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Discipline: psychometabolism; Level: Marksman 4, psychic warrior 5


Display: Visual (see text)
Manifesting Time: 1 swift action


Range: personal
Target: you
Duration: 1 round
Saving Throw: None; Power Resistance: No
Power Points: Marksman 7, psychic warrior 9

Barrage and Attack Rolls

Given the level at which barrage can be gained, it is possible to result in a player using it to make over a dozen attacks in one round. In the interest of game flow, it can be decided that the manifester makes a single attack roll (or one attack roll for a certain number of targets), rather than one attack roll per target. This can have the effect of drastically skewing the result of the power, as that one attack roll may be great, or it may be terrible, but it may help in terms of needing to make a massive number of attack rolls in a single turn.