The
approach of these self-styled "intellectuals" was to say that the slaughter wasn't actually happening.  In other
words, they ignored the genocide lest it impede the advance of Marxism.
      Self-styled "intellectuals" like Barack Obama exhibit a high degree arrogance, and this is obvious in all
of Barack Obama's mannerisms.  He is a genius and everyone else around him is regarded as an idiot.
Barack Obama sees all and knows all.  Actually, Barack Obama is rather dumb about many subjects that
the average American knows quite well.  In a speech during his presidential campaign Barack Obama
said that he hoped to visit all 57 states of the United States.  And he continually pronounced the word corps
as "corpse."  But, since most of the American media was part of his campaign staff, not a word of ridicule
was heard.  And when Barack Obama proposed that Israel return to its 1967 borders, most of the American
media, with their noses jammed deeply into Barack Obama's butt crack, supported this crazy idea.
      Just to refresh your memory, Neville Chamberlain was the prime minister of Great Britain in 1938 when
he forced Czechoslovakia to give part of its territory to Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany as a means to keep
the peace with Germany.  Barack Obama has proposed that Israel turn over some of its territory to the
Palestinians to keep the peace with them.  The parallel of these two events is closer than you might think.
If you have read "Obama Fiddles While Israel Burns," another sidebar item, you would know that the Arabs
supported and fought for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during the Second World War.  And, like the Nazis of that
era, Palestinians want to kill off all the Jews in Israel.  Peace is the last thing that the Palestinians want, but
Barack Obama, being a clueless hippie/Marxist liberal, does not realize this.
      When Israel turned over the Gaza territory of Israel to the Palestinians, they used Gaza to shell Israel with
rockets, and the shelling has continued off and on for years now.  When the United Nations created the state
of Israel in 1948, Israel was immediately attacked by Palestinians living in the area.  Then, in 1967, Egypt,
Syria, Jordan and Iraq launched a coordinated assault on Israel.  During what is known as the Six Day War,
Israel drove their attackers back and gained more territory than they had previously controlled.  Before, some
parts of Israel were only 9 miles wide.  It was obvious that the territory allotted to Israel was indefensible in
the face of their hostile Arab neighbors.  Now Barack Obama is insisting that Israel give back the land it
gained in defeating their Arab aggressors.  This would put the Palestinians within three miles of the main
airport in Israel.  Does any reasonable person believe that the Palestinians would not shell the airport as they
have other parts of Israel from Gaza?  Apparently Barack Obama does, but he is a clueless hippie/Marxist
      Barack Obama is taking the side of the Palestinians because he believes that Israel is a colonial,
occupying power and Barack Obama has been made dysfunctional by his family background in Kenya.
Obama's father and grandfather were imprisoned in Kenya for supporting the Mau Mau terrorists in Kenya
who were slaughtering British men, women and CHILDREN!  Barack Obama holds such hatred for the
British as the colonial occupiers of Kenya that he returned a bust of Winston Churchill to Britain that was
given to the American people as an indication of support after the 9/11 attack by Muslim terrorists.  If Barack
Obama knew anything about history, which as a typical hippie/Marxist liberal he does not, he would realize
that the Israel that the Palestinians want to occupy has been occupied by foreign powers for thousands of
years.  It was only when Israel was under the control of the Hebrews in ancient times and under the control
of modern Jews in recent times that Israel was an independent state.  Furthermore, the Israelis and the
Palestinians are the same Semitic peoples separated by the stupidity of religion.
      The first independent state of Israel actually contained parts of Syria and Jordan as can be seen in the
map to the left above.  However, beginning in the 8th to 6th centuries B.C.E. invasions by the Assyrians, the
Babylonians, Alexander the Great, the Romans and finally the Ottoman Turks began the Jewish Diaspora
which drove many Jews out of Israel.  Zionism was a movement begun after the new Jewish state was formed
in 1948 to return Jews to Israel.  Also, between 1948 and 1972 about 600,000 Jews were expelled from
Muslim countries and most settled in Israel.  The only people who were driven from their homes were the
Jews by conquests in ancient times and by Muslims in modern times.
      When the Jews were given an independent state by the United Nations in 1948, the Muslim Palestinians
attacked the Jews within Israel.  The Jews resisted and the Palestinian aggressors fled to the neighboring
states of Jordan, Syria and Egypt.  The Palestinians were not driven from their homes, but left of their own
accord.  In effect, the Palestinians abandoned Israel, and now they want it back and all Jews exterminated.
      In 1967 Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq attacked Israel in a coordinated action intended to seize all of
Israel and drive the Jews into the sea.  Instead the Jews fought back and drove to within 25 miles of
Damascus in Syria and 63 miles of Cairo in Egypt.  Maps showing a summary of this Six Day War are
shown below.
       After the Yom Kippur War of 1973 Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt but retained the new 1967
borders since the 1949 borders were so indefensible.  Jordan and Syria lost territory as a result of their
aggression in 1967, and this is as it should be for any aggressor.  Israel turned Gaza over to Palestinian
control in 2005 and the Palestinians immediately began to shell Israel with rockets and mortars from Gaza.
The attacks by Palestinians from Gaza on Israel continue up to this very day.
      The territory now occupied by Israel is the legitimate territory of Israel, from ancient birthright and modern,
justified military action.  Barack Obama's clueless suggestion that Israel should give up any of its territory
only shows his ignorance of the history of the region.  No surprise there.  Obama IS a hippie/Marxist liberal.
      And because hippie/Marxist liberals like Barack Obama do not read history - only psychology - they are
unaware of the Nazi influence in the Islamic World which has been the source of hatred of the Jews.  Some
books documenting this Nazi influence are shown below.
      The Muslim conquest of the Middle East beginning in the 7th century C.E. brought oppression to all
non-Muslims in the conquered territories.  Jews and Christians were forced to wear yellow badges on
their clothing to distinguish them from Muslims and to mark their houses in a similar manner.  The Nazis
were not the first to institute this religious oppression.  The site http://historyofjihad.org/israel.html provides
some background information about the Muslim conquest which occupied the Jewish homeland.
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                                                                    Copyright © 2011  by Paul Roebling