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Power List: Psion/Wilder

Power Level 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

0-Level Psion/Wilder Powers (Talents)

Power Name Augment Description Source
Blinding Flash A Dazzle an opponent. PE:APG
Conceal Thoughts
You conceal your motives. PU
Create Sound
Create the sound you desire. PU
Crystal Light
Cause a crystal to glow. PE:APG
Detect Psionics
You detect the presence of psionics. PU
Target gets -4 bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks. PU
Ectoplasmic Trinket
Create a small, fragile, temporary object. PE:APG
Empathy A You know the subject’s surface emotions. PU
Energy Splash
Deal energy (2 cold, 1 electricity (+3 to hit metal), 2 fire, or 1 sonic) damage. PU
Far Hand A Move small objects at a limited distance. PU
Float A You buoy yourself in water or other liquid. PU
Fortify, Lesser
Gain a +1 bonus on saving throws. PE:APG
Missive A Send a one-way telepathic message to subject. PU
My Light A Your eyes emit 20-ft. cone of light. PU
Psionic Repair
Mend an object. PE:APG
Sense Poison
Detect the presence of poison in a creature. PE:APG
Telekinetic Punch
Deal 1 force damage to target. PE:APG
Telepathic Lash A Humanoid creature of 4 HD or less loses next action. PU
Unearthly Terror A Terrify an enemy with sustained images. PE:APG
Gain 1 temporary hit point. PE:APG

1st-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Astral Traveler
Enable yourself or another to join an astral caravan-enabled trip. PU
Attraction A Subject has an attraction you specify. PU
Bolt A You create a few enhanced short-lived bolts, arrows, or bullets. PU
Broker A You gain a +2 insight bonus to your next Diplomacy check. PU
Call to Mind A Gain additional Knowledge check with +4 competence bonus. PU
Catfall A Instantly save yourself from a fall. PU
Circumstance Shield A Gain a +2 bonus to Initiative. Discharge for bonus to a single Reflex save. PU
Control Flames A Take control of nearby open flame. PU
Control Light
Adjust ambient light levels. PU
Crystal Shard A Ranged touch attack for 1d6 points of piercing damage. PU
Deceleration A Target’s speed is halved. PU
Deja Vu A Your target repeats his last action. PU
Demoralize A Enemies become shaken. PU
Detect Compulsion
You know if the target is controlled. PE:APG
Disable A Subjects incorrectly believe they are disabled. PU
Dissipating Touch A Your touch deals 1d6 damage. PU
Ectoplasmic Sheen A Makes 10-ft. square or one object slippery. PU
Ecto Protection A An astral construct gains bonus against dismiss ectoplasm. PU
Empty Mind A You gain +2 on Will saves until your next action. PU
Energy Ray A Deal 1d6 energy (cold, electricity, fire, or sonic) damage. PU
Entangling Debris A Psychokinetically manipulate material to grasp and entangle creatures in an area. PE:APG
Entangling Ectoplasm A You entangle a foe in sticky goo. PU
Force Screen A Invisible disc provides +4 shield bonus to AC. PU
Fortify A You gain a +2 resistance bonus on saves. PU
Foxhole A Quickly dig a trench or shelter. PE:APG
Hammer A Melee touch attack deals 1d8/round. PU
Inertial Armor A Tangible field of force provides you with +4 armor bonus to AC. PU
Inevitable Strike
Gain an insight bonus on your next attack. PE:APG
Judge A Gain a +2 bonus to Sense Motive checks. PU
Know Direction and Location A You discover where you are and what direction you face. PU
Locate Secret Doors
Reveals hidden doors within 60 ft. PE:APG
Matter Agitation
You heat a creature or object. PU
Mind Thrust A Deal 1d10 damage. PU
Precognition, Defensive A Gain +1 insight bonus to AC and saving throws. PU
Precognition, Offensive A Gain +1 insight bonus on your attack rolls. PU
Prescience, Offensive A Gain +2 insight bonus on your damage rolls. PU
Sense Link A You sense what the subject senses (single sense). PU
Skate A Subject slides skillfully along the ground. PU
Put creatures to sleep. PE:APG
You receive one kind of sense when another sense is stimulated. PU
Telempathic Projection A Alter the subject’s mood. PU
Vigor A Gain 5 temporary hit points. PU

2nd-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Bestow Power A Subject receives 2 power points. PU
Biofeedback A Gain damage reduction 2/–. PU
Body Equilibrium
You can walk on non-solid surfaces. PU
Opens locked or psionically sealed door. PU
Cleanse Body
Cure 1d4 points of temporary ability damage and remove fatigue. PU
Cloud Mind A You erase knowledge of your presence from target’s mind. PU
Concealing Amorpha A Quasi-real membrane grants you concealment. PU
Concussion Blast A Deal 1d6 force damage to target. PU
Control Sound
Create very specific sounds. PU
You can communicate with intelligent creatures. PU
Defy Gravity
You move up and down via mental support. PU
Detect Hostile Intent
You can detect hostile creatures within 30 ft. of you. PU
Ego Whip A Deal 1d4 Cha damage and daze for 1 round. PU
Gain low-light vision, +2 bonus on vision-based Perception checks. PU
Empathic Condition Relief
You relieve a target’s condition. PE:APG
Energy Adaptation, Specified A Gain resistance 10 against one energy type. PU
Energy Push A Deal 2d6 damage and knock subject back. PU
Energy Stun A Deal 1d6 damage and stun target if it fails both saves. PU
Everyman A Gain a +10 to Disguise checks to appear ordinary. PU
Feat Leech A Borrow another’s psionic or metapsionic feats. PU
Id Insinuation A Swift tendrils of thought disrupt and confuse your target. PU
Inflict Pain A Telepathic stab gives your foe –4 on attack rolls, or –2 if he makes the save. PU
Mental Disruption A Daze creatures within 10 feet for 1 round. PU
Metamorphosis, Minor A You can change your physical form to a minor degree. PU
Missive, Mass A You send a one-way telepathic message to an area. PU
Natural Linguist A Communicate even if you do not understand a language. PU
Psionic Lock
Secure a door, chest, or portal. PU
Psychic Bodyguard A You make a target’s Will saving throws for it. PE:APG
Recall Agony A Foe takes 2d6 damage. PU
Share Pain
Willing subject takes some of your damage. PU
Go without food and water for one day. PU
Swarm of Crystals A Crystal shards are sprayed forth doing 3d4 slashing damage. PU
Thought Shield A Gain PR (power resistance) 13 against mind-affecting powers. PU

3rd-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Body Adjustment A You heal 1d12 damage. PU
Body Purification A You restore 2 points of ability damage. PU
Concussive Onslaught A Pummel an area for 3d6 points of force damage each round. PE:APG
Danger Sense A You gain +4 bonus against traps. PU
Dismiss Ectoplasm
Dissipates ectoplasmic targets and effects. PU
Dispel Psionics A Cancels psionic powers and effects. PU
Endorphin Surge A You incite a rush of endorphins, augmenting your physical form. PE:APG
Energy Bolt A Deal 5d6 energy damage in 120-ft. line. PU
Energy Burst A Deal 5d6 energy damage in 40-ft. burst. PU
Energy Retort A Ectoburst of energy automatically targets your attacker for 4d6 damage once each round. PU
Energy Wall
Create wall of your active energy type. PU
Eradicate Invisibility A Negate invisibility in 50-ft. burst. PU
Guarded Sleep
Subjects mind is is protected while asleep, and awakens in peak condition. PU
Heightened Vision
See 60 ft. in total darkness. PU
Mental Barrier A Gain +4 deflection bonus to AC until your next action. PU
Mind Trap A Drain 1d6 power points from anyone who attacks you with a Telepathy power. PU
Discover the location of your target while you sleep. PE:APG
Psionic Blast
Stun creatures in 30 ft. cone for 1 round. PU
Share Pain, Forced A Unwilling subject takes some of your damage. PU
Sharpened Edge
Doubles normal weapon’s threat range. PU
Solicit Psicrystal A Your psicrystal takes over your concentration power. PU
Telekinetic Force A Move or hurl an object with the force of your mind. PU
Time Hop A Subject hops forward in time 1 round/level. PU
Touchsight A Your telekinetic field tells you where everything is. PU
Ubiquitous Vision
You have all-around vision. PU

4th-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Augured Answer
Provides useful advice for specific proposed action. PU
Aura Sight A Reveals creatures, objects, powers, or spells of selected alignment axis. PU
Correspond A Hold mental conversation with another creature at any distance. PU
Deadly Fear A Fearsome illusion kills subject or deals 3d6 damage. PE:APG
Death Urge A Implant a self-destructive compulsion. PU
Detect Remote Viewing
You know when others spy on you remotely. PU
Empathic Feedback A When you are hit in melee, your attacker takes damage. PU
Energy Adaptation A Your body converts energy to harmless light. PU
Fold Space A Teleports you short distance. PU
Incite Passion
Suppress the target’s ability to understand logic. PE:APG
Intellect Fortress A Those inside fortress take only half damage from all powers and psi-like abilities until your next action. PU
Mindwipe A Subject’s recent experiences wiped away, bestowing negative levels. PU
Moment of Terror A Knock target prone and make them more susceptible to mind-affecting effects. PE:APG
Personality Parasite
Subject’s mind calves selfantagonistic splinter personality for 1 round/level. PU
Power Leech
Drain 1d6 power points/round while you maintain concentration; you gain 1/round. PU
Psychic Reformation A Subject can choose skills, feats, and powers anew for previous levels. PU
Psychokinetic Charge
Telekinetically launch an ally across the battlefield. PE:APG
Slip the Bonds
You cannot be held or otherwise rendered immobile. PU
Telekinetic Maneuver A Telekinetically bull rush, disarm, grapple, or trip your target. PU
Trace Psychoport A Learn destination of subject’s teleport or psychoport. PU
Wall of Ectoplasm
You create a protective barrier. PU
Wither A Cause the target’s muscles to lose their strength. PE:APG

5th-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Adapt Body
Your body automatically adapts to hostile environments. PU
Catapsi A Psychic static inhibits power manifestation. PU
Dream Message A Sends message to anyone sleeping. PE:APG
Ectoplasmic Creation, Major
As ectoplasmic creation, plus stone and metal. PU
Ectoplasmic Shambler
Fog-like predator deals 1 point of damage/two levels each round to an area. PU
Make some powers permanent. PU
Induce Nightmare A Sends vision dealing 1d10 damage, fatigue. PE:APG
Leech Field A Leech power points each time you make a saving throw. PU
Pierce the Veils
See all things as they really are. PU
Planar Travel
Travel to other planes. PU
Power Resistance
Grant PR (power resistance) equal to 12 + level. PU
Psychic Crush A Brutally crush subject’s mental essence, reducing subject to –1 hit points. PU
Shatter Mind Blank A Cancels target’s mind blank effect. PU
Shrapnel Burst
Deal 9d6 damage to all creatures near you. PE:APG
Tower of Iron Will A Grant PR 19 against mind-affecting powers to all creatures within 10 ft. until your next turn. PU
Upheaval A Psychokinetically hurl chunks of the ground. PE:APG

6th-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Aura Alteration A Repairs psyche or makes subject seem to be something it is not. PU
Breath of the Black Dragon A Breathe acid for 11d6 damage. PU
Brutalize Wounds
Your target takes more damage than normal from wounds. PE:APG
Co-opt Concentration
Take control of foe’s concentration power. PU
Defer Fatality
You avoid death through suspended animation. PE:APG
Disintegration A Turn one creature or object to dust. PU
Fuse Flesh A Fuse subject’s flesh, creating a helpless mass. PU
Remote View Trap
Deal 8d6 points electricity damage to those who seek to view you at a distance. PU
Retrieve A Teleport to your hand an item you can see. PU
Suspend Life
Put yourself in a state akin to suspended animation. PU
Sustained Flight
You fly at a speed of 40 ft. and can hustle over long distances. PU
Temporal Acceleration A Your time frame accelerates for 1 round. PU
Trigger Power
Sets trigger condition for another power. PU

7th-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Barred Mind, Personal A You are immune to scrying and remote viewing and gain a bonus to mental effects. PU
Bend Reality
Alters reality within power limits. PU
Cosmic Awareness A You gain insight bonus on single attack roll, check, or save. PU
Remove portion of subject’s brain stem. PU
Divert Teleport
Choose destination for another’s teleport. PU
Energy Conversion
Offensively channel energy you’ve absorbed. PU
Energy Wave A Deal 13d6 damage of your active energy type in 120-ft. cone. PU
Subject invisible to sight and remote viewing; renders subject comatose. PU
Ethereal Passage
Invisible passage through wood or stone. PU
Evade Burst A You take no damage from a burst on a successful Reflex save. PU
Oak Body A Your body becomes as hard as oak. PU
Psychosis A Subject is permanently confused. PU
Ultrablast A Deal 13d6 damage in 15-ft. radius. PU

8th-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Barred Mind A Subject immune to scrying and remote viewing and gains bonus to mental effects. PU
Body of Iron
Your body becomes living iron. PU
Matter Manipulation
Increase or decrease an object’s base hardness by 5. PU
Psychoport, Greater
As psychoport, but no range limit and no off-target arrival. PU
Recall Death
Subject dies or takes 5d6 damage. PU
Shadow Body
You become a living shadow (not the creature). PU
True Metabolism
You regenerate 10 hit points/round. PU

9th-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Affinity Field
Effects that affect you also affect others. PU
You delete target’s psionic powers. PU
Incorporate creature into your own body. PU
Ethereal Form, Greater
Become ethereal for 1 min./level. PU
Microcosm A Creature or creature lives forevermore in world of his own imagination. PU
Reality Revision
As bend reality, but fewer limits. PU
Timeless Body
Ignore all harmful, and helpful, effects for 1 round. PU
Unravel Psionics
Completely unravel psionic effects and suppress psionic items in the area. PU