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Random Jötunfolk Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 7 ft. 1 in. +2d10 in.
(7 ft. 3 in. - 8 ft. 9 in.)
260 lbs. +(2d10×5 lbs.)
(270 - 360 lbs.)
Female 6 ft. 8 in.. +2d8 in.
(6 ft. 10 in. - 8 ft. 0 in.)
235 lbs. +(2d8×4 lbs.)
(243 - 299 lbs.)

Physical The jötunfolk are easy to spot in a crowd—they tower over most other races, never shorter than seven feet tall. Broad of shoulder and arm, the giant-kin have harsh jawlines and heads that match their proportions, uniformly larger than humanity in every way. All of a jötunfolk's armor, clothing, and equipment (from utensils to weapons) are made bigger than normal to accommodate their size.

Society Ostracized and despised universally throughout the realms, jötunfolk are nomads and wanderers. Quickly recognizable immediately after birth, some giant-kin attempt to hide in larger settlements as adults in their youth but are always seen for what they truly are before too long. In the past few years' rumors of entire towns filled by jötunfolk have traveled the land, but few know of their true locations. The gossip is true—some isolated villages exist in the harshest territories of the Middle Court, but where exactly is a staunchly kept secret.

Racial & Cultural Assumptions The jötunfolk carry the blood of the Thrall Lords and many claim they can feel it surging in their veins. Worst, some among them use this as a justification to take give in to their basest nature - a fact that only worsens their already low social standing.

The curse of the Burðr Morðvíg still haunts the jötunfolk, and most outsiders shun them, fearing their touch might carry over - cursing a beloved daughter, wife, or sister.

Although all people change over time, this is especially true of the jötunfolk, who change under very specific magical conditions - some of them even growing terrible claws and fangs.

The jötunfolk are always hungry and everyone knows it. Worse, because many whisper they are secretly cannibals, most people fear to leave their young around the jötunfolk, fearing they will consume them.

Relations Of all the peoples of the world, few are seen as dishonorable and unwanted as the jötunfolk. Despite their prodigious value in combat where they cut down swathes of foes with brutal efficiency, the towering folk are shunned by one and all. Humans fear them, dwarves despise them, ælves mistrust them, and the aryandai watch them carefully, ever vigilant against the Thrall Lords. Clockwork elves look upon jötunfolk with regret, knowing that they ushered in their indentured pains, and the show them some mercy but no race sees the kind of outright prejudice and discrimination that the giant-kin encounter every day.

Alignment and Religion The inherited traits of the Thrall Lords do not extend into the personal attitudes or morality of the towering folk directly, and jötunfolk may be of any alignment. Struggling with morality is something all giant-kin deal with, caught between the responsibility of powerful physical gifts and the constant disapproval of the world around them. True loners and nature dwelling towering folk find solace and self-sacrifice in the worship of the All-Father.

Adventuring Jötunfolk are powerful warriors, at home in nature, suited to resist the harshest climates and brutally effective in combat. However, their severely reduced social status leaves many towering folk to lead isolated, nomadic lives. Some earn their keep and earn a measure of redemption in the eyes of the people, but most jötunfolk are the indentured servants of greater lords.

Names Male Names Bask, Hark, Jorg, Mikt, Tarth, Vynsk

Female Names Cydr, Eryns, Fyrda, Lor, Tyaina, Zyr

Last Names Ashrask, Icesjo, Skärr, Tveit, Vikkvigr

Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Racial Traits: Jötunfolk are physically gifted, strong and hardy from birth. They gain +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma.
  • Size Jötunfolk are Medium-sized but can eventually grow very tall (some as tall as nine feet). Although their physical build (see Towering Build, below) does impose some penalties, their space and reach remain those of Medium-sized creatures.
  • Type Humanoid (giant). Jötunfolk are humanoids with the giant subtype. Additionally, whenever a jötunfolk is subject to a spell or effect that directly alters their body (such as enlarge person, bull's strength, and similar spells from the school of transmutation), they manifest additional, monstrous features—their teeth and fingernails lengthen, their veins bulge, and their bestial features become more pronounced—resulting in an additional -2 penalty to their Charisma scores while such effects remain in place.
  • Base Speed Jötunfolk have a base speed of 30 ft.
  • Languages: Jötunfolk begin play speaking Giant and Low Common. Jötunfolk with high Intelligence scores can choose from any of the common tongues. See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.

Senses Racial Traits

  • Low-Light Vision Jötunfolk can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

  • Intimidating Prowess Jötunfolk gain the Intimidating Prowess feat for free.
  • Thrallsoul Unlike many other races, the jötunfolk have a natural connection to the Thrall Lords, and as a result, have a much harder time creating bonds with the Old Gods or their celestial servants. When casting divine spells, jötunfolk suffer a -2 penalty to caster level checks and a -2 penalty to spell DCs. This penalty is ignored if the jötunfolk has a Thrall Lord patron who granted the divine spell.

Weakness Racial Traits

  • Healer's Curse Although jötunfolk are living creatures, their strange connection to the Thrall Lords inhibits their ability to heal when exposed to positive energy. Whenever a jötunfolk is healed in such a manner, he halves the amount of healing received. This racial trait is ignored if the jötunfolk receives healing from a caster who receives spells from one of the Thrall Lords.
  • Giant's Appetite The jötunfolks' prodigious size and demanding metabolism makes them extremely hungry and thirsty, forcing them to consume twice as much food and water as normal humans.
  • Towering Build The prodigious size and build of a jötunfolk lets them function as if they were Large creatures. They gain a +1 bonus to CMB and CMD, can use weapons designed for Large creatures without penalty, and treat their carrying capacity as if they were Large creatures. Additionally, jötunfolk are considered Large creatures when determining how size-based attacks (such as swallow whole) or spell effects affect them. Because of their build, jötunfolk suffer a -1 penalty to their AC just like Large creatures.

Alternate Racial Rules

Rock Catching Jötunfolk can catch small, medium, or large rocks (or projectiles of similar shape). Once per round, a jötunfolk that would normally be hit by a rock can make a Reflex saving throw to catch it as a free action. The DC to catch rocks or similar objects is as follow: 15 for small rocks, 20 for a medium rocks, and 25 for large rocks (if the projectile provides a magical bonus on attack rolls, the DC increases by that amount). The jötunfolk must be aware of the attack in order to make a rock catching attempt. This racial trait replaces the intimidating prowess racial trait.

Favored Class Options

The following favored class options are available to all characters of this race who have the listed favored class, and unless otherwise stated, the bonus applies each time you select the favored class reward.

Racial Feats

The following feats are available to a Jötunfolk character who meets the prerequisites.