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The bull-folk have many of the same characteristics as the bulls they resemble. Both genders have horned heads covered with shaggy hair. Warriors braid their hair with teeth or other tokens of fallen enemies. The thick hair covering their large bodies varies widely in color, from bright white to medium red-browns to dark brown and black. Many minotaurs shave or dye their fur in patterns signifying their allegiances and beliefs. Other methods of decoration include brands, ritual scars, and gilding or carving their horns.

Adult males can reach a height of 6 ½ - 7 feet, with females averaging 3 inches shorter. Both genders have a great deal of muscle mass even for their considerable size, and physical prowess plays a large part in their social structure. Minotaurs can live as long as humans but reach adulthood 3 years earlier. Childhood ends around the age of 10 and adulthood is celebrated at 15. However, most minotaurs don’t form their own families until at least the age of 25. They spend those 10 years proving themselves to their elders.

Minotaurs are omnivores and consume large quantities of both meat and vegetation. Great banquets mark important social and religious occasions, and a successful feast is often a point of regional pride; competition between regional cuisines is fierce, sometimes violent, and eagerly anticipated. The minotaurs are particularly mindful of meals before great ceremonies or displays of skill, and the hosts of such events can earn nearly as much honor as the champions by providing memorable feasts. To fail as a host brings deep shame.

Standard Racial Traits

All minotaurs have the following racial traits.

  • Size: Medium; as Medium creatures, minotaurs have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Ability Score Racial Traits: Minotaurs are powerful and sturdy, but also relatively slow. They gain +4 Strength and +2 Constitution but suffer −4 Dexterity, −2 Intelligence, and −4 Charisma.
  • Base Speed: Minotaurs have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Languages: All minotaurs begin play speaking Common. Minotaurs who have high Intelligence scores scores can choose from the following: Dwarven and Kobold. See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.

Senses Racial Traits

  • Darkvision: Minotaurs have darkvision allowing them to see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.

Defense Racial Traits

  • Natural Cunning: Minotaurs are never caught flat-footed.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Offense Racial Traits

  • Horns: All minotaurs have a natural attack to gore with their horns for 1d4, even if otherwise unarmed.