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Crimes Against Humans By Animals

      Every day many humans are injured and killed by animals but such incidents are regarded
as unavoidable and not the fault of the animals.  In some respects this is true, except when
brainwashed humans place other humans in danger in misguided efforts to "save" or "protect"
the animals.  Human life is precious; animal life is not!  This page will deal with instances in
which harm to humans by animals could have been prevented as well as what should be done
with animals that harm humans.
 The only endangered species on Earth is the human species!  Nut case animal "rights"
activists, through left-wing hippie types in America's public school system, have brain-
washed American students into believing that animals should receive special consideration
even at the expense of human well-being and safety.  Animals have no rights!  They are
animals!  Another example of "our friends the animals" is shown below.
      A California couple and their 16-year-old son drowned trying to "save" their pet dog.  Is
a dog worth the lives of three human beings?  Of course not, but humans today are being
psychologically conditioned in America's school to believe that animal life is equal to human
life.  The stupid dog should have been allowed to drown, but it actually survived the insane
attempt to save the dumb dog.
      The ownership of Pit Bulls has been virtually banned in the entire country of England and
many localities in the United States because they are recognized as dangerous animals that
brutally kill many children every year.  In many comments to the above article on the Internet
some people still parroted the stupidity that Pit Bulls are "docile" and that is the owners that
are at fault.  Again, this stupidity is the fault of America's public school teachers who teach
the dangerous nonsense that animal life is equal to human life.  There are even morons who
contribute money to "Pit Bull rescue" organizations.  Americans have become completely
brainwashed by the American education system when it comes to dealing with animals.
                                                            Paul Roebling 2012