How Christian Religious Fanatics Kill Gay Teenagers Part One

    This book is dedicated to the thousands of gay teenagers who have been bullied, harassed,
driven to suicide or have been beaten to death because of the hatred of gays promoted by the
fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist religions, but especially to the memory of Matthew
Shepard, the gay college student who was tied to a fence and beaten to death in rural Wyoming
in 1998, and Tyler Clementi, the 18-year-old Rutgers University student who committed suicide
by jumping off the George Washington Bridge in 2010 after being harassed for being gay by his 
dormitory roommate.
                                                                                      Tyler Clementi 1992-2010
      Fundamentalist Christian religious fanatics make gays feel so bad about themselves that they often
commit suicide.  But fundamentalist Christian religious fanatics are ignorant morons who do not realize
or want to admit that gays helped establish and create the United States.  Baron Wilhelm von Steuben
was the Chief of Staff to General Washington during the American Revolutionary War.  He was also gay.
His contribution was so great that seven American cities and four U.S. Navy ships were named after him.
      Benjamin Franklin introduced Baron von Steuben to George Washington, suggesting that this
Prussian officer could help Washington train the troops of the Revolutionary Army at Valley Forge.
Baron von Steuben provided skills to the troops that allowed them to be successful in future battles
of the Revolutionary War.  Baron von Steuben was made a general and the Chief of Staff to George
Washington.  At the end of the war Baron von Steuben was given a pension as a reward for his service
to the new American nation.  He never married or had children and he left his estate to his loyal
aides-de-camp General Benjamin Walker and William North.  There are statues of Baron von Steuben
in numerous American cities.
      The fundamentalist Christian religious fanatics who drive young gay teens to suicide are worthless,
ignorant morons when compared to great American gay heroes like Baron Wilhelm von Steuben.  These 
crazy Christian religious fanatics should be scorned by all intelligent people. 
      In the apology of Alan Chambers, president of the now-defunct Exodus International organization,
he admits that the "gay conversion therapy" that was practiced by his group caused some gays to
commit suicide.  In other words, these Christian nut cases committed murder!  Many Christian nut
cases today still continue to attempt to change gay people using various half-assed brands of amateur
psychology.  They are also murderers, for they often cause young gay teens to commit suicide!  That
is the theme of this web page...Christian religious fanatics kill gay teenagers!
Click on this link to see the interview:
      There have appeared in Russia recently crazy Christian religious fanatics who actually do kidnap,
torture and kill young teenage boys.  An article on this horrendous activity appears below.
      Most skinheads are repressed homosexuals, and the Russian skinheads mentioned above get
their sexual thrills by torture and sexually abusing the young boys they kidnap.  Studies have shown
that most people who strongly oppose homosexuality are repressed homosexuals.  The rest are
crazy Christian religious fanatics.  The fact that females are harassing the young gay Russian boy
above should come as no surprise.  Women don't like gay males because gay males don't find
women sexually attractive.  Most women can't stand such a blow to their egos.  Women mostly use
ridicule to "get even" with these gay males who have rejected them, as are the two female creeps
shown in the You Tube video above.  These criminals who are entrapping, torturing and killing gay
teenagers should be hunted down, arrested, tried and executed for crimes against humanity.  Come
to think of it, that would be the appropriate punishment for crazy Christian religious fanatics who do
the same thing in the United States, both the males and the females.
    More Victims of Crazy Christian Religious Fanatics
                   I guess the tragedy above proves that females can be mindless idiots too.
These latest victims of psychotic and ignorant Christian hate make one wonder if there might
be some way to cause crazy Christian religious fanatics to commit suicide.
Dark humor at the expense of the crazy Christian religious fanatic on the left
      The crazy and psychotic Baptist minister shown in the article above provides proof that
Christian religious fanatics cause the death of gay teens by promoting their hatred stemming
from lifelong psychological conditioning in Christian religious families.  We must lament that the
Romans were unsuccessful in completely exterminating the early Christians when they had
the chance.  Christianity is one of the most insidious crimes against humanity.
      A deranged Baptist Pastor in Maiden, North Carolina gave a sermon on May 13, 2012 in
which he suggested all gay people should be imprisoned and exterminated.  This is the kind
of hate speech that causes the death of gay teenagers.  The pastor, Charles Worley, should
be arrested, put on trial and imprisoned for such hate speech.  It is no different than the Nazis
in Germany proposing the extermination of Jews, and today in Germany you can be arrested
and imprisoned for proposing such action.  This video is proof that fanatical belief in
Christianity can cause insanity.
The psychotic pastor in the article above would have been right at home in a concentration
camp in Nazi Germany.  The article below describes how the Nazis dealt with gays when 
Adolf Hitler was in power.  Pastor Knapp should wear a swastika armband when he preaches
his hateful insanity.
It would be a mistake for any teenager to openly admit to being gay in the United States today.
Crazy Christian fanatics are still a force for evil in the United States, as can be seen from the short
articles above.  To admit to being gay is to play Russian roulette, with crazy Christian religious fanatics
holding the gun.  It would be wise to withhold any such admission until after completing high school.
     The articles above speak volumes about the stupidity of "conversion" and "reparative" therapy
and the criminals who engage in these practices.  The two articles below concern a lawsuit being
brought against a Jewish religious organization that claims to be able to "cure" gays of their
homosexuality.  Reading about their "methods" reveals that these buffoons are using a combination
of old wives tales and half-assed amateur psychology.  Only religious nuts, both Christian and Jewish,
could be so ignorant.
        The article above exposes the activities of Christian religious fanatics in America's public
schools.  These "kid evangelists" are told by the insane religious nuts who control them to harass
gay students.  The result is that these gay students often commit suicide.  The crazy Christian
adults who are manipulating these "kid evangelists" are murderers, as are the "kid evangelists"
themselves.  The Christian religion is a sickness that the world should recognize and eliminate.
      The article from England above indicates that many scientists consider fundamentalist
Christian religious beliefs to be a form of mental illness.
      Christian religious fanatics make the mistake of thinking that atheists could be made
into believers if they are just "educated" about Christian dogma.  That is what proselytizing
is all about.  Atheists have already learned about and rejected Christian dogma.  It is only
the fanaticism of Christian religious zealots that makes them think they can convince an
atheist to become a believer in the Christian superstition.
      One of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein, had the following to
say about religion in a letter to philosopher Eric Gutkind on January 3, 1954:
     "The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human
      weakness, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still primitve legends which are
      nevertheless pretty childish.  No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me)
      change this...For me the Jewish religion like all others is an incarnation of the most
      childish superstitions.  And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong and with
      whose mentality I have a deep affinity have no different quality for me than all other
      people.  As far as my experience goes, they are no better than other human groups,
      although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power.  Otherwise
      I cannot see anything 'chosen' about them."
                                                                                                 - Albert Einstein
      Tennessee State Reprsentative John Ragan is the sponsor of the legislation outlined
above that would expose gay students to harassment, beatings and even death.  John
Ragan is the kind of mentally ill creep that sends students, who have been brainwashed
into Christian religious fanaticism, into schools to harass gay students and even drive
them to suicide.  In a letter to a constituent John Ragan made it plain that he is "okay"
with gay students committing suicide. One day after the suicide of gay Tennessee teen
Philip Parker, a victim of anti-gay bullying, John Ragan addressed ant-gay bullying and
gay suicide in a letter to a constituent, part of which is quoted below.
             "The term sexual orientation is a description of feelings.  Feelings
               do not control the behavior of a mentally healthy adult human being."
              "...suicide is approximately three times more likely among homosexuals...
                do prostitutes, pedophiles, polygamists, murderers [sic], etc. commit
                suicide at the same or similar rates to homosexual behavior practitioners?"
              "Should society avoid disapproving of pedophilia, prostitution, murder, etc.,
                because practitioners of those behaviors commit suicide at higher rates?"
      John Ragan is an evil murderer of young gay students, and he admits as much by the
last line quoted above.  He wants gay students to be bullied, knowing that they might
commit suicide.  That is murder!
      An 11-year old student in Tennessee wrote an article for the Huffington Post and gave
an interview challenging the views of John Ragan.  If you have ever seen the television
show "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader," you will soon discover that John Ragan is
dumber than an 11-year-old.
                      Click on this link
                       to see the video below.
                 A longer version is here
      I get the impression that John Ragan is such a sick and twisted old man that he would
want 11-year-old Marcel Neergaard to kill himself and rid the world of another of the
homosexuals that he hates so much.  This kind of mental illness is a direct product of
brainwashing carried out by fundamentalist Christians on their young.
       It should come as no surprise that Tennessee, in the deep south, should propose a law
that could cause gay students to commit suicide or shoot up their school.  Christian religious
fanatics in the deep south are the result of inbreeding that creates the kind of retarded
individuls who become ingorant Christian religious fanatics incapabale of intelligent thought.
More research needs to be done on how to stamp out the evil Christian religion once and for
all.  If only the ancient Romans were still in charge.
      Growing up in a small town in New England in the 1950s was a cocoon-like existence upon
which the rest of the world did not intrude.  We were only five years removed from the greatest
war the United States had ever fought, yet one almost never heard this conflict mentioned in casual
conversation.  Oh, my Uncle Walter would tell a story now and then about what the war had been
like for him in Europe, but those were rare occasions.  Everyone just wanted to get on with their
comfortable 1950s lives.  Television was available from four in the afternoon until ten in the evening
for those lucky enough to have one of these new miracles with a ten-inch, black and white screen.
If you turned on the television at any other time of day you would see a test pattern, also in black
and white, accompanied by a steady tone that now reminds me of the TV screen in the Poltergeist
movie.  You knew there was something in there just waiting to leap out at you at the appropriate
time of day.
      My acquaintances at school and play had no distinguishing characteristics of ethnicity or race,
although our parents and grandparents hailed from all over Europe.  Race?  There were no other
races in our town.  As for ethnicity, that only mattered to the women who gossiped about such
things on the telephone.  It was also a time when one could say that women gossiped without
getting it in the neck from some rabid feminist who would hound you to your grave for such a
"male chauvinist" comment.  But women did gossip about this or that person saying, "Well, they
are Italian, you know," or "She married a Lithuanian guy."  But these comments were just
informational and not meant to be derogatory.  The Internet and Facebook, not having been
invented yet, the telephone was the main means of gossip, that is, when it gave the correct ring
on a line shared by others.
      Like most of my friends, I had joined the Boy Scouts and attended meetings at the local
Congregational Church, even though my parents attended church services at the Methodist
Church.  Which church you attended was of little consequence to me or my friends.  We were 
all good little atheists, as are most healthy young boys.  One must be older and fear death to start
believing in a religion that will save you from death.  There were several brands of Protestant
churches in our town, Catholic churches and at least one Jewish Synagogue.  I only guessed of
its existence because some of my friends at school were Jewish.  However, one sect was missing
from this harmonious mix.  There were no Baptist or evangelical churches in our town.  Religion
was never discussed at our Boy Scout meetings and none of my friends ever spoke a religious
word, except when swearing.  There was no bullying or harassment of other students at any of the
schools I attended - none.  I now attribute this tension-free existence, in part, to the lack of any
Baptist or evangelical churches in our town.  Extreme religious belief can be divisive, and the
brand of religion practiced by Baptists and evangelicals divides and oppresses.
      Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) once said, "If Christ were here now, there is one thing he would
not be - a Christian."  What Mark Twain meant by this remark is that modern-day Christians have
corrupted the meaning of the philosophy of the individual - real or fictional - Jesus Christ.  Many of
today's Christians have turned the Christian message of peace and love toward all men to one of
hate and murder - hatred of and murder of any individuals who do not conform to their twisted
version of the Christian message.  However, all Christians should not be painted with such a broad
brush.  Most Christians are not fanatical and extreme in their religious beliefs.  Hate and murder
spews from the fundamentalist, evangelical and "born-again" Christians.
    The following is a quote from the Introduction to the book, The Bible Made Impossible: Why
Biblicism Is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture, by Christian Smith:
          "This book addresses Christians, especially evangelicals, who believe that the Bible
            is a divine word of truth that should function as an authority for Christian faith and
            practice, and who want to espouse a coherent position that justifies and defends
            that belief.  My contention here is that the American evangelical commitment to
            'Biblicism,' which I will define and describe in detail below, is an untenable position
            that ought to be abandoned in favor of a better approach to Christian truth and
       These anti-intellectual beings, evangelical Christians, pick and choose from the Bible what to
hate and who to murder, ignoring most of the obvious nonsense that is contained in the Christian
Bible.  According to the Bible, it is a "sin" to wear clothing of mixed fibers.  That means any
Christian religious fanatic wearing clothing of wash-and-wear blends like cotton and polyester is
a sinner and will go to Hell!  Ridiculous?  Yes.  But this is one of the "laws of God" set down
thousands of years ago by ignorant and superstitious men.  Does this make evangelical
Christians ignorant and dangerous fanatics?  Yes, it does.  Oh, and anyone eating at the Red
Lobster will also go to Hell because Levituicus 10-11 says this: "And all that have not fins and
scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which
is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you.  They shall be even an abomination
unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but shall have their carcases in abomination."  Sooooo,
all you Christian religious fanatics out there can't eat lobster, clams, oysters or your favorite,
crawfish!  If you do eat these, you are going to burn in Hell as sinners.
      When Spanish explorers brought back tomato plants from Mexico in the sixteenth century,
Christian leaders at the time deemed the fruit of this new plant to be "too delicious," and therefore
a product of "Satan" or the "Devil;" an imaginary being borrowed from pagan religious belief.
Thus the eating of tomatoes became a "sin."  The potato, another import from the Americas, was
also deemed to be evil and banned by the head Christian shaman, the Pope.  This act doomed
millions to death by starvation when the heavy rains of the Little Ice Age destroyed grain crops.
Had the peasant farmers turned to potato cultivation earlier, this life-sustaining plant, protected
underground from the rains, would have saved millions had the people not been crippled by their
ignorant religious beliefs.  The eggplant brought from the Americas was also banned because of
its strange color and shape.  One can just see the ignorant Pope examining this strange new
plant, like some grunting caveman  trying to get the hang of a cell phone that had magically
appeared in his cave.  There should be some way to save the world from the ignorance of
religious belief.  Humanity is doomed as long as religion flourishes.
      In America, Protestant religious fanatics consider themselves to be "superior" to the Pope
and the Catholics who accept the Pope's position as the head shaman.  Wrong!  The evangelical
preachers one sees on television, swindling people out of their money, are just as big morons
as the Pope in Rome.  All are selling ignorance and superstition to their unbelievably gullible
minions who then go out and do harm to others in the name of Christianity.       
     These ignorant and misguided evangelical Christians do not know that there are not ten
"commandments" but hundreds of "commandments" (613) just like the prohibition about wearing
clothing of mixed fibers.  Evangelical Christians are not aware that they are living in "sin" if they
do not seek out and kill "witches."  "Thou shall not allow a witch to live" is one of those hundreds
of commandments ignored by evangelical Christians because to acknowledge belief in such
commandments would make evangelical Christians look stupid to the rest of the rational world. 
Too late, the rational world already considers evangelical Christians to be stupid.
      But even today evangelical Christians have warned their deluded followers about the Harry
Potter series of books and movies because they promote "witchcraft," demonstrating ignorant and
superstitious beliefs that rational beings find laughable.  What is not laughable is the misery and
death that Christians have caused because of their beliefs.  Millions of innocent human beings
have been killed by Christians throughout the ages, beginning with the murder of Romans
and Hebrews by the early Christian terrorists, the slaughter of Muslims and Jews during the
Crusades, the torture and killing of heretics and Jews during the Christian Inquisitions, the
murder of Protestant Christians by Catholic Christians, the murder of Catholic Christians by
Protestant Christians, the burning of "witches" that never existed except in twisted Christian
thinking, attacks on Blacks in the South in the United States, the murder of Muslims in Croatia,
Bosnia and Kosovo, and their latest hate campaign against gays that has fomented physical
and verbal attacks on gay teens in their schools, often leading these innocent teens to commit
suicide or to shoot up their school.  What makes these attacks on gay teens so surprising is that
the Christian's son of god, Jesus Christ, was most likely a homosexual.  Anyone attaining the age
of 35 or 37 - not 33 - in Hebrew society a few thousand years ago, and not married, had to be gay. 
The Christian Jesus even spoke out against marriage, a fact of which most fundamentalist,
evangelical, and Baptist Christian religious fanatics are ignorant.  
      After the attacks on the United States on 9/11, it has been said that the followers of radical
Islam are existing in a Medieval mentality.  Christian extremists, who believe that the Christian
Bible is the "absolute and guiding truth," like fundamentalist Christians, evangelical Christians
and Baptists, are existing in an ignorant and superstitious mentality that is several thousand
years old.  Because of this, fanatical Christians have left a blood-soaked trail of death and
destruction, greater than that of radical Islam, wherever their influence has been felt throughout
history, and up to this very day.
      Because fanatical Christians can no longer burn heretics, witches or Jews at the stake, 
these nut cases have seized upon a new class of victims against which to spew their hate.
Fanatical Christian ministers have brainwashed their misguided followers into hating gays as
easy targets.  This campaign of ignorance has been especially destructive to gay teenagers,
who often commit suicide after being bullied at school or are killed by ignorant morons who
have been turned into killers by fanatical Christians.  These fanatical Christians often send
brainwashed Christian students into their schools to bully and harass gay teens and atheist
teens.  Many of the school shootings in recent years can be attributed to this use of brainwashed
students to evangelize for the Christian religion in their schools, making these fanatical,
evangelical Christian ministers accessories to the murder of innocent teens.   It is time for these
fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist ministers to be put on trial for their hate speech that has
caused the killing and suicides of gay teenagers. 
      A more blatant crime committed by these fanatical Christians is what these morons call
"reparative therapy" to "cure" gay teens.  Christian reparative therapy combines the ignorance
of the Christian religion with a half-ass version of amateur psychology.  Just how criminal this
reparative therapy can be is best illustrated by a camp set up by fanatical Christians in the
Dominican Republic called "Escuela Caribe."  These Christian nut cases probably chose the
Dominican Republic to avoid the child abuse laws of the United States.  The curriculum consists
of physical and psychological child abuse to "break" the teenagers.  One of this hell camp's
psychotic directors said it was the intention of the camp to "cause pain to the teenagers to repay
the pain they have caused to others."  The camp was run by some bogus religious organization
called New Horizons Youth Ministries until they changed the name to Lifeline Family Services,
probably to avoid the bad publicity the camp was receiving for their abuse of teenagers.  The
charge for parents to imprison their child in this Christian hellhole is still $6,000 a month,
making it seem like just another money-making scam one sees in the theft by televangelists.
One crime these fanatical Christians can be charged with is kidnapping once their teenage
victims reach the age of eighteen.  A film exposing this crime and other crimes committed at
"Escuela Caribe," with the title Kidnapped for Christ, has been produced and will be released
shortly.  is where you can view a trailer
for this film.
      It is my personal opinion that anyone using the questionable technique of "reparative therapy"
should be executed for crimes against humanity.  Psychology and psychotherapy have no basis
in science and are as much a religion as fanatical, evangelical Christianity.  I refer the reader to
my section on psychology on this website.
      The following quote is from the website :
          "Life is short.  Nevertheless, billions of people invest incalculable hours making
           fruitless pleas to nonexistent gods, participating in lavish rituals with no tangible
           effects, and whittling away tight budgets to support extravagant religious
           institutions or "spiritual advisors."  Worse still, antiquated religious ideas lead
           people to impose needless hardships on themselves and others, to rationalize
           discrimination and other forms of mistreatment, and to hasten environmental
           destruction because they believe the "the end of the world" is imminent anyway.
           And for every outward manifestation of wasteful, counterproductive, and even
           downright harmful activity motivated only by religious belief, there are countless
           instances that are not so obvious."
           "Religious belief has exacted a toll on people's emotional well-being as well.
            Just how much energy has been drained searching for meaning where none is
            to be found, or has been squandered on false hopes and unwarranted fears?
            How many believers have agonized over the uncertain destination of their loved
            ones after death?  How many have struggled to discern exactly what they did to
            displease (their) god after falling victim to a natural disaster?  How many have
            been tormented trying to make sense of why (their) god allows terrible things
            to happen to good people?  In the absence of any clear revelation about what
            (their) god wants (them) to do, how many have fretted about whether their own
            actions or beliefs, or those of the people dearest to them, are enough to avoid
            hellfire?  How many of those who have lost their faith in old age have looked
            back at all the missed opportunities, the roads not taken, the life that could have
            been, had they not been born in a religious household, or had they abandoned
            religion in their younger days!  Imagine how deep the regrets must be for the
            former missionary, seminary student, or long-time minister after realizing that
            this life is probably the only life that one will ever have."
      By the time I reached high school I had read a great deal more of American history. 
One thing  that caught my attention was something written by the American revolutionary
writer Thomas Paine.  The quote is shown below:
             "Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the
              cruel and tortuous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness with which more
              than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the
              word of a demon, than that of a god.  It is a history of wickedness that has
              served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and, for my part, I sincerely detest
              it as I detest everything that is cruel."
                                                        - Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason, 1794-1795
      Once I discovered that intelligent and famous men, like Thomas Paine and Benjamin
Franklin, had expressed doubts or complete disbelief in the Christian religion, I decided to
search out other examples.  What I uncovered was amazing to me at the time.  The first
three presidents of the United States also questioned the validity Christian religion and the
Christian Bible.  George Washington escorted his wife Martha to church whenever he was at
Mount Vernon, but he never entered the church with her.  George would wait outside until the
church services were over and then escort her back to Mount Vernon.  It was obvious that
George Washington didn't want to sing Christian hymns or pretend to pray in the church
sanctuary.  A minister acquainted with George Washington said, after the death of Washington,
that George Washington was probably an atheist or, at best, a deist.
      John Adams and Thomas Jefferson exchanged letters ridiculing the Christian religion,
with Thomas Jefferson saying in one letter that the supposed "virgin birth" was a myth.  These
were intelligent and sophisticated men familiar with the destructive influence of the Christian
religion in Europe during the Inquisition.  They wanted religion to play as little part as possible
in the new country they had just founded.  However, they were also aware that religion
could be useful to pacify the population and keep people under control.  They would say things
in support of religious beliefs in public pronouncements while keeping their doubts private.
      Christian religious fanatics, like evangelical Christians, have used these public
pronouncements of the Founding Fathers to claim that they were religious men when in reality
these men were intelligent enough to scorn religious belief.  They would have regarded today's
fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist Christians as morons and idiots.
      This book will enumerate the many instances of oppression, murder, torture, genocide and
crimes against humanity committed by and in the name of Christianity.  Although fanatical
fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist Christians can no longer commit these crimes openly,
their latest target of hate and murder is gay people of all ages, making these Christian religious
fanatics and their activities an abomination to humanity. 
                       1.  My Personal Awakening.................................................................1
                       2. Christian Terrorists Murdered Hebrews and Romans...................27
                       3. Christians Murdered Jews, Muslims and Other Christians
                           During Mindless and Bloody Crusades and Pogroms...................55
                       4. Christians Murdered Heretics During the Inquisition.....................75
                       5. Catholic Christians Murdered Protestants.....................................96
                       6. Protestant Christians Murdered Catholics...................................116
                       7. Christians Murdered Witches in Europe and Salem....................125
                       8. Christians Helped the Nazis Kill Jews..........................................137
                       9. Christians Murdered Blacks in the South.....................................152
                     10. Christians Murdered Muslims in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo......
                     11. How Evangelical Christians Are Murdering Gay Teenagers.........
                                                             Chapter One
                                    My  Personal  Awakening
Page 1
    I first began to doubt the validity of the Christian religion sitting in a church pew in a Methodist
church with my parents, my brothers and, on occasion, my uncle Walter.  I was told I had also
attended Sunday school, but I have no memories of such attendance.  What I do remember is
being told by our minister that there was a "heaven" in the sky where all "good" people went when
they died.  By my early teens I had enough scientific knowledge to be certain that no such place
existed.  It was also in his early teens that Benjamin Franklin also began to disbelieve these
religious fables.  I was also told that there was a place called "hell" where all the "bad" people
went when they died.  Again, my limited scientific knowledge at the time also precluded the
possibility that there were a zillion "bad" people living under the Earth.  I was also told that
"angels" sporting wings flew about above us.  I knew enough biology and aeronautics at the time
to realize that this fable was also false.
      I began to resent being dragged to church every Sunday to waste my time listening to the
most ridiculous stories that I knew could not be true.  I knew at that early age that there was not
enough water on the entire planet to "cover the whole Earth" as told in the story of Noah and the
Flood myth.  Yet, here I was, sitting amongst adults who did believe these fables and myths. 
I was old enough to know that there was no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny and no Tooth Fairy,
yet these supposedly mature adults around me apparently did believe in similar nonsense.
      By my early teens I was an avid reader, carrying armloads of books back from the public
library on a regular basis.  I knew from reading Greek and Roman classics that the myth of
gods in the sky and demons in an underworld were pagan religious concepts that predated the
Christian religion.  The chief Greek god was Zeus (Jupiter for the Romans) who lived in the sky.
The Greek god of the underworld was Hades (Pluto for the Romans).  To believe in the
existence of a heaven in the sky and a hell in some underworld was to accept pagan religious
beliefs.  Knowing that these concepts were based in ignorance, I rejected them as a teenager.
      My reading as a teenager also made me question the Christian Flood myth.  I had already
read the same story as the Epic of Gilgamesh which had its roots going back to 2600 B.C.E.,
well before the establishment of either the Hebrew or Christian religions.  In 1849 twelve clay
tablets were found in the ruins of the library of Ashurbanipal in the ancient city of Nineveh in
modern-day Iraq.  The eleventh tablet told the story of Utnapishtim and his wife who survived
a great flood because the local god at the time favored them.  Utnapishtim was carrying out
a mission for a Sumerian king, Gilgamesh, who was having epic adventures of his own that
would later appear in modified form in the poems of Homer.  The ancient Hebrews copied this
story of Utnapishtim into their version of the Flood myth which was later included in the Old
Testament of the Christian Bible.  The point being, the Flood myth is a pagan religious belief,
just like Heaven and Hell, that Christians now believe as the "gospel truth."  They have even
gone as far as attempting to locate Noah's ship, and it is all pagan nonsense. In my later
reading I would discover that there was "a great flood" thousands of years ago.  It was
caused by the melting of ice cover at the end of the last ice age when sea levels rose
between 300 and 400 feet, but it did not "cover the whole Earth."  This "flood" has never
receded, and ancient coastal settlements are still submerged under the oceans throughout
the world.  There is even a cave in France whose only entrance is now underwater where
the paintings of primitive cavemen have been found.  Either these cavemen possessed scuba
gear or the cave entrance was once above sea level.  As it turns out, the cave entrance was
once almost a mile from the sea during the last ice age.
      When I first heard the Christian "creation" myth as a child, I assumed that this was just
a fairy tale that no one really believed.  As a teenager I read about Charles Darwin and his
theory of evolution which answered most of my questions on the subject of human origins
much better than the Christian fairy tale in Genesis of the Christian Bible.  I also knew
enough about how the Earth and the other planets, suns and galaxies were formed to
disbelieve that some mythical being in the sky had "created" the Earth and the stars.  What
the Hebrews and early Christians were believing was an ancient Sumerian myth engraved
on clay tablets thousands of years ago and now in the British Museum.  The Hebrews did not
start writing the Christian Old Testament until 900 B.C.E.(B.C.E. means Before the Current
Era), when they copied the ancient Sumerian creation myth.  There is a four-thousand-year-
old Sumerian seal, now in the British Museum, that shows a tree guarded by a serpent, flanked
by male and female figures, with the female reaching out to the tree.  The Christian "creation"
is an ignorant pagan myth that should not be taught to vulnerable children and teens.
      I decided to examine the account in Genesis more carefully to determine just how closely
the myth in the Old Testament conformed with the pagan Sumerian myth.  What I discovered
was surprising.  There are two creation myths in Genesis and they disagree with each other!
One myth is contained in Genesis 1 to Genesis 2:3 and the second myth is in Genesis 2:4 to
Genesis 3:24.  Genesis 2:4 to Genesis 3:24 is the creation myth that the Hebrews copied
from the pagan Sumerians when they first started writing the Old Testament around 900
B.C.E.  About 586 B.C.E. the Babylonians invaded and conquered the Hebrew lands and
took the Hebrew elite into exile in Babylon for about three generations.  While in captivity in
Babylon, the Hebrew elite adopted the Babylonian creation myth which differed significantly
from the Sumerian creation myth. When the Babylonians were conquered by the Persians
around 539 B.C.E., the exiled Hebrews were allowed to return to Judea.  They brought
with them the differing Babylonian creation myth that was now at odds with the Sumerian
creation myth retained by the Hebrews who had been left behind in Judea.  This conflict
was resolved by including both the original Sumerian creation myth and the Babylonian
creation myth adopted by the exiles while in captivity in Babylon.  The Babylonian creation
myth is contained in Genesis 1 to Genesis 2:3.  In this pagan Babylonian version God
"creates" the Earth in six day and rests on the seventh day because by 539 B.C.E. the
Hebrews had a Sabbath day of rest.  There is no day of rest in the Sumerian creation
myth in Genesis 2:4 to Genesis 2:24 because the Sumerians didn't have a day of rest. 
In Genesis 1 to Genesis 2:3 the plants and animals are "created" before man, and man
and woman are "created" together at the same time on the sixth day.  In Genesis 2:4 to
Genesis 2:24 man is "created" on the first day and plants and animals are brought to
Adam for naming.  Woman is then "created" after man.
      How can fanatical, fundamentalist Christians explain these conflicting accounts?  Did
their God get mixed up about what he had done?  Could it be that the "gospel truth" is
a fraud?  And here is another problem for those fanatical Christians.  If their God only
created one man and one woman, then all the humans born from these two mythical
beings must have been the product of incest between their children or between their
children and Adam and Eve.  Does the Christian religion condone incest!  And if the
psychotic God of the fanatical Christians drowned the entire population of the world 
except for Noah and his family, were all the people born from them also the products of
incest?  How can fanatical, fundamentalist, evangelical Christians explain this problem
away?  The answer is, they can't.
      The Christian religion also teaches that the Earth is only about 4,000 years old.
They came up with this date by adding up the estimated life spans of the fictional
characters in the Christian Bible.  In order for the "creation" myth to fit the false
information in the Christian Bible the age had to be in this range.  I knew from reading
books about geology and anthropology as a teenager that this age of 4,000 years was
complete nonsense.  The remains of modern humans have been found in Europe that
date back over 30,000 years, and it took millions of years for coal deposits and oil 
deposits to form from long-dead plants and animals.  It is now known as absolute fact
that the Earth is over four billion years old.  To teach young people "creationism" cripples
their intellect and is a criminal act by desperate religious fanatics.
      When I first heard of the story of a "great flood" that was supposedly sent by the
psychotic Christian God to wipe out the entire population of the Earth, except for the
fictional Noah and his family, I knew as a teenager that this story was complete nonsense
based on the ignorance fostered by the Christian religion.  Christian religious fanatics
also claim that the dinosaurs were drowned in this flood.  Really?  Why doesn't any
written record exist in the literature of the time describing dinosaurs?  They would have
been difficult to miss.  To say that dinosaurs existed less than 4,000 years ago reflects
the unbelievable ignorance and desperation of Christian religious fanatics.  Why didn't
Noah take the dinosaurs aboard the Ark with the rest of the animals if dinosaurs did
exist contemporary with modern humans?  And how did Noah get the kangaroos from
Australia and the llamas from South America to the Middle East to be placed aboard the
fictional Ark?  Then there was the "sticky" problem of bringing panda bears from China
and polar bears from the Arctic to the middle East.  These animals exist nowhere else in
the world.  Had Noah accumulated a huge number of frequent-flier miles to accomplish
this miracle?  The answer is that the Hebrew writers of the Old Testament in 900 B.C.E.
didn't even know of the existence of kangaroos, llamas, panda bears, polar bears, or
the extinct dinosaurs for that matter. 
      Even in my early teens I knew that anyone saying that humans and dinosaurs existed
at the same time had to be a complete idiot.  My reading of modern geology and
paleontology showed me that such coexistence was impossible, yet supposedly intelligent
Christians in my midst were willing to believe this nonsense.  This pursuit of studied
ignorance troubled me then and it still does to this day.  How can adults who believe in
Christian nonsense be trusted with anything important in life and society?
      When the ancient Greeks dug up the fossilized bones of extinct dinosaurs, they
assumed the bones to be those of a race of giants.  When the ancient Greeks found the 
skulls of elephants that were extinct in Greece, they believed that the large hole in the
forehead of these skulls for the elephant's trunk was the single eye socket for this race
of giants.  The ancient Greeks composed literature about this fictional race of giants with
a single eye in the middle of their foreheads which they called Cyclopes.  This is the way
myths are created.  
      Knowing that most of what is taught by the Christian religion is false, my disbelief in the
Christian religion made me a confirmed atheist while I was still in my early teens, about the
same age at which Benjamin Franklin came to this realization.  I could judge for myself
that gods were for ignorant and weak-minded individuals who feared death.
      While in high school I worked after school to earn money for college.  The summer before
I went away to college I took a second job nights at a restaurant.  While I was still seventeen
I began studying aeronautical engineering at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.
There was no religious thought given to attending SMU; it just happened to have a good
aeronautical engineering department, an Air Force ROTC program, and a famous football
team at the time.  I joined the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps at SMU so that I
could get some flying experience.  Most Saturdays I would travel with other ROTC students 
on an Air Force bus south to Harlingen Air Force Base near the Mexican border and fly on 
round-robin navigational training flights.  On most of these flights the pilots let the ROTC
students on board handle the aircraft controls and radio traffic on a rotating basis.  During
the rest of the time the ROTC students were assigned to a spare navigational station aboard
the propeller-driven, twin-engine Convair 340 aircraft.  I also took a job weekday nights at a
mail order shipping warehouse.
                                                       U.S. Air Force Convair  T-29  Navigational  Trainer 
      There was nothing religious about Southern Methodist University that I noticed except
for the name of the place.  On Sunday mornings I went off to do my laundry at the local
laundromat.  It was there that I encountered all the religious programs being broadcast
Sunday mornings on the television set in the place.  Out spewed fire and brimstone sermons
from ministers who seemed to be foaming at the mouth at times.  I had never seen such a
display of religious frenzy in my comfortable New England environs.  I came to realize that
this was the way Southern Baptists conducted themselves.  It was a disturbing picture for me
at the time; as if I had entered some foreign country populated by primitive savages.  I would
come to associate the South with ignorant and unwashed "rednecks" because of this apparent
religious fanaticism.  The hatred of gays promoted by fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist
ministers seemed to find fertile ground among the "redneck" population in particular because
of their lack of education and their non-existent sophistication.  I tended to scorn these people
at first.  Then I realized that they were no different than any other population that had been
conditioned and programmed from early childhood to a system of false beliefs.  The Hindus
of India have been taught that cows are "sacred," and fundamentalists, evangelicals, and
Baptist Christians have been taught to hate gays.  Both beliefs are primitive and ignorant but
they have been so ingrained in the respective, oppressed populations that these beliefs 
probably cannot be reversed short of giving these unfortunate, crazed people lobotomies.
I thought at the time that I would never encounter a more ignorant, ridiculous and stupid group
of people than the southern religious fanatics. 
      Then came the 1960s and the hippie/Marxist liberals who infested, first New England, and
then much of the United States, causing death and destruction with their infantile thinking through
a drug-induce haze.  I came to regard hippie/Marxist liberals to be as evil as the Nazis of Hitler's
Germany or the communist murderers in the former Soviet Union and the China of Mao Tse-tung.
They are, and will always remain, the scum of humanity.
                                              Chapter Two
                                Christian Terrorists  Murdered
                                      Hebrews and Romans
      Christian ministers promote the idea that Christianity has a unique message that will
save the believer from death.  Buzzzzzz!  Wrong!  Christianity was cobbled together from
just about every pagan religion that ever came down the pike.  The following quote is
from volume three, page-595 of Caesar and Christ: The History of Roman Civilization and
Christianity from their beginnings to C.E. 325 of historian Will Durant's eleven volume work
The Story of Civilization:
                 "Christianity did not destroy paganism, it adopted it.  The Greek mind,
                  dying, came to a transmigrated life in the theology and liturgy of the
                  Christian Church; the Greek language, having reigned for centuries
                  over philosophy, became the vehicle of Christian literature and ritual;
                  the Greek mysteries passed down into the impressive mystery of the
                  Mass.  Other pagan cultures contributed to the syncretistic result. 
                  From Egypt came the idea of a divine trinity, the Last Judgment, and
                  a personal immortality of reward and punishment; from Egypt the
                  adoration of Mother and Child, the mystic theosophy that made Neo-
                  Platonism and Gnosticism, and obscured the Christian creed; there to,
                  Christian monasticism would find its exemplars and its source.  From
                  Phrygia came the worship of the Great Mother; from Dionysus, the
                  dying and saving god.  From Persia millenarianism, the 'ages of the
                  world,' the 'final conflagration,' the dualism of Satan and God, of
                  Darkness and Light; already in the Fourth Gospel Christ is the 'Light
                  shining in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.'  The
                  Mithraic ritual (of the pagan sun god Mithras) so closely resembled
                  the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass that Christian fathers charged
                  the Devil with inventing these similarities to mislead frail minds.
                  Christianity was the last great creation of the ancient pagan world."
     What noted historian Will Durant was saying is that the character Jesus Christ probably
never existed; that the character was created from various pagan religious sources over
hundreds if not thousands of years.  Here is a summary of the Christ myth theories:
      There is no physical evidence that the Christ character ever existed, but there is a great deal
of evidence that Christianity was probably derived from a series of pagan religious beliefs.  The
Isis and Horus statues as "Mother and Child" shown below are examples from pagan Egyptian
       In pagan Egyptian religious belief Isis was the already-ancient "Mother Goddess" of fertility.
She would become the Mary of "Mother and Child" in the Christian religion.  She is nursing Horus
in the statues shown above.  Horus was the "king" figure in pagan Egyptian religion, and the
Pharaoh was the "living king" to be worshiped as a god.  Horus could have become Jesus Christ
in the Christian religion; being the son of the Mother Goddess.  Osiris was the husband of Isis and 
could have become the Joseph of the Christian religion, however in Christianity the story gets
switched around when Isis "resurrects" Osiris instead of Horus.  Then Osiris, not Horus, becomes
the life-death-rebirth deity.  These were pagan religious beliefs floating about in the Middle East
long before either Judaism or Christianity were invented, but here we already see the Mother
Goddess and the resurrection myth for the life-death-rebirth deity that would become the Christian
      Although the pagan borrowings for the Christian religion were numerous, Christianity was taken
almost completely from the pagan Zoroastrian religion of ancient Persia.  In ancient times people
tended to adopt gods that seemed to be more powerful than their own god.  When the Hebrews
were conquered by the Babylonians around 587 B.C.E., the Hebrews taken into exile in Babylon
adopted the Babylonian creation myth because the Babylonian god must have been more powerful
than the Hebrew god.  When the Persians conquered the Babylonians around 539 B.C.E. and
allowed the exiled Hebrews to return to Judea, some of the returning Hebrew exiles adopted the
Zoroastrian religion of Persia because the Persian god must have been more powerful than the
Babylonian god and the old Hebrew god as well.
      These Hebrews, returning from exile in Babylon with the pagan Zoroastrian god of ancient 
Persia, would come to invent the Christian religion from a blending of the Zoroastrian religion and
the Hebrew religion in the same way that some returning Hebrews insisted that the Babylonian
creation myth be included in Genesis along with the ancient Sumerian creation myth.  However,
the Hebrews had probably been borrowing religious dogma from the pagan Persians for many
centuries.  Zoroastrianism has its roots going back to 1500 B.C.E. or earlier.  The Hebrews did
not start writing the Old Testament until around 900 B.C.E. The idea of an apocalypse in Hebrew
scripture was inspired from Zoroastrianism.  Angels were also a pagan Zoroastrian concept.
This can be demonstrated today by the many winged creatures that can be seen even today
in Persian sculptures.  The reproduction below is of the Persian ruler Cyrus the Great, sporting
"angel's wings," in the Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia.  It was Cyrus the Great who conquered
the Babylonians and allowed the Hebrew elite to return to Judea.
      The Hebrews who had come to believe in some aspects of the Zoroastrian religion came into
conflict with the Hebrew priests at the Temple in Jerusalem.  These Zoroastrian converts decided
to establish a separate community on the shore of the Dead Sea at Qumran.  While there the
Zoroastrian converts transcribed copies of the books of the Hebrew Old Testament and also
created scrolls with Zoroastrian teachings.  Only men were allowed to be at Qumran.  No women
or children resided there.  These men are often referred to as the people of the Dead Sea Scrolls
or the Essenes.  What is significant is that their Zoroastrian writings bear a striking resemblance
to some of the Christian scriptures in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.  Just like today's
Christians, the Zoroastrians believed that there would be an apocalypse that would usher in a
"Kingdom of God."  In this conflict, foretold in the War Scroll of the Essenes, the forces of
"Light," (the Zoroastrian god Ahur Mazda), would defeat the forces of "Darkness" (Angra 
Mainyu, the Zoroastrian Satan).  This same pagan belief is written in the Book of Revelation
in the Christian Bible, and it is all ignorant pagan nonsense taken directly from the pagan
Zoroastrian religion of ancient Persia.
      Millenarianism, the notion that there were one-thousand-year ages of man, during which
the apocalypse or Armageddon was supposed to occur was also taken from the pagan
Zoroastrian religion of ancient Persia by the first Christians.  Once, while I was living in the
South, I had a conversation with the mailman who was delivery my mail late in the year 2000.
There was some of the usual small talk about the unusual weather we had been experiencing,
to which the mailman replied, "Well, you know who is coming."  This comment told me that
the mailman believed that the world would end and the Jesus Christ character would appear
in the year 2000.  He spoke almost cheerfully at the prospect that the Earth and all the people
on it might be destroyed.  It was troubling to realize that people as disturbed as the mailman
existed.  I was sure that he would commit almost any crime against humanity that his religion
      The stage was set for the appearance of the Jesus Christ character on the scene.  The
notion of a "virgin birth," for the Christian Jesus was hardly unique.  Pagan gods had been
impregnating humans for centuries.  The pagan Greek god Zeus was the most prolific
impregnator of the ancient world.  The offspring from these godly romps usually possessed
both human and god-like qualities, as did the Christian Jesus - so say the inventors of the
Christian religion.
       It is thought by many scholars that the Christian Jesus Christ might have actually been
a man  from the Essenes at Qumran whom they called "The Teacher of Righteousness." 
There is also some evidence that John the Baptist resided for a time with the Essenes at
Qumran.  There were pools at Qumran that the Essenes used for "purification," not unlike
the full-immersion baptisms performed by the Baptists of today.
      There was one other Persian influence that the Hebrews returning from exile in Babylon
might have brought back to Judea with them; Persian Mithraism.  The followers of the
Persian god Mithras were referred to as "The Soldiers of Mithras," and the early Christians
referred to themselves as "The Soldiers of Christ."  Mithraism had much in common with
Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Mithraism had as its chief god Sol and
Mithras as a prophet.  Zoroastrianism had as its chief god Ahur Mazda and Zoroaster as a
prophet.  Christianity has the same chief god as the Hebrews, but the Christians have the
Jesus Christ character as their prophet/god, whereas the Hebrews have had many prophets
over the years, but none that they have worshiped as a god.  Muslims also have the same
god as the Hebrews and the Christians and their chief prophet is Mohammed.  It is quite
easy to assume that these similar religious structures all had the same source and that
source was the pagan Zoroastrian religion of ancient Persia.
       The Christian religion borrowed from the pagan Zoroastrian religion and pagan Mithraism
in more ways than previously mentioned.  The halo one sees above the heads of Christian
religious figures was taken from a similar treatment for the sun god Sol in pagan Mithraism.
The relief below, found in Persia and now in the Louver in Paris, the  shows Sol with his halo
accompanied by Mithras at a banquet.
      The "rebirth" of the sun god Sol occurred every December 25th, the time of the winter
solstice when the sun reaches its lowest point on the horizon and begins its climb higher in the
sky again.  By the year 300 C.E. Mithraism had become the official religion of the Roman
Empire, and December 25th was a day of celebration throughout the empire.  In order to take
advantage of this date and attract the followers of Mithras to the Christian religion, Christians
changed the date of the birth of the Christ character from January 6th to December 25th.  They
also copied the ritual used to worship Mithras and made it the Christian Mass, as Will Durant
said in his listing of all the borrowings from pagan religion by Christianity.  One wonders what
fundamentalists, evangelicals and Baptists would think if they were intelligent enough to know
that they were worshiping the birth of the pagan sun god Sol on December 25th.
      Not to worry.  Christian religious fanatics have more about which to be concerned than that. 
In the fiction of the Christian New Testament it says that three Magi followed a star from the
East that would lead them to the "King of the Jews" that had been born in Bethlehem.  Surprise,
surprise, Magi were priests of the Zoroastrian religion; look up the word Magi in any dictionary.
In order to cover up this pagan connection, later Christian leaders rewrote the Bible to say that
"three kings" or "three wise men" had arrived from the East.
      The Zoroastrian priests, the Magi, as the fictional story goes, stopped off to ask the King
of Judea, Herod, where they might find the new "King of the Jews" that had just been born.
The fiction continues as Herod sends out men to kill all the new-born babies in Bethlehem
to protect his position as king.  This story presents another problem.  King Herod died in 4
B.C.E., four years before the supposed birth of the Christian Jesus Christ character.  That
would make the Christ character 37 years old and not 33 at the time of his death. The problem
with writing historical fiction, like the Christian New Testament, is that it is difficult to keep the
story straight and in line with real historical events.
      The fact that the Jesus Christ character was 37 years old and unmarried at the time of his
death doesn't seem to bother Christian religious fanatics.  At the time, in Judea, almost all men
were married and had children.  Was the Christian Jesus a homosexual or a member of the
Essenes community at Qumran that consisted exclusively of unmarried men?  Zoroaster of
the pagan Zoroastrian religion was married, had children and lived to the ripe old age of 70,
so remaining unmarried was not a Zoroastrian trait.  The Christian Jesus is even made to
speak out against marriage in the Gospel of Luke.  The following is from Luke 20:34-36, "And
Jesus said to them, 'The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage; but those who
are accounted worthy to attain that age and to the resurrection from the dead neither marry
nor are given in marriage, for they cannot die any more, because they are equal to the angels
and are the sons of God, being sons of the resurrection'."  You will never hear this passage
read out loud in any Christian church because the ministers would be at a loss to explain its
meaning, and most Christian religious fanatics are such ignorant sheep that they are probably
not even aware of its existence.  One possible explanation for this diatribe against marriage
is that the early Christians believed that the world would end in their lifetime with the second
coming of Jesus Christ and the apocalypse.  Why get married and have children if the world
is to end shortly?
      The Romans believed in freedom of religion as long as one's religious practices did not
harm Roman society.  However, the Hebrews and early Christians were intolerant of all other
religions.  There were many instances where the Hebrews slaughtered people who did not
believe in the Hebrew religion.  The following is from page 515-516 of The History of the
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Penguin edition: "From the reign of Nero to that of
Antoninus Pius, the Jews discovered a fierce impatience of the domination of Rome, which
repeatedly broke out in the most furious massacres and insurrections.  Humanity is shocked
at the recital of the horrid cruelties which they (the Hebrews) committed in the cities of Egypt,
of Cyprus and of Cyrene, where they dwelt in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting
natives; and we are tempted to applaud the severe retaliation which was exercised by the 
arms of the legions against a race of fanatics, whose dire and credulous superstition seemed
to render them the implacable enemies, not only of the Roman government, but of
humankind."  One could, with some justification, level the same charge against today's
fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist religious fanatics.
      Far from being peace-loving, the Christian Jesus also encouraged murder and anarchy.
The following from Luke 12:49-53 makes the Christian Jesus say, "I came to cast fire upon 
the earth; and would that it were already kindled...Do you think that I have come to give
peace to the earth?  No, I tell you, but rather division; for henceforth in one house there will
be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter
against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against her
mother-in-law."  These are the words of a madman, and they reveal that, like the Hebrews,
the early Christians were willing to do violence against people who did not believe in their
new religion, even if they were in the same family.
      When Alexander the Great conquered Judea in 334 B.C.E., he brought with him Greek
culture and Greek settlers.  Then, in 63 B.C.E., the Romans occupied Judea and introduced
Roman culture and Roman settlers.  Both influences were more modern and less fanatical
than the cultures of the Hebrews and the early Christians.  Bands of Hebrew Zealots, called
dagger-men (Sicarii), operated as religious terrorists in Judea to oppose this "polluting" of
Hebrew and Christian culture in the same way that the Islamic religious fanatics of today
are opposing the intrusion of modern society into the backward Islamic world.  Bruce
Lawrence has written an excellent account of this clash of cultures, ancient and modern,
in his book Defenders of God: The Fundamentalist Revolt Against the Modern Age in which
fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist Christianity are also examined.
      There is some evidence that the Christian Jesus was a leader of these Zealots, attacking
and killing Greeks and Romans and Hebrews who had accepted Greek and Roman cultural
influences.  That would make the Christian Jesus a terrorist in the eyes of both the Romans
and the Hebrews.  The occupation of the Temple in Jerusalem by Jesus and his large band
of armed terrorists, as recorded in the Christian Bible, reveals the true nature of this incident.
It was not a bearded Jesus in flowing robes single-handedly overturning the table of the
money-changers as depicted in the Christian New Testament.  The Temple in Jerusalem
was a huge complex with its own guards.  It functioned as a commercial center and a center
for the Hebrew theocracy operating under the Romans in which the government and religion
were closely connected.  One could not simply walk in alone and disrupt these functions as
deluded Christian are so often told.  The attack by the Christian Jesus on the Temple in
Jerusalem was actually an armed takeover of the vast Temple complex by a large number
of Christian religious terrorists.  Jesus did not act alone, and the Christian Bible even
describes this armed attack.  The following is from Mark 14:47 of the New English Bible:
"One of our party drew his sword and struck at the high priest's servant, cutting off his ear."
Luke 22:36 says: "Then he (Jesus) said unto them, 'But he that hath a purse, let him take it
and likewise his script; and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garments, and buy one'."
Luke 22:38 says: "And they said, 'Lord, behold, here are two swords,' and he said to them,
'it is enough'."  And Luke 22:49 asks: "Lord, shall we use our swords?" 
And finally Mark 14:49 says that the Christian Jesus and his armed terrorists held the
Temple "day after day."  The fact that the Christian Jesus and his armed terrorists were
able to hold the Temple "day after day" despite the presence of a cohort of Roman troops
of 800 men just outside the Temple walls indicates that they were a very large group of
armed terrorists.
      A rational person must conclude that fanatical Christians read their Bible without the
least comprehension of what they have just read.  It is just like the two conflicting versions
of a "creation" in the Book of Genesis.  The Christian robots mouth the words as if they
were some wisdom from on high when it is all a bunch of ignorant nonsense.  This is
cult-like behavior pure and simple.
      In 4 B.C.E. Simon of Pyria was declared to be the messiah and led an armed revolt
against the Romans.  The Romans put down the revolt and executed Simon of Pyria.
A stone tablet, called the Jeselsohn stone or the Gabriel resurrection stone, discovered
in Israel, tells of the revolt.  More importantly, on line 80 of the stone it commands the
executed Simon of Pyria to "rise on the third day."  It is possible that the story of the
Christian Jesus was copied from the actual revolt by Simon of Pyria in 4 B.C.E.  The
Roman historian Josephus recorded the story of Simon of Pyria, for which there is also
physical evidence, but there is no physical evidence that the Christian Jesus ever existed.
      The Jeselsohn stone was found on the shore of the Dead Sea near where the Essenes
of the Dead Sea Scrolls had their compound.  The writing on the stone was in ink similar
to that of the Dead Sea Scrolls, reinforcing the belief that the Christian Jesus had an
association with these followers of the pagan Zoroastrian religion, that is, if he existed at all.
The Hebrews had a tradition of attributing continuing "miracles" to new "prophets" as a way
to verify that prophet's authenticity.  Thus the Hebrew "prophet" raised people from the dead
before the Christian Jesus (1 Kings 17:19-24), as did the Hebrew "prophet" Elisha (2 Kings
4:18-37).  Elijah was even predicted to "return to the Earth" to usher in the apocalypse in
the Book of Malachi.  Elijah also "ascended into heaven" in 2 Kings 2.  The Christian Jesus
was made to duplicate all these "miracles" to prove that he is the new "messiah."  Of course,
this is all mythology but real for those willing to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and
the tooth fairy.
       One "miracle" performed by the Hebrew "prophet" Elisha that is never mentioned in
fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist churches is also found in the Book of Kings. 2 Kings
2:23 says this: "And he (Elisha) went up from Bethel; and as he was going by the way, there
came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him. Go up thou
bald head."  The "prophet" Elisha responded to this insult from little children in 2 Kings 2:24
which says: "And he (Elisha) turned back, looked on them, and cursed them in the name of
the Lord.  And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and ATE forty and two of
the children."
       The purpose of this Hebrew/Christian tale of horror was to show the power of the
Hebrew/Christian god and make people live in fear of this psychotic, demon god as it was
described by the Revolutionary War writer Thomas Paine.  No, you won't hear this in any
fundamentalist, evangelical or Baptist church sermon because it would make the minister
and the sheep sitting in the pews look crazy, which they are for believing in such a monster
       The uncritical fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist readers of the Christian Bible also
seem to have missed the calls for believers in the Hebrew/Christian god to sacrifice their
firstborn children by burning them alive.  Exodus 13:2 says this: "Consecrate to me every
firstborn male.  The first offspring of every womb among the Israelites belongs to me,
whether man or animal."  And Numbers 3:13 says this: "For all the firstborn are mine.  When
I struck down all the firstborn of Egypt, I set apart for myself every firstborn in Israel, whether
man or animal.  They are to be mine.  I am the Lord."  The Christian New Testament also
contains these calls for the sacrifice of firstborn children in Luke 2:23, "Every firstborn male
is to be consecrated to the Lord."  This is the evil demon god that the Revolutionary War
writer Thomas Paine railed about who goes about slaughtering innocent children.  Idiot
fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist readers of the Christian Bible read these words and
nod their heads approvingly like robotic, evil morons.
      The Hebrews in Judea and Israel were Semitic people like the Canaanites and others in
the area like the Ugarit people.  Proverbs 9 is almost identical to an Ugarit text on the same
subject.  The Ugarit people also had a Legend of Daniel long before the Hebrews began to
invent their own mythology.  The chief god of the Ugarit people was El which became the
Elohim of the Hebrews.  Much of the Old Testament was copied from the pagan Ugarit
religion, including the gods Baal and Molech which required the sacrifice of all firstborn
children by burning them alive.  Evidence of ritual human sacrifice in the Hebrew/Christian
Bible can be found today by those willing to look.
      If fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist nut cases are going to follow exactly what is
taught by the Hebrew/Christian Bible, hen they should be sacrificing their firstborn children
by burning them alive.  The story of the Hebrew/Christian god telling Abraham that he
doesn't have to sacrifice Isaac after all is evidence that human sacrifice to the pagan gods
Baal and Molech was part of the Hebrew/Christian religion.  The Hebrews tried to sanitize
their "holly scriptures" by saying that human sacrifices were now banned.  We have this
in 2 Kings 23:10: "Josiah also made Topheth in the valley of Ben Hinnom unclean so that
people would never again sacrifice their sons or daughters by burning them to the god
Molech."  Toph means drum in Hebrew.  During the human sacrifice ceremony, the
Topheth drums were beaten loudly so that the parents would not hear the screams of
their child as it was burned alive.  Nice people these Hebrew/Christians.  The last people
practicing human sacrifice to the gods Baal and Molech were the people of Carthage,
which the Romans rightly exterminated.  If the Romans can be faulted for anything it is
that they didn't also exterminate the early Christians who would commit countless crimes
against humanity during the two thousand years they have been allowed to exist.
      There is evidence the Hebrews followed the Hyksos people into Egypt when they
occupied the northern part of Egypt.  Later, when the Egyptians reconquered northern
Egypt, they drove the Hebrews out because at the time they were still performing human
sacrifices by burning children alive.  Moses was an Egyptian priest trying to convert the
Hebrews to monotheism and stop the practice of human sacrifice.  Moses is an Egyptian
name.  The story of the Hebrews being led out of slavery in Egypt is pure fiction meant
to sanitize the real reason the Egyptians drove them out.
      This background information has been provided to show that much of what appears
in the Hebrew/Christian Bible is false and purposely meant to deceive.  In no place is this
more so than in the fiction about the Jesus Christ character and the early Christians.  From
adopting part of the pagan Zoroastrian religion, the early Christians believed that the world
would end in their lifetime with the "return" of the Jesus Christ figure.  These early
Christians abandoned their children and spouses and went off to pray to "save their souls"
before the world ended.  Some tried to avoid the turmoil of the coming apocalypse by
committing suicide until suicide was made a "sin" by the church leaders.  Then some early
Christians got the idea of having the Romans kill them so that they would become martyrs
and go directly to "heaven," as Islamic religious extremists believe today.  There is also
evidence that these early Christians did actually set fire to the city of Rome to hasten the
"second-coming" of the Jesus Christ figure.  Nero was innocent, and the Christians were
justly punished.  It is just too bad that Nero didn't exterminate all the Christians for the good
of humanity.
      Contrary to later Christian propaganda, these early Christians begged the Romans to
kill them so that they could become martyrs and go directly to heaven.  Some of these
attempts by early Christian to force the Romans to kill them have been recorded by
independent historical sources.  Edward Gibbon provides a good account of how early
Christians tried to force the Romans to kill them in his work The History of the Decline and
Fall of the Roman Empire.  The following is a quote from page 547 of the 1994 Penguin
Press edition:  "The behavior of the Christians was too remarkable to escape the notice
of ancient philosophers; but they seem to have considered it with much less admiration
than astonishment.  Incapable of conceiving the motive which sometimes transported the
fortitude of believers beyond the bounds of prudence and reason, they treated such an
eagerness to die as a strange result of obstinate despair, of stupid insensibility, or
superstitious phrenzy. 'Unhappy men,' exclaimed the proconsul Antoninus to the Christians
in Asia, 'Unhappy men, if you are thus weary of your lives, is it so difficult for you to find
ropes and precipices'?"  Proconsul Antoninus was telling the Christians to go kill
themselves if that was what they wanted and stop wasting the time of the Roman courts.
      The author Candida Moss does an excellent job of exposing the fact that the early
Christians deliberately violated Roman laws that would get them executed as "martyrs."
The book by Candida Moss is The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented
a Story of Martyrdom.
      When the Roman courts wouldn't sentence all the early Christians to death, these
Christian fanatics would accost Roman citizens and demand that the Romans kill them
so that they could become "martyrs" and go directly to "heaven" and avoid the "end of the
world" that these morons thought was imminent.  If the Roman citizens refused to kill these
Christian nut cases, then the Christians would kill the Romans.
        With or without their mythical Jesus, the early Christians were the religious terrorists
of the Roman world who deserved to be hunted down and exterminated.  After over two
thousand years, the character of Christian religious fanatics has changed little.  They do
not deserve to exist.
Page 55
                                                            Chapter Three
                         Christians Murdered Jews, Muslims and 
                           Other Christians During Mindless and
                               Bloody Crusades and Pogroms
        In 313 C.E. the Roman emperor Constantine granted legal status to the Christian
religion; meaning its status was made equal to all the other pagan religions being practiced at
the time.  It was not until the Edict of Thessalonica in 380 C.E. that Christianity was made the
official religion of the Roman Empire.  These two actions would doom the Roman Empire to
destruction and usher in the Dark Ages of Christianity with all its ignorance, superstition,
intolerance, barbarity, genocide, cruelty, warfare, filth and disease.
      Had the Romans been able to exterminate the Christian religion, humans would probably
now have colonies on Mars and be exploring other solar systems.  Most diseases would have
been cured and warfare eliminated under a form of world government.  Within the Roman
Empire there was no warfare.  This era of peace was called the Pax Romana.  Rather than
defending this hard-won peace, Christians turned to prayer whenever barbarian invasions
threatened the Roman Empire.  Christian leaders paid bribes to the invading barbarians and
even turned over male Roman children to be castrated and turned into eunuchs for African
      Christians burned all books they considered to be "pagan," losing most of the technical
and scientific knowledge of the Romans.  It would be centuries before humans would know
how to make and use something as simple as concrete.  The lack of sanitation and clean
water systems perfected by the Romans would doom millions to death from disease during
the Christian Dark Ages.  Christian religious fanatics glorify in the rise of the ignorant and
superstitious Christian religion from the ashes of the Roman Empire.  In reality, Christianity
was a filthy stain on the history of humanity, and it has yet to be expunged.
      As the year 1000 C.E. approached, ignorant and superstitious Christians prepared for 
what they expected would be Armageddon (the end of the world and the "second-coming" of
their supposed "messiah").  Embarrassed Christian apologists claim the no such preparations
occurred, but they lie on this subject as they do about so many stupid things done by Christian
religious fanatics.  Of course, the world did not end in 1000 C.E. - or 2000 C.E. - but Christian
religious fanatics have been so brainwashed and psychologically programmed by their bogus
religion that no amount of rational thinking will ever penetrate their tiny brains.
      The kind of fanatical barbarity spawned by Christianity was exhibited for all intelligent
beings to see during the "Crusades" that began in 1096 C.E.  As a warm up for this genocide,
Christian crusaders massacred Jews in Germany and France before setting off to slaughter
Christians in Bohemia, and Jews and Muslims in Asia Minor and the Middle East from 1096
C.E. to 1099 C.E.  This First Crusade consisted of two contingents; a lightly-armed army of
peasants and a more robust but smaller group of heavily-armed knights.  The peasant 
crusaders pillaged and raped their way through Bohemia, killing many Christians during
their barbaric rampage.  Authorities in Hungary quickly facilitated the passage of this unruly
mob across the Bosporus and into Anatolia where the Turks wiped out these Christian
criminals to the last man.  The armed crusader knights had better success and occupied
Jerusalem in 1099 C.E., butchering most of the Jewish and Muslim inhabitants of the city. 
This is in striking contrast to the Muslim reoccupation of Jerusalem many years later in which
no civilian inhabitants of the city were harmed.
      In the 1950s English historian Sir Richard Runciman said this of the Crusades: "High
ideals were besmirched by cruelty and greed...the Holy War was nothing more than a long
act of intolerance in the name of God."  It is fashionable for fundamentalist, evangelical and
Baptist Christians to invoke the name of their god whenever committing their crimes against
humanity, but it is all about intolerance.  The early Christians, unlike the Romans, did not
believe in freedom of religion, so they came into conflict with Roman authorities who did an
incomplete job of exterminating these Christian religious fanatics.  That failure would doom
the human race to centuries of religious barbarity, genocide, religious warfare, torture and
murder at the hands of fanatical Christians.
      Christian religious fanatics did not confine their murderous crusader activities to the
"Holy Land" and the slaughter of Muslims and Jews living there.  An anticlerical movement
arose in Europe toward the end of the twelfth century that clashed with the royal lifestyles
of the Catholic Pope, bishops and priests.  The Franciscan Order grew out of this belief that
priests should take a vow of poverty.  The Cathar Christians in southern France were the
most powerful sect of this movement to curb the excessive greed of the clergy and relax the
rules of belief in the Christian creed.  In 1198 C.E. Pope Innocent III wrote to the archbishop
of Auch in Gascony concerning this Cathar heresy.  The following is a quote from that letter
as it appears on page 773 to 774 in The Age of Faith: A History of Medieval Civilization from
Constantine to Dante, 325-1300 C.E., Volume 4, The Story of Civilization, by Will Durant:
        "The little boat of St. Peter is beaten by many storms and tossed about on the sea.
         But it grieves me most of all that...there are now arising, more unrestrained and
         injuriously than ever before, ministers of diabolical error who are ensnaring the
         souls of the simple.  With their superstitions and false inventions they are
         perverting the meaning of the Holy Scriptures and trying to destroy the unity of
         the Catholic Church.  Since...this pestilential error is growing in Gascony and the
         neighboring territories, we wish you and your fellow bishops to resist it with all
         your might... We give you a strict command that, by whatever means you can, 
         you destroy these heresies, and repel from your diocese all who are polluted by 
         them... If necessary, you may cause the princes and people to suppress them
         with the sword.
      Here we have the Pope giving license to slaughter innocent people who do not follow
the strict dogma set forth by the Catholic Church.  This twisted and hateful thinking would
usher in hundreds of years of genocide, torture and murder at the hand of the Christian
religion in new "Crusades," inquisitions and pogroms.  The most shocking of this unique
Christian madness would be revealed in the Albigensian Crusade that lasted from 1209
to 1218 C.E.  The following quote is from page 774 to 775 in The Age of Faith:A History of
Medieval Civilization from Constantine to Dante, 325-1300 C.E., Volume 4, The Story of
Civilization, by Will Durant:
         "Most of the population of Languedoc, nobles and commoners alike, resisted the
          crusaders, seeing in the attack of northern barons and soldiers of fortune an
          attempt to seize their lands under cover of religious zeal; even the orthodox
          Christians of the south fought the invasion from the north.  When the crusaders
          approached Béziers they offered to spare it the horrors of war if it would surrender
          all heretics listed by its bishop; the city leaders refused, saying they would rather
          stand siege til they should be reduced to eating their children.  The crusaders
          scaled the walls, captured the town and slew 20,000 men, women and children
          in an indiscriminate massacre, even those who had sought  asylum in the church.
          ...when Arnaud, the papal legate, was asked should Catholics be spared, he
          answered, "Kill them all, for God knows His own."
      The crusade against the Cathar "heretics" continued until 1218, depopulating much
of southern France.  The Albigenian Crusade demonstrated the insanity of the Christian
religion for all to see.
                                                         Chapter  Four
                               Christians Murdered Heretics
                                    During the Inquisitions
      Murder is the premeditated and unjustified killing of an individual and a crime in any
civilized society.  In ordering, sanctioning and authorizing the killing of innocent human
beings the Christian religion enters history as a barbarian institution that should be held
in contempt by all thinking individuals.  Christian religious fanatics attempted to avoid
the deserved scorn of humanity by fabricating "crimes" of which their victims might be
      Jews were accused of being "responsible for Christ's death" and thus "guilty" by the
crazed Christians who came to power during the Christian Dark Ages, in which some
say we still exist because of the destructive nature of the Christian religion even to this
very day.  As has been previously mentioned in this book, the Jesus Christ figure was
justifiably executed by the Romans as the leader of a band of armed terrorists.  The
New Testament is human invention and pure fiction on this subject.  The first Christians
tried to blame the Jews and not the Romans so that their new religion could exist within
the Roman Empire.  Those who promote this guilt of the Jews can only be considered
as crazy and psychotic monsters, and their actions against the Jews, both today and in
the past, prove their insanity.  It is the same kind of insanity that leads modern Baptist,
fundamentalist and evangelical Christian ministers to cause the death of innocent gay
      The website provides an overview
of 2,000 years of Jewish persecution at the hands of crazy Christian religious fanatics.
What these ignorant and mindless Christian monsters did will turn the stomachs of any
feeling human beings.  Crazy Christian religious fanatics will just nod their heads and
mumble that it was probably "God's work" to punish the Jews.  Pope Pius XII refused
to condemn the Nazi genocide of the Jews during the Second World War just in case
it was "God's punishment" of the Jews.  This was the height of insanity but typical of
the thinking of crazy Christian religious fanatics even today as they persecute gays.
In many ways, belief in Christianity equals insanity.  Listed below is a chronology of
persecution of Jews from the Religious Tolerance website:
1205  Pope Innocent III wrote to the archbishops of Sens and Paris that "the Jews by
by their own guilt, are consigned to perpetual servitude because they crucified the Lord
...As slaves rejected by God, in whose death they wickedly conspired, they shall by the
effect of this very action, recognize themselves as slaves of those whom Christ's death
set free...
            Note: Pope Innocent III was the Christian maniac who ordered up the
            Albigensian Crusade that slaughtered thousands of Cathar men, women
            and children in southern France.  He was one of the many Hitlers spawned
            out of the incipient hate of the Christian religion in the past and to this very
            day in the form of psychotic Christian ministers.
1215 The Fourth Lateran Council approved canon laws requiring that "Jews and Muslims
shall wear special dress."  They also had to wear a badge in the form of a ring.  This
was to enable them to be easily distinguished from Christians.  This practice later spread
to other countries.
1227 The Synod of Narbonne required Jews to wear an oval badge.  This requirement
was reinstalled during the 1930s by Adolf Hitler, who changed to badge to a Star of
1229 The Spanish Inquisition starts.  Later, in 1252, Pope Innocent IV authorizes the
use of torture by the Inquisitors.
1236 Pope Gregory ordered that church leaders in England, France, Portugal and
Spain confiscate Jewish books on the first Saturday of Lent.
1259 A "synod of the archdiocese in Mainz (Germany) orders Jews to wear yellow
1261 Duke Henry III of Brabant, Belgium, in his will stated that "Jews must be expelled
from Brabant and totally annihilated so that not a single one remains, except those
who are willing to trade, like all other tradesmen, without money-lending and usury."
1267 The Synod of Vienna ordered Jews to wear horned hats.  Thomas Aquinas said
that Jews should live in perpetual servitude.
1290 Jews are exiled from England.  About 16,000 left the country.
1298 Jews are persecuted in Austria, Bavaria and Franconia.  140 Jewish communities
were destroyed; more than 100,000 Jews were killed over a 6 month period.
1306 100,000 Jews are exiled from France.  They left with only the clothes on their
backs, and food for only one day.
1320 40,000 French Shepherds went to Palestine on the Shepherd Crusade.  On the
way, 140 Jewish communities were destroyed.
1321 In Guienne, France, Jews were accused of having incited criminals to poison wells.
5,000 Jews were burned at the stake.
1338 The councilors of Freiburg, Germany banned the performance of anti-Jewish
scenes from the town's passion play because of the lethal, bloody reactions against
Jews which followed the performances.
1347+ The Black Death originated in the Far East.  China, Mongolia, India, central Asia,
and southern Russia have all been suggested as the source.  Mongol invaders brought it
to Caffa in the Crimea (modern-day Fedodosiya).  Defenders from the city later spread
the disease throughout many Mediterranean ports.  Rats initially carried the Black Death;
their fleas spread the disease from rats to humans.  As the plague worsened, the germs
spread from human to human.  In five years, the death toll reached 25 million.  In England,
two centuries passed before its population levels recovered from the plague.  People
searched for someone to blame.  They noted that a smaller percentage of Jews than
Christians caught the disease.  This was undoubtedly due to Jews dietary and sanitary
laws, which had been preserved from Old Testament times.  Rumors circulated that Satan
was protecting the Jews and that they were paying back the Devil by poisoning wells used
by Christians.  The solution was to torture, murder and burn the Jews.  In Bavaria 12,000
Jews perished; in the town of Erfurt 3,000 Jews; Rue Brulig 2,000 Jews; near Tours in
France, an immense trench was dug and filled with blazing wood and in a single day 160
Jews were burned.  In Strasbourg 2,000 Jews were burned.  In Mainz 6,000 were killed;
in Worms 400....
1354 12,000 Jews were executed in Toledo, Spain.
1374 An epidemic of possession broke out in the lower Rhine region of what is now
Germany.  People were seen "dancing, jumping and (engaging in) wild raving"  This was
triggered by enthusiastic revels on St. John's Day - a Christianized version of an ancient
pagan seasonal day of celebration which is still observed by the populace.  The epidemic
spread throughout the Rhine and in much of the Netherlands and Germany.  Crowds of
500 or more dancers would be overcome together.  Exorcisms were tried, but failed.
Pilgrimages to the shrine of St. Vitus were tried, but this only seemed to exacerbate
the problem.  Finally the rumor spread that God was angry because Christians had been
excessively tolerant towards the Jews.  God had cursed Europe as He did Saul when he
showed mercy towards God's enemies in the Old Testament.  Jews were plundered,
tortured and murdered by tens of thousands.  The epidemic finally burned itself out two
centuries later, in the late 16th century.
      NOTE: The rye wheat fungus ergot (Claviceps purpurea) was probably the cause
      of this madness in the Rhine region.  It would also play a part in the Salem witch
      trials, where more ignorant Christian morons came to the wrong conclusion...again!
1391 Jewish persecutions begin in Seville and 70 other Jewish communities throughout
1394 Jews were exiled, for a second time, from France.
1431 + The council of Basel "forbade Jews to go to universities, prohibited them from
acting as agents in the conclusion of contracts between Christians, and required that
they attend (Christian) church sermons."
1434 Jewish men in Augsburg had to sew yellow buttons on their clothes.  Across
Europe, Jews were forced to wear a long undergarment, and overcoat with a yellow
patch, and bells with tall, pointed yellow hats with a large button on them.
1453 The Franciscan monk, Capistrano, persuaded the King of Portugal to terminate
all Jewish civil rights.
1478 Spanish Jews had been heavily persecuted from the 14th century.  Many had
converted to Christianity.  The Spanish Inquisition was set up by the Church in order
to detect insincere conversions.  Laws were passed that prohibited the descendents
of Jews and Muslims from attending university, joining religious orders, holding public
office, or entering any of a long list of professions.
1492 Jews were given the choice of being baptized as Christians or be banished from
Spain.  300,000 left Spain penniless.  Many migrated to Turkey where they found
tolerance among Muslims.  Others converted to Christianity but often continued to
practice Judaism in secret.
1497 Jews were banished from Portugal.  20,000 left the country rather than be
baptized as Christians.
1516 The Governor of the Republic of Venice decided that Jews would be permitted
to live only in one area of the city.  It was located in the South Girolamo parish and
was called "Ghetto Novo."  This was the first ghetto in Europe.  Adolf Hitler made use
of the concept in the 1930s in Nazi Germany.
1523 Martin Luther distributed his essay "That Jesus Was Born a Jew."  He hoped
that large numbers of Jews would convert to Christianity.  They didn't and he began
to preach hared against them.  Luther has been condemned in recent years for being
extremely anti-Semitic.  The charge has some merit; however he was probably typical
of most Christians during his era.
1539 A passion play was forbidden in Rome because it prompted violent attacks
against the city's Jewish residents.
1540 Jews were exiled from Naples.
1543 In his 20s Martin Luther had expected Jews to convert to Christianity in large
numbers.  Distressed by their reluctance, he developed a hatred to the Jews, as
expressed in his letters to Rev. Spalatin in 1514 when he was 31 years of age.
He wrote:
           "I have come to the conclusion that the Jews will always curse and
            blaspheme God and his King Christ, as the prophets have predicted...
            For they are thus given over by the wrath of God to reprobation, that
            they may become incorrigible, as Ecclesiastes says, for everyone who
            is incorrigible is rendered worse rather than better by correction."
In 1543, he wrote "On the Jews and their lies, On Shem Hamphoras:
           "...eject them forever from this country.  For, as we have heard, God's
            anger with them is so intense that gentile mercy will only tend to make
            them worse and worse, while sharp mercy will reform them but little.
            Therefore, in any case, away with them!...What then shall we Christians
            do with this damned race of Jews?"
            First, their synagogues or churches should be set on fire...
            Secondly, their homes should likewise be broken down and destroyed.
            They ought to be put under one roof or in camps like Gypsies.
            Thirdly, they should be deprived of prayer books and Talmud's in which
            in which such idolatry, lies, cursing and blasphemy are taught.
            Fourthly, their rabbis must be forbidden under threat of death to teach
            Fifthly, passport and traveling privileges should be absolutely forbidden
            to the Jews...
            Sixthly, they ought to be stopped from usury.  All their cash and
            valuables of silver and gold ought to be taken from them and put aside
            for safe keeping...
            Seventhly, let the young and strong Jews and Jewesses be given the
            flail, the axe, the hoe, the spade, the distaff, and let them earn their
            bread by the sweat of their noses as enjoined upon Adam's children.
            To sum it up, dear princes and nobles who have Jews in your domains,
            if this advice of mine does not suit you, then find a better one so that
            you and we may all be free of this insufferable, devilish burden - the Jews.
1550 Jews were exiled from Genoa and Venice.
1555 - July 12th A Roman Catholic Papal bull, "Cum nimis absurdum," required Jews to
wear badges and live in ghettos.  They were not allowed to own property outside the
ghetto.  Living conditions were dreadful; over 30,000 people were forced to live in about
eight acres of land.  Women had to wear a yellow veil or scarf; men had to wear a piece
of yellow cloth on their hat.
1582 Jews were exiled from Holland.
1648-49 Chmielnicki Bogdan led an uprising against Polish rule in the Ukraine.  The
secondary goal of Bogdan and his followers was to exterminate all the Jews in the
country.  The massacre began with the slaughter of about 6,000 Jews in Nemirov.
Other mass murders occurred in Tulchin, Polonnynia, Volhynia, Bar, Lvov, etc.  Jewish
records estimate that a total of 100,000 Jews were murdered and 300 communities
          NOTE: Ukrainian Christians also assisted the Nazis in the extermination of
          Jews in the Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe during the Second World War.
      Those who claim to be Christians inherit this heritage of genocide against the Jews,
Cathars and Muslims that number in the millions.  These crimes against humanity by
Christians occurred because Christians do not believe in freedom of religion.  Like
today's radical Muslims, Christians believed that everyone must become a Christian or
die.  The Romans did believe in freedom of religion and allowed all religions to exist as
long as they did not practice human sacrifice or attack the Roman Empire.  The early
Jews (Hebrews) did attack people of differing religions and the state.  It was for these
reasons that the Romans were forced to suppress the Hebrew extremists.  The early
Christians also harmed the Roman Empire, acted with insanity in their belief that the
world was about to end, and murdered innocent Roman citizens.  The Romans were
justified in suppressing the early Christians, and humanity would be better off today if
the Romans had completely exterminated these crazy Christian religious fanatics.
      This insidious proselytizing by Christians is still taking place today.  Christians base
their persecution of others on the ignorant superstition found in their Christian Bible.
Homosexuals and atheists are the main targets of persecution by Christian religious
fanatics today.  Looking back on the long and bloody heritage of Christianity and the
current activities of Christian religious fanatics, one can only judge that belief in
Christianity is a form of insanity.
      But we have not reached the end of Christian crimes against humanity that took
place during the Christian inquisitions.  There are more horrors to come.
      The genocide of Jews, Cathars, Muslims and other Christians by Christian religious
fanatics were part of what has come to be known as the Medieval Inquisitions which
lasted from 1184 until the 16th century.  There was also the Spanish Inquisition from
1478 to 1834, the Portuguese Inquisition from 1536 to 1821 and the Roman Catholic
Inquisition based in Italy from 1536 to c. 1860.  The 1578 "Handbook for Inquisitors"
had this to say about the punishments meted out by these Christian morons: "...for
punishment does not take place primarily and per se for the correction and good of the
person punished, but for the public good in order that others may become terrified and
weaned away from the evils they would commit."  The Christian religion has always
been a religion of fear.  This fear is used to give power to Christian clerics.  With such
power these "pastors" and "ministers" can occupy cushy positions within their
communities and even loot their believers, as do televangelists.
         The illustration above shows the "auto da fe" (burning alive) of two Cathar heretics
around 1495.  This was the way Christian clerics instilled fear into their followers in order
to maintain their power and control over the ignorant masses.
      Another way that Christian clerics maintained their control over ignorant people was
to deny them knowledge.  During this time ordinary people were prohibited from owning
or reading the Christian Bible lest they form their own ideas that might conflict with what
the clerics wanted ordinary people to know.  Books that might bring into question what
was said in the Christian Bible were banned, as were the works of Copernicus.  When
Galileo Galilei proposed in 1633 that the sun, not the Earth, was at the center of the solar
system, he was forced by Christian clerics to recant his theory or be burned alive at the
stake.  Even today we have Christian clerics attempting to replace the theory of evolution
with some nonsense they call "creationism" to explain how the Earth was formed and
evolved.  These are fundamentalist, evangelical and Baptist morons trying to defend their
worthless Christian Bible from modern scientific knowledge.  Bruce B. Lawrence wrote
an excellent refutation of this studied fundamentalist worship of ignorance in his work
Defenders of God: The Fundamentalist Revolt Against the Modern Age.  In this book he
exposes the ignorance embraced by Christian extremists, Muslim extremists and Jewish
      In volume 6 of his Story of Civilization entitled  The Reformation: A History of
European Civilization from Wyclif to Calvin, 1300-1564, Will Durant has this to say on
page 208:
           "The Inquisition developed most readily among persons whose religious
            tenets had been least affected by education and travel, and whose reason
            was most subject to custom and imagination.  Nearly all medieval Christians,
            through childhood school and surroundings, believed that the Bible had
            been dictated in every word by God, and that the Son of God had directly
            established the Christian Church.  It seemed to follow, from these premises,
            that God wished all nations to be Christian, and that the practice of non-
            Christian - certainly of anti-Christian - religions must be a crass insult to the
            Deity.  Moreover, since any substantial heresy must merit external punishment,
            its prosecutors could believe (and many have sincerely believed) that in
            snuffing out a heretic they were saving his potential converts, and perhaps
            himself, from everlasting hell."
      The passage above provides an excellent description of the average fundamentalist,
evangelical and Baptist believer today; uneducated and unsophisticated individuals who
have been completely brainwashed from early childhood to believe in any ignorant
nonsense contained in the Christian Bible, no matter whom this belief might harm.
Today's Christian religious fanatics would have felt quite comfortable wading through the
blood and gore of the Inquisition.  The world saw proof of this willingness by Christians
to commit savage and horrific acts in the recent wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo.
And today we can see this same religious madness in the persecution  and murder of gay
teenagers in the United States.  Christianity is a bloody, evil and disgusting belief system
that should not be allowed to exist within any civilized society.  The time will come when
religious belief will be listed in medical textbooks as a form of mental illness.
                     Continued  In  Part  Two
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