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Environmentalists Kill Millions of Birds Each Year

Environmentalists  Kill  Millions  of  Birds  Each Year
      According to Dr Albert Manville of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wind turbines kill at least 440,000
birds every year in the United States.  This information appeared in an article on the Mother Earth News
website on March 4, 2009.
      Environmentalists and animal "rights" activists tend to downplay the number of birds killed by wind
turbines because they are reluctant to admit that "green energy" can have any harmful effects.  The Tree
Hugger website even calls reports of birds being killed by wind turbines an "echo-myth."  Why is the reason
for this reluctance?  Environmentalists and animal "rights" activists consider themselves to be the good, the
wonderful, the wise and all-knowing people of the Earth, as opposed to anyone who does not think exactly
as they do to be evil and ignorant.
      Below is a table of supposed bird kills by various sources.  AWEA stands for the American Wind Energy
Association and ABC stands for the American Bird  Conservatory.  Neither can be considered to be neutral
sources of information.  Environmentalists and animal "rights" activists want to inflate the number of bird kills
from all other sources, so they generally choose the low ABC figure instead of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
figure of about 1,000 birds a day or 440,000 a year.  But that is only in the United States.  Worldwide the
number of birds killed by wind turbines is probably well over one million.  Europe has twice the number of
wind turbines as does the United States and China, Australia, New Zealand and Canada also have extensive
and growing wind turbine projects.  Birds are being killed by wind turbines in all these countries.  There are
now about 25,000 wind turbines in the United States killing almost half a million birds a year.  In the next 10
years the number of wind turbines in the United States is expected to increase to 155,000.  By extrapolation,
that could mean as many as three million birds would be killed in the United States by wind turbines each year.
                                                               Royd  Moor  Wind  Farm in England
                                                                    Wind Turbines Galicia, Spain
                                                             Wind Turbine Farm in Saxony, Germany
                                                         A Wind Turbine Array Offshore of Denmark
      If one billion birds were being killed by flying into glass-faced skyscrapers every year as indicated in the
chart below, there should be mounds of dead birds on the streets of all major cities throughout the world.  It is
obvious the chart below shows inflated figures for all the sources other than wind turbine bird kills.
                                                                Wind Turbines in New Zealand
                                                           Wind Turbines Altamont Pass, California
    Reliable sources put the number of birds killed at the Altamont Pass wind turbine farms at 7,500 every year.
    Those who do not believe that wind turbines kill birds should view the You Tube video at the following link:
      No one can help but be moved by the injury of the vulture in the You Tube video above.  However,
millions of game birds are killed every year by hunters.  Thousands of game birds are killed around airports
every year to lessen the number of birds that can strike airplanes and cause them to crash, killing hundreds
of human beings.  In the past 20 years over 200 people have been killed in plane crashes caused by bird
strikes.  Birds are not humans or equal to humans. When animals come into conflict with humans, humans
should be given greater consideration.  Unfortunately people have become a little crazy lately, and this notion
is now out of fashion.  As a result some farmers in California cannot obtain water to farm their land because
scarce water is being diverted to "save" a junk species of fish.  Farmers in the area are now buying carrots
imported from China, where animals have not yet taken over the country.
      The following You Tube video shows a Canadian CT-155 Hawk fighter in Moose Jaw, Canada striking a
bird and crashing into a field. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN_Zl64OQEw  One of the comments on You
Tube about this video was, "I am sure the tree huggers will demand that Canada get rid of its air force."  This
is an important question.  Who has more rights, humans or animals?  Those who answer animals are suffering
from some form of mental illness.  The only thing that will satisfy these individuals is if all humans left the Earth
so that they will never come into conflict with animals.  I tend to agree, and I think all environmentalists and
animal "rights" activists should volunteer to be the first to be rocketed into space to "save" the animals of the
      Environmentalists and animal "rights" activists give wind turbine companies a pass on their killing of birds,
but they will go after oil companies that kill fewer birds.  Recently the Syncrude company was taken into court
in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for supposedly killing 1,606 ducks by failing to use duck-deterring noise makers
the scare ducks away from their Athabasa Oil Sands deposits in northern Alberta, Canada.  Notice the
precision of the duck count.  Some idiots must have actually gone out and counted every duck!
      In 2009 Exxon Mobile was fined $600,000 after 85 migratory birds died of exposure to hydrocarbons at
some of its natural gas facilities in the Midwestern United States.  That amounts to about $7,000 per dead bird. 
Why aren't the wind turbine companies being fined for killing hundreds of thousands of birds?  The answer is
that they are the darlings of the environmentalists and animal "rights" activists.  But there is no surprise here. 
If there were no prosecutions for the tens of millions of people killed when environmentalists and animal "rights"
activists got DDT banned, then nothing will be done to go after the wind turbine companies.  Why you ask? 
Because the environmentalists and animal "rights" activists are the good, the wonderful, the infallible and
beautiful people, whereas the oil companies are evil and must be destroyed.  Well, actually DDT was banned
to punish the chemical companies that produced napalm and agent orange during the Vietnam War.  Instead,
these idiots caused the death of tens of millions of small children in Africa and Asia from malaria.  But
environmentalists and animal "rights" activists are also good liars, claiming that the DDT ban did not apply to
other countries while they were pressuring other countries to ban DDT or lose foreign aid money from the
United States.
      Producing energy from wind turbines is a good idea that provides cheap, renewable and clean energy. 
The dispute over how many birds are killed by wind turbines tells us more about the participants involved than
the actual problem.  Most of today's environmentalists and animal "rights" activists are the children and
grandchildren of hippies from the 1960s and 1970s.  Hippies were the most ignorant and destructive people
who ever walked on the face of the planet.  They passed on their ignorance to their spawn, who are also
ignorant and destructive.
                                                               Copyright © 2011 by Paul Roebling