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Global Warming/Climate Change - The Real Truth

     The previous article might seem to indicate a balanced approach to the global warming/climate change
debate.  It is nothing of the sort.  Liberals consider anyone disagreeing with them to be "evil."  Think back
to the way the Nazis in Germany referred to Jews.  This is the way liberals regard Republicans and
conservatives.  Liberals are always looking for a "final solution" to the "Republican problem."  Liberals
believe that they are justified in doing harm to Republicans because Republicans are so "evil" and liberals
are so wonderful, always correct, and just perfect in every way.  The global warming/climate change debate
is a perfect example of this psychotic liberal outlook.
       When it became obvious that there had been no increase in global temperatures over the past fifteen years,
the global warming/climate change hysterics claimed this was due to increased volcanic activity.  But there has
been no significant increase in volcanic activity in the past fifteen years.  Then the global warming/climate change
hysterics claimed that the oceans have been "absorbing" excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but they
provided no proof.  This is an example of the "settled science" that we keep hearing about.
      The United Nations has been publishing alarmist reports for years about global warming/climate change.  The
United Nations has also proposed that a "carbon tax" be levied on rich and developed countries that the United
Nations would then distribute to less-developed countries.  This is the Marxist looting of the rich that has been
advocated by the backward members of the United Nations, and supported by the hippie-freak, Marxist liberals
in Western countries.  None of this has anything to do with global warming/climate change.  A sample of the
latest United Nations alarmist report with notations is shown below.
      The graphs of the Russian Vostok ice cores from Antarctica and the more recent Greenland ice cores,
shown in simplified form below, are the best scientific evidence of what is happening to the Earth's climate
and these are all naturally occurring processes.  Of course one would have to be intelligent enough to read
a graph.  Apparently, global warming/climate change hysterics do not have this ability. 
      The Earth has been warmer than it is now for most of the past 11,000 years of the current interglacial period.
The trend during the past 3,200 years is toward global cooling.  Interglacial periods last between 10,000 years
and 15,000 years.  At 11,000 plus years, we are headed toward the next ice age which will last from 85,000 to
90,000 years.  Dress warmly.
     When a reporter said to Al Gore at a news conference that the population of polar bears has
increased in the polar regions, Al Gore replied, "But you must admit that polar bears are endangered." 
The mere mention of the word "endangered" by Al Gore was intended to shut up the reporter.  It is a
word used as a weapon against anyone who would oppose the extremist agenda of environmentalists
and animal "rights" nut cases.  It is a word based mostly on emotional appeals and ignorant crap that
is usually false, like the false claim that "global warming," which dosen't exist, is killing off the polar
The following article presents a balanced view of the current global warming/climate change debate.
       The next page on this site, The Global Warming Hoax, exposes the fraud and deception used by global
warming/climate change hysterics in a three-part series, Global Cooling.