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Being Gay Is Hereditary

      The frauds involved in psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry and the bogus practices
of "conversion" or "reparative" therapy to "cure" people of being gay are not scientists nor do
they use scientific methods.  The fact that they write their "findings" with crayons should be a
dead giveaway that these psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists are not very
intelligent or knowledgeable people.  Most of these idiots are operating from the ignorant
"findings" of the  chief idiot, Sigmund Freud, who managed to dupe the world, but especially
Americans, with his colossal mistakes about the human mind.  You can read more about the
fraud of Sigmund Freud in the section "The Real Nature of Psychology" on this website.
      When the chief author of the bogus practice of "conversion therapy" was told that one of
his early victims had been driven driven to suicide by his "therapy," the idiot replied "that the
'science' does not support people being driven to commit sucide."  What science?  These
idiots pull these ideas out of their asses.  There is no science behind "coversion therapy" or
"reparative therapy."  The real attraction is the thousands of dollars in fees these therapy
frauds are able to steal from gullible victims - usually the parents of gay children.  And of
course crazy Christian religious fanatics are willing to drive people to suicide with destructive
"conversion therapy" to "save" their "souls."  Christian religious fanatics have killed millions
with their religion in the past, so why change now?
      Some real science has been recently accomplished on this subject and published in the
Quarterly Review of Biology.  An article about this research and the full report of the research
is shown below: