(4.3) EXPLORATION: A-Bomb Shelter of the Ocklawaha River Valley, Florida


of the Ocklawaha River Valley, Florida

An Information & Photos Report

Compiled by Ocklawahaman Paul Nosca

With the assistance of A Cruising Down the River Captain Erika Ritter

Photos by Captain Erika Ritter

Created: 25 March 2016

Last Revised: 26 March 2016

Somewhere along the Ocklawaha River valley of north-central Florida "it" lurks sunken into a splendid mixed-hardwood-pine hammock slope-forest rising out of the floodplain swamp. "It" was probably built during the early 1960's Cuban Missile Crisis era some 100 feet or so above the water-line into a hill-side bluff which is part of the Mount Dora Ridge highland physiographic subdivision that runs basically north-south through the Ocala National Forest. "It" is an A-BOMB SHELTER or an H-BOMB SHELTER or perhaps would be described by some as a NUCLEAR FALLOUT SHELTER or a BOMB-PROOF UNDERGROUND BUNKER or maybe something else? Well, to each his own, but if a tornado was heading towards me and I was nearby to this structure, guess where I would bunker-down? On 29 January 2016 A Cruising Down the River Captain Erika Ritter and the Ocklawahaman were granted exclusive permission by "its" property owner to explore this A-BOMB SHELTER. Erika snapped these photographs during that expedition.

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