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Mass Murder by Psychology

      On December 14, 2012 a disturbed young man, Adam Lanza, invaded the Sandy Hook
Elementary School in Newtown, CT and shot and killed 20 students aged 6 and 7 and six adults
before killing himself as police responded to the shooting.  Prior to going to the school, 20-year-
old Lanza had shot and killed his 52-year-old mother Nancy Lanza.
      The media blamed this horrible tragedy on the easy availability of semi-automatic weapons.
The actual culprit in this senseless loss of innocent human life was a fraudulent psychology
"professional," Bruno Bettelheim.  Bruno Bettelheim was the recognized "expert" on the mental
disorder of autism for decades.  According to Bruno Bettelheim, autism was caused by what
came to be known as the "refrigerator mother" who had failed to bond with her autistic child.
In order to "bond" with Adam Lanza, his gun enthusiast mother, Nancy Lanza, took her autistic
son Adam to shooting ranges to fire semi-automatic assault rifles.
      To get a quick sense of just who this Bruno Bettelheim was and what had led him to blame
autism on "refrigerator mothers," I have included a short article below.
      I will now take you through the disgraceful and damaging activities of Bruno Bettelheim
in more detail.  The Creation of Dr. B, by Richard Pollak would be a good starting point for
anyone wishing to examine the crimes of Bruno Bettelheim in greater detail.  In the Sandy Hook
tragedy Nancy Lanza was following the old wives tales about autism that Bruno Bettelheim
had made popular and that some misguided individual still believe to this day.  Such is the hold
that psychology has on what one would consider to be "intelligent people."  Mention the name
Sigmund Freud and it is as if one had cited a god-like figure.  Two other pages on this website,
The Real Nature of Psychology and Death by Psychology, document how Americans have been
drawn into a cult-like belief in psychology.
      Bruno Bettelheim had no training in medicine or science.  What Bettelheim did study was the
history of art.  Included in this course of study were a few courses of how the theories of Sigmund
Freud and Carl Jung affected art.  Bruno Bettelheim managed to convert this limited, peripheral
information into a fraudulent career as a psychiatrist.  Bruno Bettelheim did no scientific research.
He did not carry out any scientific studies to determine if what he was saying was factual.  Instead
he, like Sigmund Freud, considered himself to the perfect scientific sample of one.  His theory of
autism, which the entire world came to depend upon, was an invention coming from the sick and
twisted mind of Bruno Bettelheim.  You might ask, how could this have happened?
      People, Americans in particular, had become enthralled with Sigmund Freud in the Victorian
Era.  He talked about sex and people just ate this up.  He convinced people that they had a hidden
being within them, the subconscious mind.  People ate this up too.  The problem is, Sigmund Freud
made a colossal mistake while studying with Jean Charcot in Paris in 1885.  In Freud's day epilepsy
was an unknown disorder in that it was not known what caused people to have epileptic fits.  These
fits often occurred after a head injury.  Sigmund Freud thought that a hidden person was attempting
emerge, the subconscious.  It was not until the 1940s that epilepsy was diagnosed as a physical
disorder caused by small lesions in the brain that were too small for the inferior microscopes of
Freud's day to detect.  But the romance of Sigmund Freud and all that talk about sex had taken hold
in the public's imagination.  The world became saddled with all the crackpot theories that Sigmund
Freud invented from his initial mistake.  Freud promised that studies would follow to prove his
theories.  No such studies were ever carried out.
      When Bruno Bettelheim came along, the public was willing to believe anything coming from an
individual claiming to be a psychiatrist, which Bruno Bettelheim was not.  Bruno Bettelheim infected
people with his bogus theory about autism.  Nancy Lanza believed this false information and tried
to "bond" with her mentally deranged son by teaching him how to shoot an assault rifle.  The result
was that Bruno Bettelheim was able to carry out mass murder from his grave.  Bruno Bettelheim
was an ignorant, cruel, twisted crazy person who abused his young victims for fame and financial
gain.  The problem is that, in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, Bruno
Bettelheim appears to be the rule rather than the exception.
      On page 48 of the book by Martin Gross, The Psychological Society, Dr. Allen Bergin, editor
of the Handbook of Psychotherapy and Behavior, says, "Generally the people who go into
psychology and psychiatry are more anxious and appear to be neurotic.  Some therapists are
using their careers to act out conflicts within their own personalities."
      On page 46 of that same book we have this: "Dr. Walter Freeman reports on a study he did
of suicide among psychiatrists. 'The rate of suicide among psychiatrists is seven times that of
the general population.  Some believe that the high suicide rate is due to the emotional pressures
of the job.  Others think it has a simpler cause; a case of the unstable seeking out psychiatry as
a profession'."  Bruno Bettelheim ended his life by committing suicide.
      James Holmes, the nut case that shot up a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado on July 20,
2012, killing 12 and wounding 58 was studying to be a clinical psychologist.
      The chief god of those enamored with psychology, mainly liberals and hippie types, Sigmund
Freud, fares even worse when his life is examined in detail.  On page 246 of his book The
Psychological Society Martin Gross says this: "We should pose one thought.  What if Freud had
not suffered from near-continuous depressive moods, spastic colon, neurasthenia, homosexual
tendencies, bad temper, migraines, chronic constipation, travel phobias, death fears, heart
irregularity, money phobias, infected sinuses (from snorting cocaine), fainting spells, and hostile
drives of hate and murder?  Would the modern theory of the mind have been more sanguine?
What if Freud had not been the victim of superstition, belief in magic numbers and childish
gullibility?  Would psychiatry and psychotherapy today reflect the influence of a more scientific
and reasoned approach to the human mind?  The Freudian neurosis has infiltrated our psyches
and our culture more deeply than we yet understand.  If we recognize that much of it is a
reflection of Freud himself...it might help us to free ourselves from its pervasive influence."
      Real science has shown that autism is a physical brain disorder that is not caused in any
way by parental influence.  Psychologists also said that Adam Lanza was suffering from
"Asperger's Syndrome."  The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM-5,
is due out in a new version on May 22, 2013.  In that manual "Asperger's Syndrome" has been
eliminated as a separate condition and included under "higher functioning autistic patients."
The DSM-5 is a cookbook used by psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists to invent
various conditions they claim to observe.  According to these "professionals," 80% of all people
are in need of psychotherapy and 20% of all children can be diagnosed with some mental
disorder.  Really?
      Because psychotherapy is almost always ineffective, psychologists and psychiatrists have
seized upon the use of psychiatric drugs to maintain their status within American society as the
persons who know all and can cure everything.  "Depression" is the new money-maker for these
modern fakirs, but is there really an illness that psychologists and psychiatrists call "depression?"
The following is from page 6 of the book by Martin Gross, The Psychological Society: "The
semantic trick is equating happiness with normality.  By permitting this, we have given up our
simple right to be both 'normal and suffering' at the same time.  Instead we have massively
redefined ourselves as 'neurotic' and even incipient mental cases, particularly when life plays
its negative tricks on us.  It is a tendency which gives modern America, and increasingly much
of the Western world, the tone of a giant psychiatric clinic."
                                                 Copyright © 2013 by Paul Roebling