I write historical fiction novels under the pseudonym of Paul Roebling.  I will transfer samples of my
work and other background information from my old web site to this new Google site over a period of
time.  However, I have recently embarked on a work of non-fiction, motivated by recent political events
taking place in the United States.  The title of this new work is The Mass Murderers of Our Time:
Hippies, Environmentalists and Animal "Rights" Activists.  To read the introduction to this work and
other commentaries, click on the links in the sidebar to the left.
      After working on The Mass Murderers of Our Time for a number of months I have changed my
emphasis to a new work of non-fiction, How Christian Religious Fanatics Kill Gay Teenagers. The
beginning of this new work can be viewed by clicking on the sidebar to the left.
      I am also considering another non-fiction work with the title Why Liberals Are Like Nazis: Liberal
Storm Troopers, the Liberal Gestapo, Psychotic Liberal Hate.  The hatred between liberals and
conservatives, Democrats and Republicans has not reached such heights since the lead up to the Civil
War.  The hateful venom spewing out from some liberals has become particularly disturbing, raising the
question of their mental stability.
      I derive a great deal of satisfaction from my writing because it allows me to express my feelings
about situations and events that have caused me to question the humanity of man.  I write historical
fiction to provide an interesting and exciting background for the deficiencies of humanity that I wish to
expose, but especially that worst of all crimes, the crime of being different.  My writing is about people
who are different and the problems that being different creates for them in their struggles to survive in
an unforgiving world.  Those who have read parts of my novels will understand what I mean. 
Through my writing I hope to provide support and encouragement for those facing similar situations,
but I have no illusions that my writing will alter the prejudices and bigotry that have come to characterize
what passes for humanity in our unenlightened age.
     Samples of my novels can be read by selecting the links in the sidebar to the left.  I felt compelled
to write my first novel, Erik's House, after seeing the photograph below:
      The young boy in the photograph above - he is the one second from the right - is about to be shot to
death by the men holding the rifles and buried in the pit he sees in front of him, AND HE KNOWS ALL
 THIS!  His name is unknown, but in the Erik's House story he could be Alex Gallerski.  The question
that I tried to answer in Erik's House is what made the boy so different that the soldiers thought his life
not worthy of existence?  By now you must have guessed that the boy was a Jew.  But that was such a
long time ago and things like that don't happen anymore, do they?  Well, except in Bosnia, Kosovo and
Wyoming.  Did you forget that Matthew Shepard was executed by modern-day Nazis in Wyoming.  He
was the young college student who was tied to a fence and beaten to death just for being different not so
long ago.
      The Nazis used concentration camps in which to torture and then exterminate people who were
different.  But they were not the first to practice this genocide, and it wasn't the British during the
Boer War in South Africa either.  It was that great political thinker Vladimir Lenin who invented
concentration camps.  By the time the Nazis had set up their own concentration camps, the
Communists had such a lead in the slaughter of innocents that the Nazis would never catch up. 
The Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, in his work The Gulag Archipelago, relates how that
great Soviet writer Maxim Gorky heard the complaints of a 14-year-old boy about the inhumane
treatment he was subjected to in the Children's Gulag (Gulag was the name the Soviets gave to their
concentration camps).  Gorky ignored the boy and the camp guards shot the boy to death as soon as
Gorky left the camp.  And just to make sure the boy's infection wouldn't spread through the rest of
the camp, the guards shot thirty of the boy's friends.  What crime had the boy and his friends committed? 
Were they different because of their political beliefs; the main reason why the Soviets imprisoned people?
      One must always be wary of ideologies, creeds and religions which preach hatred of those who are
different.  The Nazi menace was obvious and easy to recognize, although difficult and costly to defeat. 
The menace of communism was less obvious because it masqueraded under the guise of socialism.  But
Soviet communism was as evil as the Nazi menace.  The most chilling cry one can hear is "those who
are not with us are against us."  Such a call to abandon individual liberty and the freedom to be different
is a great evil.  One hears such pronouncements in the United States today from those calling themselves
liberals - who are really neo-Marxists - and from environmentalists.
      Another operating principle that the American Left borrowed from Marxism is that the end justifies
the means.  For the self-described intellectuals of the Left ideas are more important than people.  Thus
the idea of  preserving the environment is more important than the people this idea might harm.  The
same is true of animal "rights" nut cases.  For these deluded intellectuals animals are more important
than people.  In the Marxist Soviet system people counted for nothing.  The idea of communism was
all that mattered and any means to preserve communism was justified.  One means that the Soviets
used to preserve their Marxist system was starvation.
      The children in the photograph above were intentionally starved to death by the Soviet Communists
in an attempt to eliminate "undesirable elements" from Soviet society.  The idea of communism was
more important than the children, so starving them to death was justified by self-described intellectuals
to whom ideas were more important than people.
      My novel Comrade Yuri deals with horrendous political and economic system instituted by the
Communists in the former Soviet Union.  The Left in the United States still glorifies the Soviet Union,
and today much of the world seems to be trending toward Marxism again.  Considering this stupidity,
the only conclusion one can reach is that people these days don't read books, and certainly not books
of history.  The Soviet Union slaughtered more innocent human beings than the Nazis.  Famines were
engineered to rid the Marxist state of "undesirable elements," causing the death of millions of men,
women and children.  And who were the different people in Comrade Yuri?  Well, the Communists
thought that no one should be different from anyone else.  Moreover, the Communists had the naïve
idea that everyone could be made the same through psychological conditioning that would create the
New Soviet Man.  Americans read a great many books about psychology but very few books about
history.  Perhaps this explains the current American trend toward Marxism.  You can read more about
the idiocy of psychology in an article in the sidebar of this site.
      An even greater threat today to those who are different comes from the rise of fundamentalist
religions.  The paradox is that belief systems which provide comfort to so many are the primary
sources of bigotry and hatred in the modern world.  Poor Matthew Shepard learned that tied to a
fence in Wyoming.
      The different people in my second novel, Kenji:Son of the Water-Eaters, are the Burakumin
of Japan.  In the Buddhist religion people who slaughtered animals or tanned leather were considered
to be inferior beings because they killed animals or dealt with the products of this slaughter.  These
people were called Burakumin in Japan, and were treated in a similar manner to the untouchables
of India.  Kenji:Son of the Water-Eaters also presents a picture of Kabuki actors.  In Kabuki theater
all the parts are played by men.  Some, but not all Kabuki actors, tend to be homosexuals.  There is
a striking contrast between the treatment of homosexuals in Japan and the treatment homosexuals
receive in predominantly Christian countries.  What Christians did to homosexuals for centuries is an
abomination that reveals the true nature of the Christian religion.  Throughout history Christians have
oppressed and slaughtered anyone who threatened the idea of Christianity.
      My fourth novel, The Belfast Boys, deals with conflict caused by the Christian religion in this tale
during the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland.  Catholics and Protestants have been slaughtering each
other for centuries over disagreements about how the Christian religion should be practiced.  Each
sect views individuals in the other sect to be so different that they can be killed.
      My fifth novel, My Prishtina, also deals with people who are made different because of their
religious beliefs.  Just what kind of horrors each is willing to visit upon the other is illustrated in the
photograph below.
     The refugee stream in the photograph above shows Albanian Muslins in Kosovo.  Only women and
young children are present.  Christian Serb military and paramilitary units separated out men and older
boys and most often executed them.
       President Bill Clinton intervened in both Bosnia and Kosovo to prevent the genocide of Muslims
by Christians, but earlier President George H. W. Bush didn't act to save Muslims in Bosnia because,
in my opinion, he represented the Christian religious right in the United States.
                                                   Copyright © 2012 by Paul Roebling
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