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Building One America, Marxism - Obama Style

      The Obama Administration has created a community organizing monstrosity masquerading as
a "grass roots" movement under the benign cover name of Building One America.  Stanley Kurtz
exposes the real nature of the organization and the Obama Administration flunkies running it in
his book Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities.
       Building one America is being run by Mike Kruglik, Barack Obama's boss and trainer during his
community organizing days in Chicago.  Under the guise of "saving the middle class" in the "near
suburbs" of cities, the intent is to incorporate these suburbs into the inner cities and make the tax
revenue of these suburbs available to the inner cities.  The goals of Building One America are
purposely vague because the real intent is to prevent Americans from moving to the suburbs to
avoid the crime, violence and drugs of the inner cities.  This is what Barack Obama meant when
he said it was his intention to "fundamentally change America."
      Most of these screwball hippie-freak, Marxist liberal ideas are based on the false notion that
the Americans who are successful and raise responsible children do so because they have more
"wealth" than minorities living in the inner cities of American.  The hippie-freak, Marxist liberal
solution, and Barack Obama's dumb idea, is to take money from these successful Americans and
hand it out in the inner cities.  Of course, one by-product of this theft is to buy votes for the
Democrat Party.
     Americans living in the suburbs are not successful because of their "wealth," but are successful
because of their culture.  Minority culture, especially the culture of blacks in the United States, is
self-destructive.  How much money will it take to raise the educational level of minorities when
blacks say doing well in school is called "acting white?"  What kind of culture does rap music
promote; drugs, gangs and violence. How can the single black mother with six or seven children
from five or six different men  motivate her children to do well in school, especially when the hippie-
freak, Marxist liberals reward these single mothers with more cash for every child they have?  This
is the legacy of the "Great Society" programs of the 1960s and 1970s that were supposed to
"assist" poor minorities.  Instead the hippie-freak, Marxist liberals destroyed the black families they
claimed to be helping.
     Hippie-freak Marxist liberals would say the summary above is a "racist white rant."  A respected
black journalist, Juan Williams, provided a similar summary recently in the Wall Street Journal as
shown below:
      No amount of money confiscated from middle class whites and minorities in the suburbs will
change the real cause of minority problems in the inner cities.    Minority culture will have to be
changed first, but the hippie-freak Marxist liberals claim that minority culture is just fine and even
superior to Western European culture.  The greatest enemies of minorities in the United States
are the hippie-freak Marxist liberals!
      According to Barack Obama and Building One America, the suburbs are breeding grounds for
bigotry and greed and should be eliminated by combining them with the inner cities.  Just picture
all Americans living in soviet-style concrete boxes 20 to 30 stories high.  This way people will only
be allowed to keep what they need while taking from them all they can contribute.  Sound familiar?
To each according to his need, from each according to his ability?  Do you want a family swimming
pool with your McMansion in the suburbs?  Go to the government-provided community pool
instead.  Do you want to play games on your lawn in the suburbs with your children?  Take them
to the public park instead.  Do you want to have your own automobile parked in your driveway in
the suburbs?  Take public transportation instead. This is the "fundamental change" for America
that Barack Obama and the hippie-freak, Marxist liberals have in mind for you.  The new rich will
be the members of the government apparatchik who will have dachas in the country and at Camp
David.  Back in 1957 Milovan Dilas wrote about this kind of society in his book The New Class: An
Analysis of the Communist System.
       Do you think that such a "fundamental transformation" of American society cannot happen?
It is already happening.  America's public schools, flooded with hippie-freak, Marxist liberals, are
brainwashing America's young to reject the capitalist, free enterprise system.  The emphasis is
not on personal achievement but on helping the poor, helping animals, "saving" the environment,
and worshiping Barack Obama.  The Soviet-style cult of personality has already begun.  And it
all stems from Barack Obama and his Chicago community organizer buddies.
      Washington, D.C. is now the center of "The New Class" to which Milovan Dilas referred. The 
new ruling class consists mostly of federal government employees who are members of the
Democrat Party.  As members of the Democrat Party they receive special advantages not
available to the general public.  The unemployment rate in Washington, D.C. is only 3.0%.
People working for the federal government have average salaries of $123,000 whereas the
yearly income of the average American is only $60,000.  There was no "housing crisis" in
Washington, D.C.,it is almost impossible for a federal employee to lose his job, and the pension 
the employee receives exceeds anything available to the average American.  The hippie-freak
Marxist liberal Democrats claim that all this wealth around Washington, D.C. is in the hands of
lobbyists.  Hippie-freak marxist liberal Democrats have become experts in tellng lies when all
else fails.  It is something they learned from their communist mentor Saul Alinsky, so admired by
the left-wing MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews.  Any tactic, including lying, should be used
to gain political advantage, so said Saul Alinsky.
     Stanley Kurtz wrote another book on this subject, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the
Untold Story of American Socialism.
        Barack Obama, in his own autobiography, revealed that he "sought out Marxist professors"
when he was a student at Columbia University.  He attended the Socialist Scholars Conference
in the Great Hall of Manhattan's Cooper Union on the one-hundredth anniversary of the death
of Karl Marx in 1983.  The opening remarks were delivered by Francis Fox Piven from City
University of New York (CUNY).  She had served on the National Executive Committee of
Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) in the 1980s and the conference itself was sponsored
by the DSA.
        Priven was profuse in her praise of Karl Marx, saying Marx "helped people around the globe
to make history."  With Marx's help, said Piven, "common people became historical actors, and
their history is far from over.  We must stand within the intellectual and political tradition Marx
bequeathed...yet not as a dead inheritance, but as a living tradition - the creation of thinking,
active people who shape history inspired by Marx's ideas, yet continually adjusting and adapting
those ideas to new political conditions."
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