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Psionic Skills

This section contains new skills and feats for use in your games to use psionics.

Presented are new psionics-related skills and existing skills that are used in new ways by psionic characters. Table: Skill Points per Level summarizes the skill points gained by the psionic classes. Table: Skills lists all core skills and the new psionic skills available and indicates which skills are class skills for the psionic classes.

The skills here relate to the use of psionics. In addition to a new skill (Autohypnosis), a new category is provided for the Knowledge skill, and new uses are given for Spellcraft and Use Magic Device. The skill descriptions here follow the standard format for skills.

Upgrading Your Character

If you are upgrading an existing character to the rules of Psionics Unleashed, you may notice that several skills are missing. Psicraft and Use Psionic Device no longer exist as skills. Characters that had skill points in Psicraft now instead have points in Spellcraft, and characters that had skill points in Use Psionic Device now have points in Use Magic Device. If your campaign setting treats psionics and magic different, see Variant: Psionics as Different.

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